The Eurovision 2020 season may have officially come to a close, but the music will always continue. A number of past Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 22

Vincent Bueno (feat. Mnkeybiz) – “Family Fight”

Vincent Bueno was selected to represent Austria at Eurovision 2020. Although he didn’t get his chance to appear at the contest this year, he’s thankfully been confirmed to be representing his country in 2021. In the meantime, Bueno has been working on his upcoming EP and has now released one of the songs. “Family Fight” is dedicated to the Austrian singer’s cousin, Rachelle, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. For the music video, Bueno brought his entire family (from New York to the Philippines to Austria) together to sing the song, showing that everyone is there to support Rachelle through the coming months.

Loïc Nottet – Sillygomania

He was the singer who brought Belgium its first top-five result in almost a decade at Eurovision 2015. And now Loïc Nottet has released his second LP Sillygomania. The album is the follow-up to his best-selling debut album Selfocracy (Platinum in Belgium, Gold in France). Sillygomania features 14 tracks, including previous single “On Fire”, “Heartbreaker”, “Mr/Mme”, “29”, plus Nottet’s two Hallowen-inspired songs “Doctor” and “Candy”. Read more about the album here. (Padraig)

Helena Paparizou – “Μίλα Μου”

Greece finally lifted the Eurovision trophy in 2005 thanks to Helena Paparizou. The star has had a continued successful career in the 15 years since and has now released her new song “Μίλα Μου” (“Talk To Me”). It’s is a sultry pop track with a sub-tropical Mediterranean vibe perfect for the coming summer season. In the accompanying music video, Paparizou proves that she can still turn it out like she did on the Eurovision stage. The Greek star struts and dances around a bar whilst wearing a floral-print dress with a slit down the front.

Blanche – Empire

Her Eurovision 2017 song “City Lights” was one of the biggest commercial hits to come out of the contest in recent years. And now, just over three years since she graced the stage in Kyiv, Blanche has released her debut LP Empire. Writing on her official website, Blanche says:

“Empire is an album to be digested from start to finish, whereby every song has been placed with intention. Empire is rich in arrangements, nuanced in its rhythms and dripped in diversified themes. This is my album; these are my songs and my feelings. Some songs are more personal, others are like modern tales.”

Read more about the album here. (Padraig)

Sertab Erener – “Bu Dünya”

First appearing at Eurovision in 1975, Turkey had to wait until 2003 for their first victory. This came courtesy of Sertab Erener, who also won the Eurovision Again re-watch last weekend. Erener is now building up to the release of her new album Ben Yaşarım (I Live) on 12 June. She recently released a single from the upcoming LP, titled “Bu Dünya” (“This World”). The track utilises traditional Turkish instrumentation and the first verse is done through spoken word. In the lyrics, the Eurovision champion calls upon us to treat each other equally since we are all human beings regardless of which country we were born in: “I’m someone’s daughter / You are someone’s son / We are all born in the world”.

Luca Hänni – “Diamant”

Eurovision 2019 saw a remarkable turnaround in Switzerland’s fortunes at the contest thanks to Luca Hänni bringing the country back to the top four. Despite predominantly singing in English during his music career, the Swiss star has recently begun to release more German-language songs. This continues with his new single “Diamant” (“Diamond”). A contemporary pop track with an almost tropical rhythm, Hänni sings to his loved one and compares them to a sparkling diamond: “You’re a hundred and ten carats / You’re wonderful art / Nobody can compare to you / You’re a diamond”.

Tamara Todevska – “Слобода”

After winning the jury vote at Eurovision 2019 with her empowering ballad “Proud”, North Macedonia’s Tamara Todevska is changing things up for her new song “Слобода” (“Freedom”). It’s a pop-dance track that will be included in Todevska’s upcoming third studio album. In addition to this Macedonian-language original, the star will also soon release versions in Serbian and English (titled “Rise”). In the lyrics Tamara proclaims “Let this be a song about freedom”, as she tells the listeners to let go of their troubles.

Eimear Quinn – Ériu

She’s the last singer to take the Eurovision trophy back to Ireland. And now, over 25 years later, Eimear Quinn has released her first LP of new music in more than a decade. Ériu is the fourth solo studio album from the Irish singer. It contains ten songs, including recent single “The Watchman” and an orchestral version of her Eurovision 1996 winning song “The Voice”. Read more about the album and review the full track list here. (Padraig)

Zlata Ognevich – “Гола Правда”

Over the past couple of months, Ukraine’s Eurovision 2013 act Zlata Ognevich has released a trilogy of songs where she hoped to expose some of her deeper emotions to listeners. Following on from “Ти обіцяв” and “Беги”, the star has now released the third and final track, titled “Гола Правда” (“Naked Truth”). More upbeat and danceable than the first two songs, Zlata explains in the description of the “Гола Правда” audio on YouTube about why she ended the trilogy on a more uplifting note:

“I wanted everyone to feel the motivation and message I was trying to convey in this trilogy. First there was despair and pain, then creativity and transformation, and finally lightness and simplicity. That’s how I exposed my emotions to you and this is my “Naked Truth”. Listening to this track, I want you to feel happy, dance under the stars in the company of friends, and generally remember that true love should give only positive emotions.”

Barbara Wrońska (feat. Michał Szpak) – “Zanim”

After fighting off some strong competition in Poland’s national final Krajowe Eliminacje 2016, Michał Szpak went on to give his country their first top-ten finish at Eurovision since 2003. He’s now teamed up with Barbara Wrońska for the new pop-rock song “Zanim” (“Before”). The song is included on the new compilation album Music 4 Queers & Queens, which features a number of Polish artists. In the music video’s description, Wrońska noted why she decided to write the song:

“As a person who is against aggression, exaltation, discrimination, racism and homophobia – I wrote a song about it. The song raises the issue that people destroy each other, blindly hitting everything that is tender. They don’t take into account that they break someone’s life. … I invited Michał Szpak to cooperate, who very often falls victim to such behaviour. Although we are stylistically different, we feel the same and our worlds have merged. This is mine and Michał’s Equality Parade.”

Szpak adds himself:

“We live in one of the most homophobic countries in Europe while other countries recognise the equality of everyone regardless of race, religion, orientation or belonging to any group. I hope this project will support freedom.”

Ani Lorak – “Твоей любимой”

Eurovision 2008 silver medallist Ani Lorak has continued a successful career in the 12 years since her participation at the contest. Her latest single is “Твоей любимой” (“Your lover”). Although Lorak is nowadays known for her emotional ballads, this new track has more drive and edge to it. Mixing dynamic production with a post-chorus electric guitar solo, the song leans in the direction soft-pop-rock. Lyrically, the Ukrainian star sings about her desire to be a person’s lover: “I want to be your lover / And wake up next to you / Could that be it’s my fragile nature / Or maybe I fell in love for real”.

Dina Garipova – “Удивительный”

Russia has consistently finished in the top five at Eurovision over the last two decades, and they did so again in 2013 thanks to Dina Garipova. The star has now released her new single “Удивительный” (“Amazing”). Moving away from ballads for a moment, this latest song has a positive upbeat vibe to it and includes electro/processed vocals in the post-chorus. In the accompanying music video we see Garipova exploring the streets and enjoying everything that’s around her.

Páll Óskar – “Djöfull er það gott”

Páll Óskar’s rendition of “Minn hinsti dans” at Eurovision 1997 has remained an iconic performance from the contest’s history. The Icelandic singer has continued his career since then and has now dropped the new song “Djöfull er það gott” (“Devil, that’s good”). It’s a mid-tempo pop track that Óskar layers with his breathy vocals. The production here is minimal but effective, with the bass rhythm in the chorus helping to get the song ingrained in the listener’s mind.

Natasha St-Pier – “Viens sois ma lumière”

Competing at Eurovision 2001, Natasha St-Pier remains France’s best placing artist of the 21st century, achieving fourth place. The star’s new single is “Viens sois ma lumière” (“Come be my light”), which is her take on the song dedicated to Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa. A beautiful acoustic-guitar-driven ballad, Natasha’s vocals are allowed to shine over the production. The music video sees the Canadian star singing the song in an elaborate house.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – “Lucky One”

And after some time out of the spotlight, Ireland’s Eurovision 2018 act Ryan O’Shaughnessy is now back with his first official solo single in two years, titled “Lucky One”. It’s a mid-tempo indie track that builds throughout its three minutes. O’Shaughnessy starts the track only accompanied by a piano, but extra percussion instrumentation is added in at points to give the song extra lift and drive. The lyrics see Ryan contemplating his experiences over the past year. Last year, Ryan spent six months travelling across South America. Read more about the song here.

Kate Miller-Heidke – “This Is Not Forever”

Give her your pain — Australia’s Kate Miller-Heidke will take it all. That’s the message of the Eurovision 2019 star’s latest single “This Is Not Forever” — a reminder to someone she loves that she’s ready to listen to their troubles and help them push through.The song came to her long before coronavirus entered the script, but it has taken on new meaning amid the pandemic. The lyrics convey her hope that in difficult times we find ways to grow and connect: “This pain makes you who you are, this makes you who I love.” Read more about the song here. (William)

Brainstorm – “Ночная смена”

Latvia made a big impact with their first ever entry at Eurovision in 2000, with Brainstorm achieving a third-place finish. Two decades later and the group are still going strong, having now released the new song “Ночная смена” (“Night shift”). A soft-rock track, the group have dedicated it to all the people working day and night to help fight COVID-19. In the lyric video’s description they note:

“We had great plans for 2020 – concerts in Lithuania, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan and Armenia. … Launching a new song is what we usually do to announce a major event. Ladies and gents- “Nochnaya smena” (“Night shift”) is the name of this song with lyrics by Sergej Timofejev. Nasty virus disrupted our concert plans, but it can not do a thing to the song! Even more, let the song “Night shift” be a tribute to those at the frontline of the fight against the virus – to all those who protect, care and help!”

Talisman and Harel Skaat – “רוצה לחזור”

Harel Skaat remains the only Eurovision artist to receive all three prestigious Marcel Bezençon Awards for his 2010 entry “Milim”. The Israeli star has now collaborated with Talisman on the song “רוצה לחזור” (“Want to return”). Talisman provides rap verses while Skaat sings the chorus. The two sing about the memories of their childhood homes and wanting to return to them despite the struggles they faced there: “I want to return / Every day / To the house and to you and the innocence that was still in my eyes / Every day, every day”.

Aly Ryan – Heroine

Aly Ryan was the fan favourite in Germany’s Eurovision 2019 national selection. Although she didn’t end up making it to Tel Aviv, the singer has continued on with her music and now released her debut album Heroine. The LP features ten songs, including previous single “Future Memories”.

Leea Nanos – “Senses”

Leea Nanos competed in Australia’s first ever Eurovision national final in 2019. Since Eurovision –  Australia Decides, the singer has released a number of singles, with the latest dropping last week. “Senses” is a laid-back pop track that Leea wrote during her time in coronavirus lockdown. She explains more in the lyric video’s description:

“This song I wrote in isolation, it’s a super chilled track compared to my others and straight from the laptop, more raw and authentic vibe. I hope you like it and it helps you in this time of Covid 19. The song is about listening to your gut feeling about someone and your senses because they are always right.”

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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[…] between catchy pop and dance tracks, such as recent singles “Nie mehr allein” and “Diamant”. There are also a couple of slower ballads thrown into the mix to add variety, but they’re […]

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kasia and norma are so good:

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Michal Szpak feat Wronska is the best new singiel

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Correction on Natasha St-Pier, she’s Canadian. 🙂

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Are you from France?

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Generic Eurovision Fan
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I don’t really follow the artists after Esc. The only one I follow is KEiiNO ??