Eurovision 2020 is cancelled. But the spirit of the contest lives on, especially over the next seven days or so, in what would have been the week of the contest. Broadcasters all over Europe are organising their own alternative schedules and replacement shows.

And we’ve gone through the TV guides so you don’t have to! Listed below is all of the alternative Eurovision programming being broadcast on Wednesday 13 May.

Given the sheer amount of content, we haven’t been able to provide links. But most broadcasters should have online players. Geo-blocks may apply

These listings, while comprehensive, are not necessarily conclusive. If we are missing a show from your country, please let us know in the comments and we’ll update the post.

Find a week-long guide here.

All times are in CEST unless otherwise stated.

Pick of the day: The Wiwi Jam At Home

🌍 20:00: Wiwibloggs YouTube channel

The Wiwi Jam at Home is our Alternative Eurovision 2020 celebration.

Yep, we’re moving our annual concert from the host city of Rotterdam to the Internet. It will feature shout-outs and/or performances from the stars of ESC 2020 (and, in some cases, ESC 2021). For obvious reasons, this year’s show will follow a different formula in the sense that there is no formula. Some artists are singing their songs in their entirety, while others have chosen to send you words of encouragement during these difficult times, while performing a section of their Eurovision song. But no contribution is too big or too small. The artists, just like all of you, face new and specific challenges. What’s important is that they are sending positivity from their home to yours and celebrating the Eurovision that would-have-been.

Best of the rest

Adresse Europa

🇳🇴 21:45: NRK 1

The 2020 series of Norway’s Adresse Europa concludes. Usually the show is used as a panel show for each year’s Eurovision — songs are reviewed and given scores, replacing “Europa” in the title with the destination of each year’s contest. So last year’s show was Adresse Tel Aviv, for instance. This year, however, the Norwegians decided to switch it up a bit and are instead celebrating songs that have made an impact in the long history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Wednesday 13 May — Full Guide

🇦🇺 05:30: SBS — Eurovision 2017 — Isaiah (13:30 local time AEST)

🇫🇮 12:18: YLE TV2 — Eurovision Diaries (13:18 local time)

🇮🇸 16:40: RÚV — Eurovision 1998 in Birmingham (14:40 local time)

🇫🇮 18:50: YLE TV2 — Eurovision Diaries (19:50 local time)

🇮🇱 19:14: KAN — Dare To Dream – Chapter 2. The Bubble (20:14 local time)

🌍 20:00: wiwibloggs — The Wiwi Jam At Home

🇮🇱 20:00: KAN Facebook and Kan Tarbut — Eurovision 2020: The True Results (21:00 local time)

🇧🇬 21:00: BNT 1 — Eurovision 2016 grand final (22:00 local time)

🇳🇴 21:45: NRK 1 — Adresse Europa

Read our complete week-long Eurovision 2020 replacement shows guide.

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3 years ago

Thanks so much for an awesome show. Also just gotta day how much Dami smashed it. That voice!

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
3 years ago

Thank you for making this show. I was tied up with work overtime, but I had it on in the background for the whole evening. It was the best part of my week so far; thanks.

Denise van Beek
3 years ago

Watching the Wiwi Jam now and I just want to tell you guys that I’m super proud of you! This is an even better replacement show than any of us could have wished for. Thanks a lot <3