I’ll have one Sigrit Sling and a Lemtov with lime! Such are the words you may soon hear at The Jaja Ding Dong bar — a new drinking establishment inspired by that song from the Eurovision movie.

The outdoor bar opened on Saturday July 11 at the Husavik Cape Hotel —  a unique family run property in the picturesque fishing village of Husavik. It famously hosted six of the Apollo astronauts who trained near Husavik before their missions to the moon.

The hotel’s owner Örlygur Hnefill Örlygsson, told Icelandic publication Frettabladid that the movie had hurled an opportunity “180 kilometres per hour” into his lap.

“We built an outdoor bar like this by the hotel and gave it a good name,” he said. “Here you can mainly get beer and drinks, but we also have lighter dishes — both pies and cakes.”

The Jaja Ding Dong bar at Husavik Cape Hotel


Apparently actors Will Ferrell and Pierce Brosnan were quite friendly with locals, even paying the hotel a visit and spending time with staff.

“It was so much fun here last year when they came to take this picture and were going around with us a lot,” Örlygur said. “They both came here to check on us.” That’s helped him see the film “as a kind of ode” to his town — especially the song “Husavik.”

But naturally he wasn’t going to name the bar after the town, as that’d probably feel quite redundant.

“‘Jaja Ding Dong’ is of course the discovery from the film, even though we like the ‘Husavik’ song.”

What cocktails do you want to see on the menu? Are you planning a trip to Husavik sometime soon? Shout it out in the comments box down below!

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My Tears Are Getting Sober
My Tears Are Getting Sober
3 years ago

99% of comments: Ideas for potential cocktails
1% (me): That’s cool

Ruth Oldfield
Ruth Oldfield
3 years ago

How about a Brandy Alexander Lemtov?