Many of us live by the mantra, “You can do it, put your back into it!” But San Marino’s Senhit goes further. This audio-visual queen also puts passion, production and plenty of pizzaz into every project.

And so it goes with her latest adventure: Senhit’s “FREAKY TRIP TO ROTTERDAM”.  This is a lush, lavish project that will see her pay tribute to selected songs from the back catalogue of the Eurovision Song Contest. She’ll unveil a new video every month until Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. No passports needed — this scheme is most definitely open borders!

Working with artistic director Luca Tommassini — the genius behind Senhit’s “FREAKY!” video and many a scene for Madonna — she’ll once again encourage everyone to unleash the freak within. It’s a celebration of European music which will let the “Freaky Queen” once again bring people together — just as she did with her #freakydance at the height of the European pandemic.

The first video of the project comes out on Wednesday 15 July and will pay homage to Belarus’ 2014 entry “Cheesecake” from TEO. Senhit promises “unpredictable implications” — something made very clear in this electric trailer!

Her team says: “Each month a different song will be reinterpreted by her, with the artistic direction of Luca Tommasini, becoming not a simple video clip but a real work of art. In each video, Senhit will make a transformation in look and style, wrapped in a refined and unique scenography.”

“The calendar starts with the publication of the cover of ‘Cheesecake’ (Teo, Belarus, Eurovision Song Contest 2014) on Wednesday 15 July.”

In the first videoclip, Senhit pays tribute to the iconic Grace Jones, one of Senhit’s biggest inspirations.

What other songs do you hope to see Senhit re-create? What other icons from the past would you like to see her honour? Let us know in the comments box down below!

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mr 305 # dale
mr 305 # dale
3 years ago

I love her soooo much she embodies the spirit of the contest <3

3 years ago

Wow she’s so passionate, hope she achieves a good result next year!