Anna Odobescu Husavik Eurovision Cover

It’s the breakout hit and she starred in the breakout scene. So, it was probably inevitable that Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga guest actress Anna Odobescu would cover “Husavik” — the song made famous by Molly Sandén performing under her My Marianne stage name.

Anna Odobescu — “Husavik” (My Marianne / Molly Sandén Cover)

Moldova’s Eurovision 2019 singer, of course, made a cameo in the “Song-A-Long” scene, joining the likes of Loreen, Netta and Alexander Rybak. Then she and her fellow song contest alums sang a mashup of pop classics and Eurovision evergreens.

Prior to the movie’s release, the “Stay” songstress put her own spin on “Volcano Man“. Now, she’s moved from disco to power ballad by dropping a cover of “Husavik”, perhaps the standout song from the Netflix production.

For this rendition, Anna is joined by two musicians. One plays the guitar while another plays the pan flute. Cleverly, Odobescu replaces Will Ferrell’s bleating with the significantly more melodic sounding panpipes.

Upon publishing the video to YouTube, Anna shared the following message with her fans:

“Dear friends❤‼ After my appearance in the movie🎬📽 “The Story Of Fire Saga” produced by NETFLIX 🤩🤩🤩, I decided to make a surprise for you🤗🎙🎶🎵 ♥ ️ Together with Dmitrii Toma 🎸 and Adriana Babin I performed the song “Husavik- My Home Town”, which I really liked 🤩 when I first heard it🔊
Pleasant audition to all💋”.

Netflix Eurovision movie covers

The Netflix Eurovision movie has proven to be a rich source of inspiration for Eurovision artists, with several covering the many original songs from the film.

“Volcano Man” is the most popular option. Song contest alums to tackle the number include Alexander Rybak, JamalaElina NechayevaScooch, Daði Freyr and Michał Szpak.

Meanwhile, Dutch singers Edsilia Rombley, Jeangu Macrooy and Maxine & Franklin Brown took on “Husavik”, “In The Mirror” and “Double Trouble” respectively at a screening of the movie in Rotterdam.

Hera Björk covered “Jaja Ding Dong”, translating the lyrics to Icelandic.

What do you think of Anna’s cover? Do you like the panpipes? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

stunning. the icelandic parts especially gave me shivers – so much power!

Fly by
Fly by
3 years ago

Cultural exchange. Love the modest and shy Anna,and I was sad when some people thought she should not be in Song Along.
Singers from semi have fans too