The Eurovision 2020 season may have come to an unexpected end, but the music will always continue. While we may have to socially distance ourselves from others at the present time, past Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 14

KEiiNO and Electric Fields – “Would I Lie”

It’s the collaboration that many have been waiting for. Norway’s Eurovision 2019 act KEiiNO and Eurovision – Australia Decides 2019 runners-up Electric Fields have teamed up on the new song “Would I Lie”. The release of KEiiNO’s debut album OKTA has unfortunately been postponed for the time being, but this new song will certainly satisfy fans as they wait. Both groups are known for mixing the traditional native music of their country with contemporary production. The combination of both groups together has lead to a catchy pop banger infused beautifully with flourishes of Aboriginal Australian and Sámi instrumentation.

Vasil – “Mojata Ulica”

Vasil was set to represent North Macedonia at Eurovision 2020 until the contest was unfortunately cancelled. However, he’s not letting that stop him from continuing his music career. The star has now released the new song “Mojata Ulica” (“My Street”). The music video sees the star performing the emotional ballad live and in one take. Vasil explains more about the track in the video’s description:

“Mojata Ulica is a song that speaks about something we all have. My street, My heart, My Soul, My first … home, address, love etc. It is an autobiographical song that I wrote the music to and Igor Dzambazov wrote the text using my journey as the migrating bird and soldier I have been over the past two decades as an inspiration. Davor is playing [the piano] so emotionally and beautifully while Vacev [the video’s director] and I decided that the best way to capture the rawness and beauty of this … is to take on the challenge of recording it ONE TAKE and LIVE in an abandoned building in my hometown Strumica.”

Kállay Saunders – “f*** yo girl”

With Hungary withdrawing from Eurovision 2020, Kállay Saunders’ Eurovision 2014 entry “Running” remains the country’s last top five finish for the time being. This week the star released his new single “f*** yo girl”. The song sees the Hungarian singer discussing how he slept with the girlfriend of his best friend. However, he doesn’t necessarily apologise for doing so; instead Saunders places the blame on his best friend for allowing him to get close to her: “I didn’t want to f*** yo girl / Why’d you let her next to me / Brother, we were just like family / So why’d you let her breathe the air I breathe”.

Ilse DeLange – “Changes”

Dutch Eurovision fans have a lot to thank Ilse DeLange for. She gave The Netherlands a second place finish at Eurovision 2014 as part of The Common Linnets, and was also a driving force behind selecting Duncan Laurence’s winning Eurovision song “Arcade”. Now, the star has released the new song “Changes”. As with much of Ilse’s discography, it’s routed in the country music genre. “Changes” is a catchy mid-tempo country-pop track, largely driven by acoustic guitar instrumentation. The chorus adds in some extra drum and electric guitar rhythms that results in a toe-tapping hook.

Eric Saade – “Glas”

Eric Saade has grown a lot since he placed third at Eurovision 2011. The Swedish star has moved on from upbeat teen-pop, with his sound now more mature and focusing on mid-tempo Swedish-language tracks. His new song is “Glas” (“Glass”) and it certainly matches the new image Saade is trying to create. The track progresses steadily for three minutes, with a number of string instruments added into chorus to create an almost melancholic feeling.

Hurricane – “Roll The Dice”

Serbia’s selected Eurovision 2020 trio Hurricane have released an intense music video for their song “Roll the Dice”. Ivana, Ksenia and Sanja are using their new single to remind people to stay at home to protect themselves and others. They’re also sending words of encouragement to all those heroes helping slow the spread of coronavirus. The breezy song — which feels like a gentle Latin breeze — assumes a different aura when you pair it with the visuals. The singers, who are currently staying at home and away from one another, have filmed selfie videos of them performing the song — sometimes with safety masks. Read more here. (William)

Pastora Soler (feat. Blas Cantó) – “Mi Luz”

She placed tenth at Eurovision 2012. He would have represented Spain in Rotterdam this year. And now Pastora Soler and Blas Cantó have joined forces for a rework of “Mi Luz”, taken from Soler’s 2019 album Sentir. The track is a great showcase for their vocals. For Eurofans who think of Pastora as a balladeer, it should be a welcome surprise and shows off her versatility as an artist. Read more about the track here. (Angus)

JOWST (feat. JÆGER) – “Kiss the Ring”

He took Norway to the top ten at Eurovision 2017. She took us to Mars during the Eastern Norway semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2020. Now, JOWST and JÆGER have teamed up on the song “Kiss the Ring”. The result is a dark electro-pop track with a bold chorus. JÆGER sings too a person who previously let her down. While she has moved on, this other person has come crawling back to her. However, JÆGER knows they’re no longer on the same level: “I need to tell you one thing / I am no queen, I am king / So kiss the ring”.

Uzari – “Мой Vibe”

Uzari and Maimuna utilised violin instrumentation to the fullest for their Eurovision 2015 entry. But for his latest song, Uzari has turned up the bass and added in some deep horns. “Мой Vibe” (“My Vibe”) is a dark pop-rock track. In a away, the thumping chorus is slightly reminiscent of MARUV’s Vidbir 2019 winning entry “Siren Song”. The music video transitions through various colours as it switches between the Belarusian singer performing the song with two instrumentalists and a group of female dancers strutting their stuff.

Voltaj – “Om”

At Eurovision 2015, Voltaj brought attention to the children left behind by migrant parents who go abroad in search of work. The Romanian band’s latest song “Om” (“Man”) is on a lighter, more uplifting note. A re-work of the song from their 2019 album Ca La 20 De Ani, it’s an indie-pop-rock track with a recurring electric guitar riff in the chorus that gives the song an Avicii vibe. The accompanying music video is full of pastel colours and features dogs, frogs, cacti and more.

Cláudia Pascoal – !

Following Portugal’s first victory at Eurovision it was up to Cláudia Pascoal to represent the reigning champions on home soil in 2018. Two years later, and the star has released her debut album !. The LP features 12 tracks, including previous single “Espalha Brasas”. While her Eurovision entry was a slow atmospheric ballad, Pascoal’s debut album shows off more of her fun and quirky personality. Even the slower tracks often have an underlying ukulele riff that adds a pleasant charm.

Eimear Quinn – “The Voice 2020”

Eurovision 1996 winner Eimear Quinn has re-recorded her classic song with the prestigious RTE Concert Orchestra. But, as she says on her web site, it’s not just any re-release: “It’s the first-ever fully orchestral recording of this iconic song.” The result is “The Voice 2020” — an epic and lush re-working that’s sure to give you all the feels. It will delight her many long-time fans while drawing in plenty of new ones. It’s the first on an upcoming album of orchestral songs. Read our interview with Eimear about the track here. (William)

Willeke, Wibi and Waylon – “Samen Zijn”

Waylon made up the other half of The Common Linnets with Ilse DeLange at Eurovision 2014, before representing The Netherlands as a solo artist in 2018. Now, the star has teamed up with Dutch Eurovision 1994 singer Willeke Alberti and Dutch pianist Wibi Soerjadi on the charity single “Samen Zijn” (“Being Together”). The track is a re-recording of Willeke’s hit from the 1980s and features a number of Dutch musicians, all of whom are playing from their own coronavirus isolation. All proceeds from the song will go to the Willeke Alberti Foundation, which supports elderly and weak people who are often left out of society, resulting in involuntary isolation.

Jimmie Wilson – “The Little Things”

When Valentina Monetta came back to represent San Marino at Eurovision for the fourth time, she didn’t come alone. Jimmie Wilson joined the Sammarinese star in 2017. His latest song is “The Little Things”. It’s a rock ballad that asks us not to forget the little things in life that are still important for humanity: “Little things like water / Little things like flowers / Little things like kindness / How can we stay blind to this?”.

David Bisbal and Aitana – “Si Tú La Quieres”

Aitana came second and third in Spain’s Operación Triunfo 2017 Eurovision Gala, just missing out on the chance to go to Eurovision 2018. However, the star has gone on to become one of Spain’s biggest stars, being the country’s third most streamed female artist of 2019. Now, she’s teamed up with another Spanish national final runner up – David Bisbal finished second in the Operación Triunfo 2001 Eurovision Gala, though still went to Eurovision 2002 as one of Rosa López’s backing singers. They’re song “Si Tú La Quieres” (“If You Love Her”) is a remix of a Bisbal’s original solo track, which featured on his latest album En Tus Planes. It’s a guitar-driven Latin-pop track, with the music video featuring clips of Spanish people trying to make the most of their coronavirus isolation.

The Hardkiss – “Гора”

The Hardkiss were the runners-up at Vidbir 2016, just behind eventual Eurovision winner Jamala. They’re new single is “Гора” (“Mountain”). A powerful rock song, it’s the Ukrainian band at their best. The accompanying music video is just as epic as the song. Full of fire, lead vocalist Julia Sanina sports chain mail and wields a sword to begin with. But, during the more tender moments, focus is also put on the beauty of nature as the fires are put out.

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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7 months ago

KEiiNO & Electric Fields is so awesome i love it

7 months ago

All 16 song’s are amazing thanks for sharing the list of song’s of Keiino i really like it.

7 months ago

The Hardkiss <333333 Last year I was finally able to see them live, they were amazing!

7 months ago

MI Luz, Om, Glas, Changes, Roll the dice and Would I lie that 1 is such a banger, just missed Tom Hugo in the solo parts..

7 months ago

Really hope Electric Fields try for Australia decides 2022

7 months ago

Ooh I love aitana

Fan From Texas
Fan From Texas
7 months ago

Musically, I like Jowst/Jaeger the most although the lyrics are not my favorite. Vasil has a great voice.

7 months ago

Seemone (Destination Eurovision France 2019) released her new single : “Dans mes rêves”. Enjoy 🙂

Emil Mortensen
Emil Mortensen
7 months ago

2017 was Valentina’s 4th time for San Marino??
2012, 2013, 2014 and ofc 2017

7 months ago

So happy for Vasil!!! The song and nis voice, the video, his artistic appearance….ON POINT!!! If he will come back to ESC 2021, I wanna see him with something similar like this!!!