He’s the Spanish star who was due to represent Spain at Eurovision 2020 with the sleek pop number “Universo”. And although Blas Cantó will have to wait another year to make it to the Eurovision stage, he’s not let the contest’s cancellation get to him. The singer has used the extra time to join in one big international project led by renowned superstar Kelly Clarkson.

Blas Cantó collaborates with Kelly Clarkson

The very first American Idol winner and music powerhouse Kelly Clarkson released her new single “I Dare You” this week. But, it was not any common release. Clarkson teamed up with international stars from all around the world to record five alternative versions, all in completely different languages.

For the Spanish version, she chose to team up with the soon-to-be Eurovision 2021 star Blas Cantó for “I Dare You (Te Reto A Amar)”.

Kelly Clarkson (feat. Blas Cantó) – “I Dare You (Te Reto A Amar)”

The booming pop production comes natural to Blas, who displays perfect chemistry with the “Because of You” songstress. Kelly shows her commitment to the project by singing in the languages of her companions, thus Spanish for this duet with the ex-Auryn singer.

It is evident that both artists’ vocals are impeccable and build up to exceed expectations. Blas has certainly made a powerful connection who he can count on to cheer him on at Eurovision 2021.

“I Dare You” – Five regional versions

In total, there are five regional versions of “I Dare You” (six if you include the original English-only track).

Additionally, Cantó is not the only Eurovision-related act to feature in the project. Kelly Clarkson also called upon Maya Buskila, who was shortlisted as a contender to represent Israel at Eurovision 2019, to sing a version of the track in Hebrew.

Other versions of “I Dare You” were recorded in three other languages:

You can listen to all versions of the song on Clarkson’s Youtube channel. Kelly also performed an in-home medley with all the singers via video call.

Blas Cantó also made it to US television as a result of the project. Clarkson group-video called all five featured artists for her daytime chat show The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The group talk about how they’ve each been handling coronavirus quarantine in their respective countries. They also discuss and share some of the selfless acts that they have seen people doing for one another during this time.

What do you think? Do you enjoy Blas and Kelly’s song and her international project? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 years ago

Some Eurovision fans are really mean and they will never understand what a person needs to go through to get something done. That’s selfish, they only care about their own enjoyment without really thinking about how difficult can it be for someone, the struggle they are dealing with. Excuses or not, I think that’s none of your business and that’s spreading hate. That goes against the spirit of Eurovision.

Guilbert Enriquez
Guilbert Enriquez
3 years ago

Love the song. Blas did it very well.

3 years ago

What’s going on with him and fans, since he deactivate twitter profile? Spanish fans again create #eurodrama over nothing?