He’s the Croatian star who was due to represent his country at Eurovision 2020. But recently Damir Kedžo seemed to suggest he was working on a potential entry for Eurovision 2021, with an intriguing Instagram post. However, all is not what it seems. Kedžo confirmed to wiwibloggs that the song in the post was just a remix, nothing for Eurovision.

Damir got fans talking after he reposted a photo to his Instagram story. The original post was made by a user by the name of Patrik Flis. His photo showed a computer running music editing software, along with the caption “Eurovizija 2021” and “@DamirKedzo”.

But what did the post mean? Was it an indication that Patrik and Damir were working on a potential entry for the upcoming Croatian national final Dora, with an eye on Eurovision 2021?

Wiwibloggs reached out to Damir and he was happy to clear things up. Damir confirmed that the song being worked on was just a remix — it is nothing intended for Eurovision 2021.

Earlier in the year, Damir spoke about his plans for producing dance remixes of previous releases, “which you can party until dawn at a private party or at any club.”

Will Damir Kedžo compete in Dora 2021?

While some Eurovision 2020 artists have already been given a return ticket to Rotterdam, Damir Kedžo’s path back is less certain.

The Dora 2020 winner was not internally selected by broadcaster HRT. Instead they will use Croatia’s usual national final Dora. However, the broadcaster has confirmed that Damir is still welcome to enter Dora 2021.

Damir has not confirmed whether or not he will enter Dora. However, he has commented on the disappointment he felt at not being internally selected, but he remains philosophical. He said, “As difficult as all this may be, I believe it is my school of life. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I want to make my dreams come true more than ever.”

And Damir appears to remain focused on his Eurovision dream, saying “Dreams are not given up, and I will never give up on going to Eurovision.”

What do you think? Are you looking forward to hearing Damir’s dance remixes? Should he enter Dora 2021? Sound off below!

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2 years ago

He is the best Croatia´s singer in my opinion. He deserves achieve his dream. Eurovision in the sky.

2 years ago

Kedzo, he is, in my opinion, the only hope that Croatia will finally be successful on Eurovision