While Europeans won’t be hearing “Uno” in Rotterdam, it seems that Russians have been hearing it a lot on the radio in the past week. Little Big‘s Eurovision entry is proving to be quite the hit on domestic airwaves.

This probably won’t surprise Eurofans. With its eye-popping video and infectious hook, it became a favourite among Eurovision fans instantly and overtook some of the most-watched Eurovision videos ever in just a few days. But it’s only now — a few weeks since its release — that its popularity is being shown through the airplay charts in Russia.

Little Big’s “Uno” peaks #2 on Russia’s airplay charts

According to the Russian charts portal TopHit, “Uno” was the second most-played song in the week between 23 and 30 April 2020 amongst the radio stations partnered with TopHit. It sat in the third-highest spot a week before that.

In the week from 23 to 30 April, the track was played a total of 43,426 times on the radio in Russia. Since its release, the song has been played more than 223,273 times across 756 radio stations in the country, the CIS area and Ukraine. Across all these regions, “Uno” appeared to be the seventh most-played song that week.

That’s much more than the week of its release when the track was played just over 11,000 times by the Eastern European radio stations in question.

It’s exceptional for Little Big’s “Uno” to reach the charts that early

That Little Big have managed to conquer the Russian charts even without Eurovision is nothing less than exceptional. Despite their usual popularity on YouTube, the Russian entries have not fared well in the local radio charts. Most songs only start to rise in the charts when Eurovision is over.

Even Eurovision-winning favourite Sergey Lazarev did not crack the top 100 most-played songs in the region before the Eurovision month with his song “You Are The Only One” back in 2016.

Do you regularly play “Uno”? Are you excited to hear more music from Little Big in the future? Let us know the comments down below!

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Little Big is playing UNO in the casino in their new song.


Yeah, we need an article about it and Wiwi’s reaction to the music video.


Where’s the “And the 12 points from Russia go to Russia” man when we need him?


as they should. SOCHI 2022!