Lesley Roy New Single Gold

She’s the pop-rock superstar who would have represented Ireland at Eurovision 2020 with the empowering pop-rock song “Story of My Life”. But now Lesley Roy is showing us her softer, more vulnerable side in the emotional summer anthem “Gold”.

Lesley began teasing her new single on Twitter last week. She co-wrote “Gold” in LA with producers Alberto Beeck and Ricky Mears. A lovely slice of mid-tempo electro-pop, the song layers soft melody lines and emotional lyrics over a thumping dance beat. The chorus builds with heavier drums and drops into a punchy synth riff that will please fans of Euro-pop. It’ll also resonate with anyone who’s had a broken heart. You can watch the lyric video below.

Lesley Roy — “Gold” lyric video


“Gold” is inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi — also known as golden joinery — where broken pottery is mended with lacquer and golden powder. Instead of hiding damage, Kintsugi is an art that embraces an object’s imperfections or flaws as part of its history. And that’s exactly what “Gold” is all about.

“The art form really did inspire a lot of this song,” the Irish singer-songwriter tells wiwibloggs. “I had this idea of using Kintsugi as a metaphor in a pop song. I envisaged a bittersweet story of using gold to fix a broken relationship and I found this piece of art by an artist called TJ Volonis that really helped me grow that concept. When I asked Alberto and Ricky about the idea and showed them this art, they just flipped out. It was a very quick studio session and I wrote the melody and lyrics and recorded vocals all in one day.” The same artwork also features on the cover art for “Gold”.

Lesley is best known for writing pop-rock music, but her new single marks a departure from her usual style. “I want to show a softer side of me and a softer side of my voice,” she says. “The lyrics are almost pleading, yearning for a second chance. All of this song came from a very different place from me writing wise, and also vocally, lyrically and artistically. It’s an exciting departure for me to release this and show another little facet of who Lesley Roy is.”

Lesley Roy at Eurovision

RTÉ internally selected Lesley Roy to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2020 with “Story of My Life” before this year’s contest was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has not been confirmed whether or not Lesley will return to represent her country at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. However, in a wiwibloggs interview, Lesley said she is excited to make more music and would likely return if she had the right song: “The song needs to be there, it has to be as big, if not even better than ‘Story of My Life.'”


What do you think of “Gold”? Would you like Lesley Roy to return to Eurovision in 2021? Let us know in the comments below. 

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2 years ago

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again–any returning 2020 Eurovision artists should hold off releasing any more music until after the september 1st 2020 deadline passes so that their new songs could be eligible for Eurovision 2021

2 years ago
Reply to  Oliver Adams

I think you’re both right. If they have a real A+ showstopper, best to just wait…September is only two months away! I don’t think Gold is that, though.