Loic Nottet Sillygomania

He was the singer who brought Belgium its first top-five result in almost a decade at Eurovision 2015. And now Loïc Nottet has released his second LP Sillygomania.

The album is the follow-up to the best-selling Selfocracy (Platinum in Belgium, Gold in France) and was released on 29 May 2020 through Sony Music.

Announcing the record’s cover art on Instagram, Loïc says:

“And here it is! I’m so happy to present to you all the cover of my new album: SILLYGOMANIA! I know that many of you have been waiting a long time for this and I really hope that this appetizer will live up to your expectations! Thank you for your patience and dedication to my team and I ! I can never thank you enough for the chance and the life you have given me!”

Loïc Nottet Sillygomania album


“On Fire”

“On Fire” is certainly structured as a journey, with the first verse exploring the emotions of a little boy “too different to belong, too lonely to be strong”. The second verse then turns to a little girl “from a broken family with a silent fantasy”. He also explores themes of worthlessness as he sings “he said that falling down, it wouldn’t make a sound”. Loïc tackles these dark themes but the song has a message of perseverance as he declares “and when I hit the dust, I’m gonna get back up”. He is “not afraid anymore, strong like a warrior”. There’s no keeping this fighter on the ground.

Musically and lyrically, the song is shored up with touches that are trademark Loïc. Electronic flourishes and adventurous instrumentation keep it interesting, but it remains relatable. (Antranig)


Loïc is predominantly known for his artistic style. But for “Heartbreaker” the Eurovision 2015 participant is serving straight-up pop. It’s fun, it’s catchy and it’s nice to see Loïc find the time to party amongst all the more serious/artsy offerings.(Jonathan).


Much of Loïc’s previous work told us tales of struggling to fit in and learning to be confident in himself. “29” is a conspicuous change of pace, talking about heartbreak and longing for lost love. Despite the change of subject matter, the mood is on-brand for Loïc — there is hopelessness, loneliness and struggle conveyed both musically and lyrically.

Stripped of the fireworks of a grand composition, the strength of “29” is the way it allows Loïc’s vocals to shine. “29” showcases his vocal range, spanning a lower register through the choruses and some sky-high notes in the final chorus which he hits with aplomb. (Antranig)


Musically, “Doctor” fits right in to the dark pop niche Loïc built on Selfocracy. With continuous singing from start to finish, it’s clear that Nottet’s distinct, emotional voice is the track’s main feature. Still, prominent bass synthesizer and bells add to the song’s eerie mood.

Loïc’s dynamic singing sets “Doctor” apart from his previous work. It matches his character’s descent into madness. In the final bridge, he creepily chuckles to himself over his insanity in a perfectly timed accent. (Raphael)


Apparently this witch did some rather dirty deeds to Loïc, who portrays a Joker-like figure with aplomb — all smeared make-up and crazy eyes. “I remember being left in a cage,” he says. “Waiting for the witch.” He later sings of making her pay, of “eating juicy meat” and more. (William)


“Mr/Mme” sees Nottet singing in French for the first time. It’s an emotional piano ballad. Although the instrumentation here is very simple, Loïc adds depth to the song with the texture in his voice and his artistry is made apparent through the lyrics.

At 6:22 minutes in length, “Mr/Mme” is a marathon not a sprint. Nottet takes the listener on a journey into his soul and explores the emotions that are swirling inside.

The Belgian star takes the time to open up to the listener: “Good evening, Sir, Madam / Today, I’ll say it all”. (Jonathan)

Loïc Nottet Sillygomania tracklisting

  1. Sillygomania
  2. On Fire
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Rosa Maria
  5. Liar
  6. 29
  7. The One
  8. Doctor
  9. Gun
  10. TWYM
  11. Cry Out
  12. Candy
  13. Farewell
  14. Mr/Mme

Sillygomania is available to buy and stream on all the major music platforms.

Loïc Nottet at Eurovision

Loïc Nottet represented Belgium at Eurovision 2015 with “Rhythm Inside”. The avant-garde pop number proved to be a dark horse, finishing fourth in a fiercely fought grand final. This was Belgium’s first top ten result since 2010 and first top-five since 2003.

Loïc Nottet after Eurovision

Loïc’s star has continued to rise since Vienna. He’s now a big name in Belgium, as well as neighbouring France. He’s won multiple awards and contests, including an MTV EMA in 2017 and the French version of Dancing With The Stars. His debut album Selfocracy was a major success, topping the charts in Wallonia and coming top ten in Flanders and France.

What do you think of Sillygomania? Which song is your favourite from the album? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Chinese fans are here waiting for you to become an international superstar.

Last edited 2 years ago by Murphy
2 years ago

his album-naming game tho…

2 years ago

This guy is so good.

Generic Eurovision Fan
Generic Eurovision Fan
2 years ago

Loic has become really successful after ESC.
If only all the artists followed that path

2 years ago

Loic has everything to become a true global star. He has so many unique talents. I am completely in love with this album …

2 years ago

I bought it without even listening to the snippets and I was right: love it.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Hope that he will participate at Eurovision again!