Although September sees the start of a new Eurovision season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 39

Iveta Mukuchyan – “Mi Tokos Ser”

At Eurovision 2016, Iveta Mukuchyan delivered a full-on “Lovewave”. However, for her latest single, the Armenian star is just asking for “Mi Tokos Ser” (“1% Love”). The song starts off as a radio-friendly pop track that wouldn’t be out of place in the discography of a western European singer (except for the Armenian lyrics). But, the post-chorus spices things up with a traditional instrument breakdown and gives the song more of an Armenian identity – Iveta delivers us the best of both worlds.

Guy Sebastian – “Love On Display”

It’s natural for many artists to find inspiration for songs in the some of the most difficult moments of their lives. However, Australia’s Guy Sebastian has declared “it’s time for a tune about the good things in life”. The Eurovision 2015 alum has released “Love On Display”, the latest single from his upcoming studio album T.R.U.T.H., set for release on 16 October. It’s an uplifting track that mixes elements of pop and soul, all underlined by a recurring ‘clap’-percussion beat. They lyrics see Sebastian wanting to make a series of PDAs (public displays of affection) to his partner, rather than keeping their relationship to themselves: “Let’s put our love on display / Oh, I want everyone to know / That I got you, you got me / And we won’t ever let it go”.

Aram Mp3, Arame, Mihran Tsarukyan, Arabo Ispiryan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Arsen Safaryan – “HEROS TGHERQ”

September 21 marks Armenian Independence Day. To commemorate the event this year, Eurovision 2014 star Aram Mp3 has collaborated with a number of other Armenian singers on the song “HEORS TGHERQ”. It’s a passionate ballad that honours those that have served the country. The accompanying music video sees the six singers dressed as various service personnel. While most are shown to represent active fighters – pilots, frontline army officers etc. – Aram Mp3 takes on a healing role, sporting the attire of a doctor working in a hospital.

Dilara Kazimova – “Xoş Gəldin Həyatıma, Mela-Melanxoliya”

“Welcome to my life, mela-melancholy” are words that every person will likely be able to relate to at one moment in their lives. And that’s the theme of Dilara Kazimova’s new single “Xoş Gəldin Həyatıma, Mela-Melanxoliya”. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2014 singer serves a contemplative track that sees her rich vocals laid over a piano melody and backing vocals. The accompanying music video adds to melancholic feeling by being shot entirely in black and white.

Anna Vissi – “Τρομαγμένο Μου”

On 21 September 2018, Greek LGBT+ activist Zak Kostopoulos was brutally beaten to death in Athens by the owners of a jewellery store and police officers. On the second anniversary of his passing, Cypriot-Greek singer Anna Vissi released the song “Τρομαγμένο Μου” (“Terrified Me”) in his memory. “The emotion that the song caused me in relation to the disgusting end of Zak was, for me, the catalytic reason to do it”, noted the three-time Eurovision star on Instagram. The song is a bilingual ballad, sung predominantly in Greek with the final line of the chorus in English: “Your smile will not be forgotten / Not even the dark or stern moment … I want to break free, you finally are broken free”. The case of Zak’s death still remains under judicial investigation, but Vissi is offering the proceeds from “Τρομαγμένο Μου” to cover the court costs required to clarify the case.

Lucie Jones – Lucie Jones Live At The Adelphi

Lucie Jones proved just why she deserves to be a West End leading lady with her vocally-flawless performance at Eurovision 2017. And now, the Welsh singer has delivered a full album of her live vocals for fans to listen to. Lucie Jones Live At The Adelphi is exactly what the title suggests – a recording of her first West End solo concert performed earlier this year (before a certain virus put a stop to such things). There are 15 songs on the LP, with most being covers of musical theatre songs, including the pre-release single “Moon River”. However, Jones has also included a performance of her Eurovision entry “Never Give Up On You” for those who would like to add a live version of the song to their music playlists.

Madame Monsieur (feat. Lord Esperanza) – “Zéro”

Earlier this year, French duo Madame Monsieur – Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas – released their third studio album Tandem. Now, the Eurovision 2018 participants have dropped the music video for the song’s latest single, “Zéro”. The clip has a navy blue colour palette running through it, with Madame Monsieur and featured rapper Lord Esperanza facing off against each other as they sing. Satt doesn’t hold back in the lyrics, calling out men who sexually assault women: “You are zero, only zero, you waiting for me in the street / I can’t help it if your mother was the last to see you naked … If you’re really too crazy, there’s Pigalle or the sex movies”. Sonically, “Zéro” blends elements of hip-hop and rap with underlying electronic instrumentation.

Red Moon – “Dreamer”

Since competing at Eurovision 2015, Norway’s Debrah Scarlett has undergone a metamorphosis and now performs under the name Red Moon. Her new single is “Dreamer”, an indie-pop song that seemingly combines the style of Norwegian singer AURORA and British band Florence + the Machine. The singer notes that the song has been a work in progress for some time: “I remember writing this song on my mothers birthday with DWY some years ago on a cold day in Berlin. It was our first session and the song came to us playfully and organically”. The accompanying music video sees Red Moon in a sort of cocoon, where she once again goes through a transformation.

Harel Skaat and Zohar Zacharov – “את לא ידעת”

Israel’s Harel Skaat is keen to help the country’s young people develop their musical talent. As a judge on the new season of TV competition show בית ספר למוסיקה (Music School), the Eurovision 2010 star mentored a group of students, including eventual winner Zohar Zacharov. Skaat promised that he would write a song for Zacharov and the star made sure to keep his promise. The result is a duet between the two singers, titled “את לא ידעת” (“You did not know”). Zacharov and Skaat sing a tale of someone who is undergoing a battle within themselves as they wait for a loved one to return: “I heard every word, you may be far away but still here / It’s not too late, you may already be coming … You did not know / The nights I broke down while everyone slept”.

TANJA – “Hurricane”

It’s been nine months since TANJA last released a single. But, the Estonian singer is back with a bang thanks to the new song “Hurricane”. A dance track with a mid-chorus instrumental, the Eurovision 2014 star is here to stir up the party with some hurricane-force winds. Lyrically, TANJA tells her man that she’s ready to dance the night away with him: “I want to play your little game / Lets dance forever and again / We bring the fire and the rain / And party like a hurricane”. For the music video, the Estonian artist forgoes her usual bright ginger hair and instead wears a pale blonde wig. TANJA and her friends, who also wear the same style wig, turn a warehouse into their dancefloor.

Elisa – “Coração”

Having missed out on her chance to appear on the Eurovision stage this year due to the contest’s cancellation, Elisa has pressed forward with her music career and now released the follow-up single to her Eurovision 2020 entry. “Coração” (“Heart”) starts as a sweet acoustic-guitar-driven ballad before it slowly builds with added percussion beats and backing vocals. Elisa sings to her heart, hoping to keep it content: “And if I hide you in the sea / Will you be angry? / I just want to see you happy / I want you to like me / I don’t want to drown you / I just don’t want to cry anymore”. This is symbolised in the music video, where Elisa carries around an enlarged heart only for it to get bruised along the way.

Triānas Parks – “Vientuļa sala”

Triānas Parks (otherwise known as Triana Park) have recently dropped the new single “Vientuļa sala” (“Lonely Island”). It’s an indie-rock song that has a softer touch to it than the Latvian band’s Eurovision 2017 entry “Line”. However, the group still seem to be a fan of straight lines. In the music video, we see lead vocalist Agnese Rakovska walking in a consistent linear direction. As she does, the surroundings change around her, with her fellow band mates appearing in various guises.

Samira Said – “Ott W Far”

Morocco’s sole Eurovision representative, Samira Said has maintained a strong music career since appearing at the 1980 contest. Her latest single is “Ott W Far” (“Cat and Mouse”). It’s a catchy Arabic pop song with a post-chorus electric guitar solo. Said sings about a relationship that has turned into a game of cat and mouse.

Tereza Kerndlová – “Jméno”

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Tereza Kerndlová was in Marbella, Spain. Unable to go home, the Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2008 star had to quarantine out there with her husband for 110 days. While it was a difficult few months for Kerndlová, it also helped strengthen the bond between her and her partner, and ultimately gave rise to her new song “Jméno” (“Name”). A positive light-pop track, the lyrics revolve around the theme of taking someone’s last name through marriage. The music video features a number of real-life couples, with the Czech star noting that one couple are already engaged, though we aren’t told which one.

Elina Nechayeva – “Lind”

Elina Nechayeva’s soprano vocals not only took her to dizzying heights at Eurovision 2018, but also as part of the Netflix Eurovision movie. Now, the Estonian star has released her new single “Lind” (“Bird”). “This is my first song that I wrote completely by myself and it came from the depths of my soul and heart”, notes Nechayeva. An emotive operatic ballad, the Eurovision alum sings to the bird flying high above the clouds: “Cute bird, can you hear me? / Aren’t you alone in heaven? / You listen and smile / Because you are in my heart”. The music video was shot in the jungle of Sri Lanka and sees Elina surrounding herself with the environment’s natural beauty away from human interference (except for the rogue AirPod sometimes seen in Nechayeva’s ear).

Ruslan Alenho – “НЕБО ЛИНИИ”

Belarus’ Ruslan Alenho is looking to the “НЕБО ЛИНИИ” (“Sky Line”) for his latest single. The Eurovision 2008 star delivers a pop-rock song underlined by a strong drum beat. To add even more grit to the track, the bridge is comprised of a 30-second guitar solo.

Ruslana – “Ще не вечір”

Ruslana’s latest EP, Ми вітер (We are the wind), was dedicated to clean energy. At the start of this month, the Eurovision 2004 winner released a lyric video for one of the songs from the EP. “Ще не вечір” translates to “Not yet evening”, and sees the Ukrainian star singing about the forces of nature: “Let the earth stop / Sun, moon, stars / The most unrestrained soul / Called for love”. Despite Ruslana claiming that it’s not yet evening, the lyric video has a prominent night-time starry sky backdrop.

Nina Kraljić – “Čuvaj me”

Nina Kraljić’s latest single is “Čuvaj me” (“Take care of me”). An ethno-Balkan song, it has a spiritual and almost tribal sound to it. Croatia’s Eurovision 2016 singer notes that “the song is a dedication to the love that is all around us. The proof is nature, colours and magnificent – music. I hope you like the song because it is gentle and strong at the same time. Something I appreciate in relationships, music, and the world around us in general”. The “nature, colours and music” come together in the accompanying music video. Kraljić performs in a forest, with the colours filtered so that it appears to be red, blue, purple and orange at different points.

Gali Atari – “לא מאוחר”

Eurovision 1979 winner Gali Atari is spreading a message of hope with her latest single “לא מאוחר” (“Not too late”). “In this difficult time we are all going through, the song just wants to remind you that it is possible and worthwhile to regulate our breathing”, the Milk and Honey member noted on Instagram, “It’s not too late to dare, dream, fulfil and especially listen to our heart”. The song starts with the Israeli singer accompanied by a guitar, before it subsequently builds with added production as Atari sings: “It is not too late to develop hope / Try to focus on what is happening now”.

Flor-de-Lis – “Pode Chover Um Poema”

Portuguese group Flor-de-Lis ended the summer by releasing their lastest single “Pode Chover Um Poema” (“It might rain a poem”). The Eurovision 2009 alumni deliver a pleasant folk-pop song that blends acoustic guitar, accordion and percussion instruments together. The music video sees vocalist Daniela Varela underneath a pristine blue sky, before she then joins the rest of the group for an evening of wine and music.

Achille Lauro – “Maleducata”

Back in February, Achille Lauro caused a fuss with his outrageous and artistic Sanremo performances. Now he’s paying homage to The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the music video for his latest single. The song “Maleducata” is from the third season of Italian Netflix series Baby, but the video takes inspiration from the 1975 cult classic film, complete with fishnet stocks, lipstick and a freaky party in a country house. But it’s a modern reinterpretation rather than than a faithful copy and it throws in plenty of Achille’s own glam artistry along with the revved-up rock tune. (Robyn)

Aitana and Marmi – “Tu Foto Del DNI”

Upbeat garage rock may not be the sort of genre that you’d expect Aitana to release a song in, but the Operación Triunfo 2017 Eurovision Gala runner-up is proving she’s more than capable of mixing things up. “Tu Foto Del DNI” (“Your ID Photo”) was originally the debut solo release from Spanish singer Marmi, which went viral in the country over the summer — topping Spain’s Spotify Viral Top 50 chart. The lyrics of the track talk about a young love that has been brewing since a crush was first developed in school: “I’ve liked you since I was in ninth grade / And I would like to see your clothes laying around my room / And your smell stays on my pillow / Leaving my room a little messy”. Coincidentally, Marmi and Aitana know each other from primary school, so it somewhat feels natural that the two stars would collaborate for a duet version of the song.

Jaguar Jonze – “Deadalive”

Jaguar Jonze has been open about her battle with coronavirus since contracting the virus earlier this year. However, the Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020 star hasn’t let that stop her from creating new music. In fact, Jonze’s new indie-rock single “Deadalive” comes straight from the star’s experiences over the past few months. “”Deadalive” was written when we were stuck in our New York apartment as soon as the pandemic hit and our tour collapsed. The rest of it was finished off under hospital care when I was fighting COVID-19″, the Australian singer stated in a post, “I guess I was writing about the panic, uncertainty and anxiety of this strange world we all got thrown into and the battle with my health. This is the first song I recorded where I never was in the same room as the band, as I was in isolation and everyone else in quarantine”.

Levante (feat. Altarboy) – “Vertigine”

Italian star Levante has collaborated with electronic producers Altarboy for the new single “Vertigine” (“Vertigo”). Like Achille Lauro’s latest offering, this song also appears on the soundtrack for season three of Italian Netflix show Baby, which recently premiered. The Sanremo 2020 singer noted on Instagram: “Vertigine is the leap into the void of adolescent unconsciousness. The absence of fear despite the pain of the first wounds. Knowing that you have lost a piece and be ready to lose more”.

Didirri – Sold for Sale

Didirri has been building up to the release of his new EP Sold for Sale, and now it is finally out for fans to enjoy. There are seven tracks on the EP, including the singer’s Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020 entry “Raw Stuff”. Many of the other songs fall in line with this in terms of genre, with Didirri’s indie styling running through each of the tracks. The Australian singer gave some instructions on Instagram for the best way to listen to the songs: “The first three songs are best enjoyed walking, then head to your bedroom for the next few, when you reach the final track, close your eyes and breathe”.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Yes, “Never give up on you” is indeed one of the best performances Eurovision has ever seen… It still keeps making me cry every single time I happen to rewatch it. Of course, it’s not solely due to Lucie’s voice – her facial expressions, hands’ movements, the mirror on stage, the digital visuals and all the other little details I know by heart – play their big part in that effect too, so I had no expectation of getting an effect any that strong from this audio-only version – which turned out to be a symphonic one. And at the… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Veta
3 years ago

Given that Lucie’s biggest role in musical theatre was as Jenna in Waitress last year, I’m surprised that the LP doesn’t include a song from Waitress…

3 years ago
Reply to  Azaad

It does include “She used to be mine”, right after “Never give up on you”. (an order I personally find interesting given that both songs have similar meaning)

Nick Karras
Nick Karras
3 years ago

In your next article , you should cover Yianna Terzi’s new song
in which she collaborates with her dad and famous Greek Singer Paschalis Terzis .

3 years ago

It’s impossible for Elina to release a bad song

3 years ago

Samira Said’s song has 2.5 Million views on YouTube after only 2 weeks. Samira definitely got the last laugh after the 1980 contest.

3 years ago

I liked this new side of Debrah Scarlett. Though I like her, Aurora and Florence, so i’m an easy target. My favorite of this bunch was Levante’s though.

3 years ago

Iveta’s song reminds me of Alabalanica by Aram MP3.

3 years ago

Also Maraaya has a new song ??