Eurovision movie husavik remix

The two month anniversary of Netflix’s hit Eurovision movie is fast approaching. But the Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga hype train shows little sign of slowing down with an official remix of “Husavik” debuting on streaming and download services on Friday 14 August.

“Husavik” (Official Cahill Remix)

The dance edit comes courtesy of Cahill, a UK dance group which has previously remixed tunes for the likes of Lady Gaga, Sia and Ruth Lorenzo.

This new version of “Husavik” retains much of what fans loved about the original, including Molly Sandén’s breathtaking speorg note.

However, to make room for the throbbing electro beat, Will Ferrell’s much-maligned vocals get the chop. Few will miss them.

Eurovision movie reception and success

Since its initial release, the Eurovision movie has received a mixed to positive reception. Fans praised the movie for its lighthearted approach to the contest and its stellar soundtrack. However, other fans and critics complained that the movie was somewhat inaccurate in its depiction of Eurovision. Despite this, The Story of Fire Saga has become Will Ferrell’s most successful project since The LEGO Movie in 2014. 

Meanwhile, the film’s soundtrack has been very successful. In June, the emotional ballad “Husavik” debuted at number 16 on the US Billboard Digital Chart. This marks the first time Will Ferrell and Melodifestivalen sensation Molly Sandén — also known as My Marrianne — have appeared on the charts. Furthermore, Eurovision artists including Michal SzpakAnna Odobescu and Eurovision 2020 favourite Daði Freyr have all covered songs from the movie’s soundtrack.

What do you think of the “Husavik” remix? Will it become a Euroclub staple? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

I’m glad they did. Will’s voice ruined it for me…

Mr Vanilla Bean
Mr Vanilla Bean
3 years ago

Please do the same with the original version so this dude doesn’t molest Molly’s vocals anymore. I cringe every time I fail to ignore his noise.