The Dream Team already exists, but please make room for this team which is most definitely a dream!

In a new #Qsession for his Instagram, noted composer Dimitris Kontopoulos has reunited with Greece’s biggest male pop star Sakis Rouvas. You’ll remember that their song “This Is Our Night” was one of the bops of Eurovision 2009 and ultimately finished seventh in a very competitive final.

Joining them is Greece’s Eurovision 2020 — and soon to be 2021 — star Stefania. The Dutch-Greek teen more than holds her own, even when sitting by such a heavyweight.

Stefania clearly knows and loves Sakis’ hit, belting out the lyrics — “beat the odds, you will survive, stronger now, you feel alive” — with complete conviction.

There’s a freedom in her interaction with Sakis. She points, he sings, they harmonise and together they turn the dance banger into something spiritual and elevated. Get rid of the old, take hold and be free? Yes please!

Writing on Instagram, Sakis casts the collaboration in the spirit of coming together despite the song contest cancellation.

“We return with another #QSession, this time with Stefania and Dimitris,” he wrote. “Today we give you a taste of #eurovision, since this year we will not enjoy our favourite live institution, with an #unplugged version of #ThisOurNight!”

Stefania was honoured to share the acoustic stage with the Greek legend. In her own caption she wrote:

“Thank you @dimitriskontopoulos for inviting me to sing at your #QSessions with the Greek superstar Sakis Rouvas! I can’t wait to meet you in person @sakisrouvas and I hope in 2021 I will be able to give you the same goosebumps I get every time I watch your performances!”

This isn’t the first acoustic Stefania, who is based in Utrecht, has performed with a Eurovision legend. She previously joined forces with Kalomira to perform a #Qsession of “Shady Lady”!

Are you loving Stefania’s latest acoustic with Dimitris Kontopoulos? Let us know down below!

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4 years ago

His 2004 entry “Shake It” is a bop. <3

Rich Uk
Rich Uk
4 years ago

Stefania, a global star in the making. Huge potential! Great chemistry between the two of them. It’s nice to see. Stefania oozes class at such a tender age. I am glad she will be representing Greece next year. She is like a little firecracker! Cute as a button . Superg!rl!