She recently joined a panel of celebrity judges on the Latvian version of The Masked Singer.

But in her new music video for “Me Vairs Ne” (We are Done), Latvia’s Samanta Tina ain’t hiding behind no mask. Instead she’s putting her emotions — and some serious fashion looks — on full display as she delivers a softer, more visceral foil to her Eurovision 2020 offering.

Self-written but co-composed alongside Brainstorm’s guitarist Ingars Viļums, Samanta reaches deep into her heart and memory, pulling from what is clearly a deep well of experience. “We don’t write each other anymore,” she sings. “We don’t speak anymore. Doors are closing…two strong rivers, we both feel what’s coming next.” As the title suggests, their individual stories are already written, and each will have to bring theirs to life alone.


I don’t speak Latvian, but the melodic hook of the chorus and the craftsmanship of the song are enough to keep me hooked. The well-produced track blends Samanta’s famous vocal riffs with a gospel choir, adding even more power to her already powerful voice. There is volume in numbers, but we aren’t here to judge the amps. What the chorus really brings is an exponential sense of spirituality — one voice that leads to what seems to be a million. It’s appropriate for a woman known for soul.

Speaking exclusively with wiwibloggs, Samanta Tina unpacks the many layers of her latest work.

“The song and the music video tell you about the different relationships that fiddle through our lives at different stages. These relationships include romantic ones, the childhood relationships with schoolmates, and many secrets stored.”

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???Dziesma un video st?sta par daž?d?m attiec?b?m tuvu cilv?ku starp?, kas vijas cauri m?su dz?vei daž?dos t?s posmos”, st?sta Samanta T?na. “Š?s attiec?bas ietver attiec?bas ar savu pirmo skolasbiedru b?rn?b? ar ko kop? tika špikots, lab?ko draudzeni, pie kuras tika glab?ti daudz nosl?pumi, attiec?bas ar to cilv?ku, ar kuru tika piedz?vots pirmais sk?psts un st?sts par pirmo m?lest?bu, kura agr?k š?ita visa pasaule, un ka m???ka vairs nekad neb?s, ta?u dz?ves gait? ce?i ir š??rušies. Tas ir st?sts ar? par attiec?b?m ar t?ti un mammu, no kuru m?j?m pieaugot esam aizg?juši, st?sts par vecm?mi?u un vect?ti?u, kuru iesp?jams vairs nav m?su dz?v? un ar? st?sts par m?su vai br?li, kur bern?b? vienam otru bija j?pieskata, bet nu esam pieauguši un vairs nav nepieciešamas m?su r?pes ikdien?. Dz?ve maina m?s un maina viet?m, lai ar? tas ir reiz?m sap?gi, reiz? ar? dab?gi, ka m?s nemanot aizejam katrs savu dz?ves turpm?ko ce?u, l?dz saprotam, ka – ?" M?S VAIRS N?.”? [email protected] [email protected] Šodien 18.30 singla un video prezent?cija Panorama Plaza TC telp?s ( slikto laika apst?k?u d??)

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“The relationship with the man with whom I shared my first kiss and the story of my first love which had previously seemed to be the world. It is possible at that moment to think that that there would never be another lover again, but during the course of life divorce can happen.”

“It is also the story of the relationships between father and mother, the story of Grandma and Grandpa, who may no longer be in our lives, and also the story of a sister or brother where we had to look after each other but now we’ve grown up and we don’t need day-to-day care. Life changes us and and we change places. We leave paths in our lives, sometimes without noticing that WE ARE NO MORE.”

Do you relate to Samanta’s words? What do you think of “Me Vairs Ne”? And would you like it to compete at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below. 

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2 years ago

let’s hope for a song in Latvian for 2021!!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Ashton

It would probably suit Samanta a lot better given that her English enunciation isn’t perfect

2 years ago

One word… Queen! She rocks and so does her other song, I got the
Power. So happy when she was confirmed for Eurovision 2021