Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2021 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 40

Duncan Laurence – “Last Night”

Reigning Eurovision champion Duncan Laurence is finally set to release his debut album Small Town Boy on 13 November. Ahead of this, the Dutch star has dropped the new single “Last Night”. An acoustic-guitar-driven indie ballad, the emotion in Laurence’s vocals helps create the atmosphere of the track. Speaking about the meaning behind the song, the Eurovision 2019 winner said:

“Sometimes we have to look into ourselves to do what’s right for the people we love. It’s easy to point out someone else’s mistakes, but it takes courage to look inwards. “Last Night” is my tribute to imperfect relationships, because vulnerability and imperfection are more beautiful than perfection.”

Amir – “On verra bien”

Amir continues to build hype ahead of the release of his new studio album Ressources on 16 October. The fourth pre-release single from the LP is “On verra bien” (“We’ll see”). The Eurovision 2016 star increases the tempo again compared to the last two singles and delivers a solid French-pop song. “On verra bien” centres around a theme of perseverance, with Amir noting on Instagram that we all have to learn that the bad times will not last forever: “In all the sorrows one encounters hides a little light. A lesson that will make us grow”. The music video takes this theme and applies it to a new recruit into the navy. Although the man struggles to begin with, he eventually powers through with the encouragement of his fellow recruits.

Sergey Lazarev – “Я не могу молчать (New Version)”

Three months ago, Sergey Lazarev released his new single “Я не могу молчать” (“I can’t be silent”). Bright, happy and up-tempo, the song fit the summer spirit and helped people enjoy the sunny days outside. Now, as autumn takes hold, the two-time Russian Eurovision participant has released a new version of the song. While still upbeat, this rendition has more of a dance-club vibe to it with added electronic production. Lazarev is still bringing the party, but he’s now taking it indoors to the dancefloor.

Cliff Richard  – “Falling for You”

Sir Cliff Richard marks his 80th birthday on 14 October. To celebrate, the two-time Eurovision podium finisher (1968 and 1973) will release the new album Music… The Air That I Breathe on 30 October. The LP is set to feature two new tracks, one of which the British singer has released this week as a teaser. “Falling for You” is a retro rock and roll song in which Sir Cliff sings about the love that has come over him since meeting that special someone: “‘Cause all I want is you / And no one else in this world will do / It’s crazy but it’s true / I’m falling for you”.

Patrick Fiori – Un air de famille

This week, Patrick Fiori added an eleventh studio album to his discography with the release of Un air de famille (A family resemblance). The LP contains 12 tracks and an interlude, including preview singles “Un air de famille” and “Ma solitude”. France’s Eurovision 1993 star delivers a mixture of songs, flitting between French pop, stripped-back ballads and three duets. Fiori offers something to satisfy a number of differing tastes, but still retains a connection running through the songs.

Cascada  – “I’m Feeling It (In The Air)”

The weather is beginning to turn as we head towards winter, and it seems Cascada are picking up on some signals of their own in new single “I’m Feeling It (In The Air)”. As you’d expect from the German Eurovision 2013 group, it’s a dance track that aims to get you moving to the beat, regardless of the climate outside. Lead vocalist Natalie Horler sings about dancing away your troubles, as she feels a change coming on: “So look the other way, to get what you want / Throw out your troubles, find your song / ‘Cause there’s a change, change in the air / I’m feeling it”.

Margaret Berger – “Se Deg”

It’s been four years since Margaret Berger released a single. Thankfully, the Eurovision 2013 star is finally back with new music. Berger’s first song in Norwegian, “Se Deg” (“See You”) is a nice Scandipop track with a light and airy feel to it. It’s a change from the darker pop sound of her past releases, instead giving the listener the feeling like they’re dancing on clouds. The song was written on a cold day in December last year, but the warmth of the Norwegian singer’s heart was obviously shining through at the time.

Midnight Oil (feat. Jessica Mauboy & Tasman Keith) – “First Nation”

Jessica Mauboy has long been proud of her Indigenous-Australian roots. The Eurovision 2019 star continues to shine a light on the issues affecting native Australians by collaborating with acclaimed Australian rock band Midnight Oil on the new song “First Nation”. The song comes from the band’s upcoming album The Makarrata Project, which aims to highlight The Uluru Statement From The Heart that called for a ‘First Nations Voice’ to be be enshrined in the Australian Constitution. “I am so incredibly proud to be apart of this song that speaks truth of our history”, Mauboy noted. “First Nation”, which also includes a featured rap from Tasman Keith, is a soft-rock track with lyrics about Indigenous-Australians’ fight for justice and recognition: “Let’s sit down and talk about appropriation … about compensation … about reconciliation”.

Tom Leeb – Silver Lining

Despite the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, Tom Leeb has pushed forward with releasing new music for his fans. Now, this has lead to the release of the French singer’s new album Silver Lining. There are seven songs on the LP, including recent singles “Si tu savais”, “Run Away” and “You Got Something”. A stripped-back affair, most of the songs feature Leeb’s vocals accompanied by subtle acoustic guitar or piano instrumentation. The one exception is “Responsible”, which has a R’n’B flair to it and does feel slightly out of place in amongst the rest of the songs.

Magdolna Rúzsa – “1 x fent 1 x lent”

Gone are the unsubstantial blues that Magdolna Rúzsa sang about at Eurovision 2007. Now, the Hungarian singer is ready to dance with her latest song “1 x fent 1 x lent” (“1 x up 1 x down”). It’s an upbeat pop-dance track with a splash of schlager thrown in for good measure. Lyrically, Rúzsa sings about how she’s fed up with her lover putting the brake on her life and that she wants them to add a little excitement into proceedings for a change: “I never get from you / What I give / Once up / Once down … Sometimes it’s good / Sometimes bad, though”. The music video sees the Eurovision alum taking over a theatre stage to strut her stuff in front of a colourful LED screen.

Edsilia Rombley / Viki Gabor / Wiktoria – “Rocket to the Moon”

If you need a song dubbing into various different languages, then Eurovision and national final stars are a great pool of talent to choose from. And that’s exactly what Netflix have done for “Rocket to the Moon”, the lead song from their upcoming animated movie Over The Moon. Eurovision 1998 and 2007 star, and Eurovision 2021 host, Edsilia Rombley has lent her vocals to the Dutch version of the song, “Raket Naar De Maan”. Meanwhile, Junior Eurovision 2019 champion Viki Gabor sings the Polish version, “Wznieść się chcę”, and three-time Melodifestivalen grand finalist Wiktoria has recorded the Swedish dub of the song, “I det blå”.

Yianna Terzi and Pashalis Terzis – “Για Σένα Μόνο”

The aspiration to become a singer can often come from a musical family connection. Eurovision 2018 star Yianna Terzi developed a love for music from her father, acclaimed Greek singer Pashalis Terzis. Now, the pair have come together for a duet. “Για Σένα Μόνο” (“Only For You”) is a ballad with traditional Greek instrumentation that sees the father-and-daughter duo singing about their bond with one another: “Only for you to exist and live / Without a voice to shout at you, I love you / Hug me again and caress my hair / To become one once again”. In the music video, Terzi sings from the stage of a theatre, while her father is sat in the audience seating below.

PAENDA – “Perfect fit”

“Millenial dating in a song” is the theme behind Paenda’s new single “Perfect fit”. Austria’s Eurovision 2019 representative sings about the games people seem to play when trying to form a relationship, when in reality they just need to get down to it: “But just look at us now, we are the same / We still goof around playing our old game / Why can’t we just get over it / Cause maybe we’re the perfect fit”. Sonically, it’s a light electropop song that flows well from verse to chorus and back again.

Rui Bandeira – “Do lado da razão”

Rui Bandeira represented Portugal at Eurovision 1999. His new single is “Do lado da razão” (“On the side of reason”) and it retains a retro 1990’s sound. Opening with a series of light-synth chords, the track later builds towards the end with the addition of some electric guitars and trumpets. The Eurovision alum sings about moving on from his current relationship because he no longer has the love in his heart: “I will follow another direction / I got wings to fly, I won’t suffer anymore … I will not forget / That I did everything for you / Even when you said no”.

Elena Temnikova and PIZZA – “По краям”

Former Serebro member Elena Temnikova collaborates with Russian band PIZZA for her latest single “По краям” (“Around the edges”). It’s a mid-tempo R’n’B track that mixes in some elements of electronic production. Eurovision 2007 alum Temnikova provides vocals for the first verse and then sings the chorus in unison with PIZZA frontman Sergey Prikazchikov. The lyrics see the pair discussing how they’re relationship has drifted apart since they’re personalities are on different ends of the spectrum: “We are like autumn and spring / Me and you around the edges … You have a different melody / Good night, darling / And you are not mine, not mine, not mine”.

Jeroen van der Boom – “Tevreden”

Jeroen van der Boom is set to undergo a solo theatre tour across The Netherlands from the start of October. To coincide with the announcement of the tour, the De Toppers’ member released the new single “Tevreden” (“Satisfied”), which van der Boom will sing at the show along with his greatest hits. “Tevreden” is an uplifting piano-driven offering that encapsulates the Eurovision 2009 alum’s pop-rock routes without crossing the line into ‘dated’.

Dmitry Koldun – “Этой ночью”

Dmitry Koldun has worked his musical magic and recently released his latest single “Этой ночью” (“This night”). Belarus’ Eurovision 2007 representative delivers a solid pop song with a catchy and danceable beat running throughout its 3:19 minutes. Lyrically, although Koldun is spending the night with someone, he regrets that he’s not with the person he truly has feelings for: “I feel bad tonight with someone instead of you / Someone is beautiful instead of you, but you are not she … Don’t wait for me, tonight I won’t sleep / Tonight you won’t know who I am with, who I am with”.

Laura Voutilainen – “Kesäkuun 4.”

Despite being released on 4 September, Laura Voutilainen’s latest single it titled “Kesäkuun 4.” (“June 4”). Finland’s Eurovision 2002 star sings a story about letting go of the past and moving forward to a brighter future. The lyrics and music video tie in nicely, with Voutilainen invited to the wedding of her ex-partner on 4 June. Although the Finnish singer has some difficulty accepting things at first, she soon understands that she does want her former spouse to be happy: “And I feel how the heart, the heart falls a little / I don’t know if I’m ready for this yet / When you say I want to, so do I / Finally let go, though it still hurts”. Speaking about the upbeat pop song on Instagram, Voutilainen noted how she personally relates to the song:

“”Kesäkuun 4.” tells of a situation where it is already necessary to consciously let go of the past and bitterness in order to continue with a light heart towards the new. Thus, one can finally hope for genuine good for another. I personally find this song important because even though we all have difficulties and the world is messed up, we need to come up with ways to communicate constructively and lovingly, to respect ourselves and others. When we forgive ourselves, we can also forgive another.”

Eye Cue – “Ti si mi son”

Eye Cue recently competed in MakFest 2020, North Macedonia’s biggest music festival that has been running annually since 1986. The Eurovision 2018 duo – comprised of Bojan Trajkovski and Marija Ivanovska – competed with the new song “Ti si mi son” (“You are my son”). Sadly, they didn’t walk away with any trophies. “Ti si mi son” mixes jazz with a bit of light-rock. While Marija provides most of the vocals, it’s actually Bojan that starts off proceedings and sings the first verse and chorus.

If you want more from Eye Cue, the duo have also just released a music video for one of their other recent songs, “Gradot Ubav” (feat. Toni Zen). The track was recorded for the Skopje Light Art District 2020 exhibition.

Vanna – “Junaci”

Croatia’s 2001 singer Vanna is celebrating heroes in her latest song “Junaci”. But, these aren’t heroes of the super variety, rather the everyday people who go out of their way to help those around them: “Brave through fire and ice / Only heroes conquer the ground / And they always give themselves only for others / Remember that, remember that”. Sonically, it’s a soft-rock song with a blend of electric guitar and drum instrumentation. The music video features some of the heroes that Vanna refers too – doctors, search and rescue, carers of the elderly, and soup kitchen workers amongst others.

Omar Naber – “Cesta in Nebo”

Omar Naber declared he was ‘on his way’ at Eurovision 2017. And now, the Slovenian singer’s journey seems to involve heading out onto the highway for a road trip. Naber has released a music video for the reworked version of his song “Cesta in Nebo” (“The Road and the Sky”), which originally comes from his 2014 album Na glavo. It’s all about heading out into the world and creating some memories: “I have the road and the sky to reach into / Every step faithfully as the day wants / I count the steps alone at the station / I’m waiting to catch a wave of dreams”. A soft-rock song, the chorus builds on the verses with the addition of extra guitar strumming. In the music video, the two-time Eurovision contestant heads out on a road trip with his friends, where they come across a woman whose car has broken down.

Lizi Japaridze – “Toxic World”

Eurovision artists always continue to evolve after they’ve appeared at the contest. This is particularly the case for those who compete at Junior Eurovision. While some may only remember Lizi Japaridze (Lizi Pop) from her appearance at Junior Eurovision 2014, the Georgian singer is now 16 years old and ready to branch out into the music of a young adult. Japaridze’s new song, “Toxic World”, is an upbeat synth-dance track with a dark twist to it. Speaking about the meaning of the song, the Junior Eurovision alum says: “This work means a lot to me because the topic relates to so many people. Some of us tend to mix up love and addiction, which leads to serious consequences. Please listen to the message”.

Dotter – “I’m Sorry”

Melodifestivalen 2020 runner-up Dotter is showcasing her indie-pop stylings once again on new single “I’m Sorry”. It’s a cover of the song originally released by Swedish singer Dilba. Dotter reworks the track for her contemporary sound, bringing a mysterious synth-pop feel to it. Lyrically, Dotter apologises that she’s been living in a fantasy illusion rather than reality: “I’m sorry, this illusion / Has caused you a lot of pain / And I have no solution / I’ll try to never be back again”.

Aitana and Sebastián Yatra – “Corazón Sin Vida”

Eurovision fans have watched Aitana’s career blossom and explode in the three years since she competed in the Operación Triunfo 2017 Gala Eurovisión. Following a 2020 Latin Grammy nomination, the Spanish star has now released her new single “Corazón Sin Vida” (“Lifeless Heart”). A collaboration with popular Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra, it’s a mid-tempo Latin-pop offering. The pair sing about the break-up of their relationship, yet there’s still a sense that the duo long for each other: “Take your letters, I return them to you / With the words that you wrote in every kiss / Tell me why you heal me when I was hurt / If today you leave me a lifeless heart again / A heart that doesn’t forget you”.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Side note: Italy officially confirmed their participation in 2021, which only leaves four countries slated to compete this year left to confirm (Belarus, Poland, Portugal, and the UK). Weird times when Moldova, who don’t even usually make a formal announcement about their participation, confirmed months before the UK.

3 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Also, let’s weigh the comeback likelihoods: Luxembourg, Monaco, and Slovakia already said they’re not coming back Andorra isn’t coming back until 2022 (so they say) Montenegro is being considered at least somewhat likely Hungary is up in the air – their absences in the past have never been for too long (after coming back in 2005, they pulled out in 2006 and 2010, but only for a year at a time, so I guess it depends on how optimistic you’re feeling) Bosnia depends on money, but they did broadcast Shine a Light Turkey’s Minister of Culture says he wants them… Read more »

Lebanese esc fan
Lebanese esc fan
3 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Thank you for the info! It is really comforting to see that almost all countries competing in 2020 confirmed for next year, considering the amount of withdrawals in jesc. I also hope Hungary returns, but alas I feel that’s rather unlikely.

3 years ago

Came really close back in 2005 (the entry they were going to send is online, actually). They refused to commit to showing the Israeli entry so that was the end of that, and they were slapped with a fine for pulling out so close to the contest. I don’t know if they’re taking a page from the UAE and Bahrain and are moving closer to being chill with Israel, but until then, it does complicate things (as it has with Morocco).

Lebanese esc fan
Lebanese esc fan
3 years ago

Joe summed it up perfectly! The bottom line is, as long as Israel competes in Eurovision, Lebanon won’t do so. Plus, the country has been ravaged by economic recession further exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic and the August blast. Public interest is also really low, so I honestly don’t see Lebanon competing in Eurovision anytime soon:(

3 years ago

It’s a bummer, as that debut entry would’ve been pretty solid (they, Belgium, and Monaco could’ve started a mini revival of the classic Eurovision French ballads), but they would’ve been in a complicated situation since Israel was a big favorite that year and sound up getting their best finish until Netta.

3 years ago

I adore Last Night the most, Duncan always has amazing songs ???

3 years ago

Seemone (Destination Eurovision 2019) has released her debut album!!! I really recommend you check it out <3