The Eurovision 2020 season may have come to an unexpected end, but the music will always continue. While we may have to socially distance ourselves from others at the present time, past Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 16 Part 2

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Sara Jo – “Kaži mi”

Six years before Hurricane appeared on the scene, Serbia sent girl-group Moje 3 to Eurovision 2013. Unfortunately, the trio just missed out on qualifying, finishing eleventh in the semi-final. Nevertheless, Moje 3 member Sara Jo has gone on to achieve great success in the country for her subsequent solo releases. The Serbian star’s new song is “Kaži mi” (“Tell me”), which is a catchy Balkan pop tune that will get you in the mood to sensually shake your hips. The music video, which sees Sara dancing around an attic room with a partner, has amassed over 1.5 million views since its release last week.

Loïc Nottet – “Mr/Mme”

Loïc Nottet’s sophomore album Sillygomania has unfortunately been delayed until a 29 May release date. However, to fill the gap, Belgium’s Eurovision 2015 star has released a new track from the LP. “Mr/Mme” is an emotional piano ballad and is Nottet’s first official release in the French language. Although the instrumentation here is very simple, Loïc adds depth to the song with the texture in his voice and his artistry is made apparent through the lyrics. The Belgian star takes the time to open up to the listener: “Good evening, Sir, Madam / Today, I’ll say it all”. Read more about the track here.

Kelly Clarkson (feat. Blas Cantó) – “I Dare You (Te Reto A Amar)”

The very first American Idol winner and music powerhouse Kelly Clarkson released her new single “I Dare You” this week. But, it was not any common release. Clarkson teamed up with international stars from all around the world to record five alternative versions, all in completely different languages. For the Spanish version, she chose to team up with the soon-to-be Eurovision 2021 star Blas Cantó for “I Dare You (Te Reto A Amar)”. The booming pop production comes natural to Blas, who displays perfect chemistry with the “Because of You” songstress. Read more about the song and the other regional versions here. (Pablo)

Benny Cristo and Fuuse – “Zakusky”

As he waits out the coronavirus lockdown, Czech rapper Benny Cristo has been playing around with a number of musical beats. The Eurovision 2020 selected act ended up adding some lyrics to a house beat created by Czech DJ/producer Fuuse. The resulting song is “Zakusky” (“Desserts”), a funky mid-tempo track that will whisk you away to summer beach party for a few moments.

Sunstroke Project – “Расстреляй Любовью”

After treating us to a musical pepperoni pizza last week, Moldovan Eurovision 2010 and 2017 act Sunstroke Project are back with the new song “Расстреляй Любовью” (“Shoot Love”). As always, there’s a saxophone solo in the chorus for Epic Sax Guy to werk his magic. However, a part from that, the song has a slightly darker undertone in the instrumentation compared to some of the group’s previous upbeat and joyous songs.

Charlotte Perrelli – “Caruso”

“Caruso” was written by Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla in 1986, with the lyrics referencing Italian tenor Enrico Caruso. The song has been covered by a number of stars over the years, and now it’s fallen into the hands of Eurovision 1999 winner Charlotte Perrelli. The Swedish star performed the song during her recent concert tour, and the recording she’s released is a live version sung from Växjö Concert Hall.

DoReDos – “Я Тебя Люблю”

Moldovan trio DoReDos are mostly known for their upbeat, quirky songs that often incorporate folk instrumentation. However, for their latest song, “Я Тебя Люблю”, the Eurovision 2017 act have changed things up. The song is a more contemporary Russian pop track that utilises electronic sounds and has a darker tone to it. It even has a rap interlude halfway through.

Jamie-Lee – “Heartbeat Distance”

Jamie-Lee represented Germany at Eurovision 2016. Despite sadly finishing in last place, the singer is still carving out her musical path. She’s now released the new song “Heartbeat Distance”, which, apart from the song title, is sung in German. It’s a mid-tempo pop track with a consistent staccato percussion beat underlying the entire song and synth flourishes in the post-chorus.

Ester Peony – “Me Pone Loca”

Romania sent Ester Peony to Eurovision 2019, where she served commanding vampire mistress realness. For her latest song, Peony has kept the dark and broody vibe but added in a bit of Latin spice. Titled “Me Pone Loca” (“It Drives Me Crazy”), the Romanian star mixes English and Spanish, singing about how her loved one makes her crazy: “Boy you smell like summer in the winter / Could never meet a guy like you on tinder / I wear you like you’re my favourite sweater / On my skin boy, no matter the weather”.

Sevak – “Жди меня там”

Sevak brought vocal prowess to Eurovision 2018. Representing Armenia in what was thought of as the toughest semi-final ever seen at a contest, Sevak unfortunately failed to make the cut. But, the singer is still releasing new music for his fans. In his new song “Жди меня там” (“Wait for me there”), the Armenian star once again delivers an emotional ballad. Perhaps slightly unorthodox, the song is constructed so that the climax comes three quarters of the way through the track. Things then quieten down as Sevak laments in the final 40 seconds.

Kenan Doğulu – “Bizimdir”

Many fans hope that Turkey will one day return to Eurovision. But while we wait, we can always still listen to the new music from their past Eurovision stars. Kenan Doğulu represented the country at the 2007 contest, finishing in fourth place. His new song is “Bizimdir” (“It’s ours”). It’s a slow ballad, driven by a recurring snare drum beat with a traditional guitar melody in the background. Doğulu sings about the sorrow in the world and how every broken piece of the Earth is connects to one of us: “There is a small broken lost heart / That heart is ours / There is a ruined village far away / That village is ours”.

Andrius Pojavis – “Kei Mes Einam”

Although he stood still on stage for his performance at Eurovision 2013, Lithuanian singer Andrius Pojavis was notably accompanied by his shoes, called love and spain. The star has now dropped the new song “Kei Mes Einam” (“When We Go”). An indie track, there’s minimal production throughout the song. To add an extra level of excitement to the music video, Pojavis has incorporated a game into it. The star is hidden 19 times throughout the MV, and he asks the viewer to try and spot him as it goes along.

Jala Brat and Buba Corelli – “Karatin”

For their return to Eurovision in 2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina brought together a fierce foursome, including rapper Jala Brat. Sadly, things didn’t work out, and the group became the country’s first act to fail to qualify to the grand final. However, Jala Brat has nonetheless remained a popular artist in his home country. His latest song is “Karatin”, which sees him collaborating with fellow Bosnian rapper Buba Corelli. A solid Balkan rap song, the music video has already clocked up nearly 6 million views in seven days.

Rebeka Dremelj – “Malo, malo”

Rebeka Dremelj took to the Eurovision stage in 2008, representing her home country Slovenia. The singer just missed out on qualifying to the final, finishing in eleventh position in the semi-final. Continuing her music career, Dremelj’s new song is “Malo, malo” (“A little, a little”). It’s a mid-tempo ballad, driven by guitar instrumentation. Rebeka recorded the vocals for the track using her phone while in coronavirus lockdown. The accompanying music video was also filmed from her phone, predominantly in selfie-mode.

Jaguar Jonze – “Rising Sun”

Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020 was a tough selection, with a number of national final fan favourites competing. This includes Jaguar Jonze, who took us down the rabbit hole. Although the past few months have been a bit of a roller-coaster for the alternative-indie artist, she’s finally been able to release her debut EP Diamonds & Liquid Gold. The new single to go along with its release is “Rising Sun”. Slower and more melancholic than her national final entry, the Australian singer layers her smooth vocals over a series of electric guitar rhythms.

Margaret – “Przebiśniegi”

Margaret burst onto the scene with her Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 entry “Cool Me Down”. After competing twice in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, the Polish singer has started to focus on her home music career. Margaret’s new song is “Przebiśniegi” (“Snowdrops”). At only two minutes in length, it’s relatively short. The track is mid-tempo in speed, and sees the Polish star continue to move away from pop and towards a more R’n’B sound.


Vidbir 2019 winner MARUV has teased her Fatality project for a number of weeks now. Under the name of her alter ego SHLAKOBLOCHINA, the EP is now finally out. There are five songs on the record. The opening two songs, which were previously released ahead of the full EP, have a lighter feel and utilise electronic production to get the party started. The subsequent three tracks take things in a more R’n’B and rap direction.

Ana Guerra – “Tarde O Temprano”

Ana Guerra competed in Operación Triunfo 2017 Gala Eurovisión and gave us the pop anthem of 2018 with “Lo Malo” alongside Aitana. Continuing a successful solo career since then, the Spanish star’s new song is “Tarde O Temprano” (“Sooner or Later”). It’s a summery Latin-pop song full of acoustic guitar instrumentation. The perfect track to help keep you upbeat as we wait for summer to arrive.

Molly Hammar – “Alone”

Since competing at Melodifestivalen in 2015 and 2016, Molly Hammar’s sound has evolved over time. The Swedish singer now straddles the pop-R’n’B line, but her soulful voice is still very much present. Hammar’s new song is “Alone”, which sees the star singing to an ex-partner about how their need  for attention from someone else will always ultimately leave them on their own: “‘Cause you just hate to be alone / That’s why you’re always on your phone / And you can’t stay home by yourself / You look for happiness in somebody else / That’s why you’ll always be alone”.

SaRaha – “It’s the End of the World As We Know It”

SaRaha brought her Tanzanian routes to Melodifestivalen 2016. Now, the Swedish singer has released the apocalyptic titled song “It’s the End of the World As We Know It”. It’s a cover of R.E.M.’s 1987 track of the same name. SaRaha’s version of the song has more of a pop sound compared to the indie-rock original.

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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