Dimitris Kontopoulos’ #Qsessions are the acoustic recordings that just keep on giving. And the latest features not one but two Eurovision stars — Greece’s 2008 singer Kalomira and its 2020 (and soon to be 2021) contestant Stefania.

For this collab Dimitris works the keyboard while the ladies take on his 2008 hit “Shady Lady”. Originally sung by Ani Lorak, it placed second in an ultra competitive year. Many fans have said it could have won on another night or in another edition of the song contest.

Speaking of the session, Stefania said: “We are all staying home, Kalomira in Washington, Dimitris in Athens and I am in Utrecht but music brings us together!! 😍 Love you all!! #staysafe #stayhome”

Watching the video, it’s very clear that both singers are big fans of the song. Smiling ear to ear they give the dance song a whole new spin while bobbing along and shaking their shoulders.

Kalomira — an established star who is a fixture of Greek television — once again shows her warmth and kindness as she wills young Stefania on, shouting “yes!” and “love you girl!” at various points.

Writing on Intagram, Kalomira said: “Staying home in each of our locations and coming together with the power of music. Enjoy our #qsession with the super sweet & talented @stefania_ and amazing producer @dimitriskontopoulos.”

Kalomira originally represented Greece at Eurovision 2008, with the Laïko-pop track “Secret Combination”. The performance gave Greece a third-place finish and remains a favourite amongst fans.

While Kalomira enjoyed a busy and successful pop career in the late 2000s, in recent years she has toned down her music career to focus on her family.

Kalomira has also grown into a more mature style. In 2018 she released the heartfelt ballad “Mommy Loves You”, dedicated to her young children. It’s a far cry from the power bop of Kalomira’s Eurovision entry “Secret Combination”, but shows a rounded artist with her priorities in order.

It’s no wonder she’s regularly rumoured to be in contention for an ESC return — the world loves her!

Are you loving this collab as much ass we are? Sound off below!


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3 years ago

She should have won in 2008.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kristina

No, she deserved not to win.