He was chosen to represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest that never was with the song “Think About Things”. But, not being able to stand on the Eurovision stage in 2020 hasn’t decreased Daði Freyr’s spirit. He has just released two new songs in just one week – “Where We Wanna Be” and “Hvernig væri það?”.

Daði Freyr keeps up the retro vibe with “Where We Wanna Be”

Daði Freyr has been teasing fans over the past week that a new song would be coming. Finally, the Icelandic star released “Where We Wanna Be” on Thursday.

Like Daði Freyr’s earlier tracks, “Where We Wanna Be” has a retro vibe infused with fun lyrics and a catchy tune. The song gives you both the signature sounds of the 80s and a fair share of disco beats.

The lyrics are a clear reference to the world situation we are living in right now, as it starts with “Stuck at home right now / But let’s enjoy ourselves somehow”. Daði keeps on with the quarantine themed lyrics in the chorus: “These days might blend together / That’s okay as long as we’re where we wanna be”.

In the post-chorus we can assume the star is singing to his wife Árný, as he sings “I couldn’t do this with anybody else / And I don’t think I could take it by myself”. What we can take from the lyrics is that no matter what the situation, there is nothing better than to share it with someone you love.

Daði Freyr – “Where We Wanna Be”

The song release was accompanied by a true home-made video, literally shot in his own living room.

The video is simple but it clearly indicates that one can make a fun music video despite being in lockdown. A creative way to use what you got.

In the music video, Daði Freyr shows off some more of his dance moves – we smell a new TikTok trend on it’s way. We don’t blame him, as the dance moves to “Think About Things” have caused somewhat of a frenzy on the dance-friendly social media platform. So put on your dancing shoes – or dancing slippers like Daði – and start moving.

Collaboration with Reykjavík Children’s Culture Festival

Every year in Iceland, there is a big festival called Barnamenningarhátíð that is dedicated to the cultural activities of children. Held in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík, this year was no exception; though of course with some modifications due to the current world situation.

This year’s theme song, titled “Hvernig væri það?” (“How would it be?”), was composed by Daði Freyr. However, the  lyrics were written in collaboration with children. Fourth-graders in Reykjavík’s elementary schools had the chance to send suggestions to Daði about the lyrics, where the theme was “what would the world be like if children were able to control it?”.

Environmental issues were the most popular topic for the lyrics. Sentences such as “Let’s buy less stuff / let’s use less plastic” were included into the final track. The song’s lyrics also contain sentences such as “It would be nice to be able to control everything / to be able to fly and to be able to do some magic”.

Daði Freyr – “Hvernig Væri Það?”

The overall ambience of the song is that we just need to take better care of our planet and that we also need to listen to our children, because they are of course the ones that will inherit the earth from the adults.

“Hvernig væri það?” was released on May 19 with a fun lyric video. Daði looks like a Funko Pop figure, with a big head resting on a tiny body.

What do you think of “Where We Wanna Be” and “Hvernig væri það?”? Are you excited to hear more new music from Daði Freyr in the future? Tell us in the comments below!

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Super funny home video from Dadis living room in Berlin. Icelandic-German fusion, I love it.


Dadi is entertaining. I hope he is back in 2021.


This is so good, thank you DF!




wish I could move like him