Vision is a huge part of EuroVISION. A memorable dance routine could be the difference between wanting to pick up the telephone to vote, or the song fading away into the ether of nothingness and never making it to Saturdays grand final.

This year, we were positively spoilt by the array of dancing goodness on offer. From flavours of Argentinian tango, crazy swinging hips to some seriously flappy knees.

Two weeks ago, we asked you to decide who this year’s Dancing Queens (or Kings) are. We threw you six of the best dance routines to peruse, dance to and vote for. Who had the best dance routine of Eurovision 2020? We have a unanimous winner!

The Roop’s “On Fire” dance is your favourite routine of Eurovision 2020

Out of a total of 2,934 votes, you showed The Roop from Lithuania the most love and voted them as your favourite dance routine of Eurovision 2020. The “On Fire” singers earned 1,210 votes, which is a whopping 41.24% share of the total vote.

The quirky dance associated with their Eurovision entry certainly captured the public’s imagination. People all around the world have been on their feet recreating the iconic dance and posting their performances all over social media. This was aided by the group’s lead singer Vaidotas Valiukevičius himself giving tutorials of the dance on Tik Tok. One of the videos gained over 280,000 views.

The Roop don’t just have your love, they have our wiwibloggers love as well. Or should we say our votes. “On Fire” came top of the inaugural wiwibloggs scoreboard and was voted our favourite entry of Eurovision 2020.

Second: Little Big – “Uno”

Just missing out on number “Uno” in our dance off was Little Big. The Russian band scored 687 votes; that’s 23.42% of the total vote.

The deathly stares and flapping Russian legs from the music video of “Uno” certainly caught everyone’s attention across Europe. The rise of “Uno” is not stopping any time soon, as the pop-punk rave group now have over 90 million views for the music video on YouTube.

Little Big have recently released the new track “Hypnodancer”, which involves another hypnotically catchy dance. Will it be as successful as “Uno”, their Eurovision song that never was?

Third: Dadi & Gagnamagnið – “Think About Things”

The final spot on the podium and taking third place is Daði & Gagnamagnið and “Think About Things”. The green jump-suited crew managed to get 661 votes, which is 22.53% of the total vote.

The retro 80’s style song, which was about Dadi’s daughter, gave us an iconic dance routine that looks easier than it is. When speaking with wiwibloggs earlier in the year, Daði himself said “almost everybody that I have seen dance it, dances it wrong”.

Looks like we better get back into the rehearsal room.

Full results: Best dance routine of Eurovision 2020

  1. Lithuania – The Roop, “On Fire” – 1,210 votes (41.24%)
  2. Russia – Little Big, “Uno” – 687 votes (23.42%)
  3. Iceland – Daði & Gagnamagnið, “Think About Things” – 661 votes (22.53%)
  4. Latvia – Samanta Tīna, “Still Breathing” – 199 votes (6.78%)
  5. Belarus – VAL, “Da Vidna” – 108 votes (3.68%)
  6. North Macedonia – Vasil, “You” – 69 votes (2.35%)

Total Votes: 2,934

What do you think of the results? Was there a dance that we overlooked? Let us know in the comments below.

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