Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2021 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 41

Luca Hänni – 110 Karat

Luca Hänni sparkled at Eurovision 2019, bringing Switzerland their best result at the contest in 26 years. Since then, the star has continued to polish-up his sound and now he’s dropped his new album 100 Karat. It’s the Swiss singer’s first German-language album, though there are also four English bonus tracks at the end (including his Eurovision entry “She Got Me”). The LP’s songs switch between catchy pop and dance tracks, such as recent singles “Nie mehr allein” and “Diamant”. There are also a couple of slower ballads thrown into the mix to add variety, but they’re slotted in well and don’t feel out of place. Overall, 110 Karat is a solid pop album that showcases Hänni’s growth as an artist since his last album five years ago.

MÉLOVIN – “Вітрила”

Last December, Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 representative MÉLOVIN released his latest single “Вітрила” – or “Sails” in English. This week, MÉLOVIN launched an accompanying music video. The video is described as a “theatrical performance” and features actors improvising a scenes on stage. On Twitter, the X Factor Ukraine winner said: “My new video‘s a theatrical performance about one love as it is! Just a simple set and actors who don’t act, they‘re free to just be in the video. They‘re different but with same desire to love & be loved! And love should be freed from outdated clichés people still have.” “Вітрила” is a haunting power ballad with dramatic piano chords and soaring string passages. The lyrics describe the fear of losing one’s soulmate: “You’ve raised my sails, the music of my life / Into the sky they lift me, your love is weightless wings / It’s two halves of one heart, that’s you and I / And there will be no me, without you I’m nothing”. (Oliver A)

Kate Miller-Heidke – “Little Roots, Little Shoots”

Kate Miller-Heidke is calling us to the dark forest in her new single: “I’m in the dark forest and I’m waiting for you … I’m the witch, I’m the werewolf, and I’m waiting for you”. Despite the darkly-toned lyrics, the Eurovision 2019 alum’s latest song still has a light and bouncy sound to it. “Little Roots, Little Shoots” is the fourth single from the Australian singer’s upcoming album Child In Reverse, set for release on 30 October. Indeed, this latest release certainly fits the Child In Reverse theme, with Miller-Heidke wondering where things went wrong for her to end up in this almost children’s fairytale-like forest: “I’m the vampire, the sprite, I’m waiting for you / The slasher, the child, I’m waiting for you / Where did it all go wrong?”.

KEiiNO and Sordal – “Transarctic Lover”

KEiiNO are serving a 80’s queer-pop inspired anthem for their new single “Transarctic Lover”. The Eurovision 2019 televote winners have collaborated with Norwegian band Sordal for the song, which mixes synth and guitar instrumentation with Fred Buljo’s Sámi joiking. The lyrics are about falling in love with someone who you wouldn’t naturally picture yourself with. However, if we are to take the lyrics literally, then this ‘someone’ appears to be an underwater sea creature: “Late last night / I found a lover / What a sight / Deep underwater / Non-human / I would discover … My transarcitc lover / Oh, you got me cold / Boy, you’re freezing me  / But your hotness is fever”.

Kasia Moś (feat. Magda Adamiak) – “Wait”

At Eurovision 2017, Kasia Moś shone a flashlight on animal rights. For her latest single, the Polish singer is aiming to battle the stereotypes that people go through life believing. Moś is joined on “Wait” by Magda Adamiak, who came third on the second season of X Factor Poland as part of group The Chance. Sonically, the song is a stripped back ballad in which Moś and Adamiak’s soft vocals are solely accompanied by an acoustic guitar. In the music video’s description, the Eurovision alum talks more about the song’s meaning:

“”Wait” is about feelings that are sometimes difficult to admit, and often we are unable to understand. It is a story about an internal struggle. A dispute between rationality and truth, passion with consequences, heart versus reason. Finally, about the right to make mistakes. From an early age, on all sides, we are “forced” into idyllic love, the only question is whether it even exists. Stories like this create stereotypes. The stereotypical approach to life is not untrue but incomplete. Each story has its own unique shape. Let us not allow anyone’s external views to depreciate our story. This should apply to all aspects of life. There is no one right pattern of behaviour. And there are certainly no random people and feelings.”

Kati Wolf – “Boldogság utca 100.”

Kati Wolf is taking the theme of happiness and applying it to real estate for her new single “Boldogság utca 100.” (“100 Happiness Street”). It’s a mid-tempo pop track with hit-and-miss production. Lyrically, Hungary’s Eurovision 2011 star details that the happiness in her relationship is no longer there. She wonders where things went wrong and if the pair could return to living on Happiness Street: “If you’re in the area / See if the house is still standing / Does anyone else live / 100 Happiness Street”.

Anna Bergendahl – Vera

She may be the only Swedish act to have not qualified for a Eurovision grand final, but over the last two years Anna Bergendahl has shown that she’s most certainly not to be counted out. Now, the Eurovision 2010 and Melodifestivalen 2019/2020 star has released her new EP, titled Vera. Containing five songs, including recent single “Thelma and Louise”, it’s a nice collection that switches between country-pop and anthemic tracks. There’s also a collaboration with Sweden’s Eurovision 2013 act Robin Stjernberg.

Red Moon – Phase I:XI

Norway’s Debrah Scarlett has been singing under the name Red Moon since the start of the year. The Eurovision 2015 star has now released her first EP under this name. Titled Phase I:XI, it’s a collection of six indie-pop songs. Fans of her recent singles “Medusa” and “Dreamer” should quickly fall in love with the rest of the EP and drift off into its atmospheric sound.

Nealo (feat. Molly Sterling, Adam Garrett and Jehnova) – “Let Your Dreams Collect Dust Until You’re Desperate”

Molly Sterling delivered a sweet piano ballad at Eurovision 2015, but the Irish singer is giving us something a bit different for her latest release. She features in “Let Your Dreams Collect Dust Until You’re Desperate”, the new song from Irish rapper and singer Nealo. The track mixes jazz and R’n’B, with Sterling providing some soulful vocals that stand out amongst the rap provided by Nealo and fellow featured artists Adam Garrett and Jehnova.

Natalia Podolskaya – “Останься со мной”

The latest song from Natalia Podolskaya’s new album Плачь to be given the music video treatment is “Останься со мной” (“Stay with me”). While many of the songs from LP are danceable pop tracks, “Останься со мной” slows things down and sees Russia’s Eurovision 2005 star delivering a ballad with a rock edge to it. The music video was filmed along the coast of Caesarea, Israel, back in February this year. Posting on Instagram, the Belarusian singer has an interesting extra-terrestrial way of explaining what the lyrics of the song mean to her:

“For me, it’s about great all-forgiving love and forgiveness. I sometimes argue on the topic – if aliens take over my (or his) brain and I (or he) do some stupid things, then I (and I hope he) will literally crawl on my knees, beg for forgiveness and ask to stay with me. Because love cannot be exchanged for anything! I am lucky in my life to have such a strong love and I pray that nothing and no one will ever destroy it.”

Kállay Saunders and Alex Torres – “ola é”

Hungary’s Kállay Saunders has kept the new music coming throughout 2020. He recently dropped the new single “ola é” (“hello and”) and it sees the Eurovision 2014 star team up once again with Peruvian guitarist Alex Torres. The two artists combine their styles to create a R’n’B track with an added Latin American flair to it – the track finishes with a 45 second guitar solo from Torres. Lyrically, Saunders sings about the people who thought he’d never achieve his dream of being a successful artist and how they should never have doubted him: “I was cooking in the basement / Working on a dream I was chasing / I was going hard and you stepped on me … I’m winning now, yeah / I’m living live, yeah”.

For more from Kállay Saunders, you can also check out his new single “Kylie”.

Ryan Dolan – “Colours”

Ryan Dolan proclaimed that “Only Love Survives” through the difficult times at Eurovision 2013. However, in his new song “Colours”, the Irish singer is now lamenting a loss of love: “Waste of nights, waste of time / All for nothing / The tears you cried so late at night / Didn’t even lead to something / Coz you and I, we couldn’t be further apart tonight”. Sonically, “Colours” is a pop ballad co-written by Dolan himself. Starting with the Irish star solely accompanied by intermittent piano chords, the song builds over time and adds in extra orchestral instrumentation in the final chorus.

Gergő Rácz and OliverFromEarth – “Neked én, nekem nem te”

Had Hungary intended to participate at Eurovision 2020, Gergő Rácz would have been their entrant after he won A Dal 2020 alongside Reni Orsovai. The Hungarian singer, who previously competed at Eurovision 1997 as part of boyband V.I.P., has now released another duet, this time with OliverFromEarth. “Neked én, nekem nem te”, is an acoustic-guitar-driven pop tune with a catchy chorus that’s easily hummable. The lyrics see Rácz breaking up with his partner, as he doesn’t feel that he needs them in his life anymore: “Because you need me / I don’t, you / If I picked it up / It’s just a coincidence”. This is seen in the music video, with the Hungarian singer ditching his girlfriend on the side of the road to instead spend time watching football with his friends.

ByeAlex és a Slepp (feat. Luca) – “Rózsák”

ByeAlex és a Slepp recently announced their new album Rehab will be out on 20 November. For now, fans can listen to the latest single from the LP, “Rózsák” (“Roses”). Lead vocalist, and Hungary’s Eurovision 2013 star, ByeAlex joins forces with Luca for this slow pop duet. The pair sing about how they’re waiting for the other one to return to them: “The roses open below, I can’t see you between them / I’m waiting for you so that we can unite / Wake up, if you’re here, I might fall asleep / I will not miss your hug again”. Filmed in black and white, we see the two artists dancing among falling CGI rose petals in the music video.

Martina Majerle – “Volin kad si tu”

Croatian singer Martina Majerle tapped into her Slovenian heritage when representing Slovenia at Eurovision 2009. Her latest single is “Volin kad si tu” (“I love when you’re here”), which she premiered at the recent Šibenik 2020 festival. While Majerle is accompanied solely by a piano for the verses, things are ramped up in the chorus with added drum, guitar and synth instrumentation that gives the ballad a bit more grit.

Gjoko Taneski – “Den po den”

Gjoko Taneski represented North Macedonia at Eurovision 2010. The singer has recently released the new single “Den po den”. It’s a Balkan ballad that mixes lush string instrumentation with some prominent drum beats. Backing singers also perform some traditional-style singing, which helps add to the atmosphere of the track.

Irama – “Crepe”

He had one of the songs of the summer in Italy with “Mediterranea”. Now, Irama has released the music video for his latest single “Crepe”. It’s the title song of the Sanremo 2019 contestant’s recent album. A contemporary Italian pop song, Irama sings about a person who has left him for another man: “And I can’t believe that you will be able to live without me / My fist creates cracks on the wall / And you don’t see that you won’t find me in him / Tell him that you were mine”. We see this breakdown of emotions in the music video, with Irama seeing his former partner on the bus before going to confront her and her new boyfriend.

Margaret – “Fotel”

Margaret’s new single may be called “Fotel” (“Armchair”), but the Polish star certainly isn’t resting on her laurels. With a 2020 MTV EMA nomination under her belt, the Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 and two-time Melodifestivalen contestant’s career continues to grow. “Fotel” is a mixture of hip-hop and pop, with Margaret rap-singing most of the verses. In the track, the star says she’ll always strive for new things rather than settling for old items: “I choose a new model / I will not fight for the old armchair”.

Femke Meines and Gijs – “Terug Naar Toen”

Femke Meines has continued to release new music since competing at Junior Eurovision 2012 for the Netherlands. Now 20 years old, her latest single has more of a young adult R’n’B sound to it. Teaming up with fellow Dutch singer Gijs, “Terug Naar Toen” (“Back to Then”) is a relatively short track at 2:09 minutes long. But, anything longer would likely feel dragged out owing to the linear progression of the song.

Hanna Ferm and John De Sohn – “I Met Somebody”

Melodifestivalen 2019 and 2020 star Hanna Ferm has teamed up with Swedish DJ John De Sohn for the new single “I Met Somebody”. It’s a catchy pop track that adds in some vocoder backing vocals to accompany Ferm in the chorus. Lyrically, the Swedish national final star sings about how she and her former lover have both been able to move on to new relationships: “I met somebody and you met somebody / And we met somebody like we never happened at all / Happened at all / But, hey, that’s how you learn to love”.

Jon Henrik Fjällgren – “Mountain Dance”

Swedish-Sámi singer and jojkare Jon Henrik Fjällgren is taking his song to the mountains. The three-time Melodifestivalen finalist’s new single is “Mountain Dance”. It’s a dramatic song, with Fjällgren’s joiking accompanied by orchestral instrumentation as well as a backing choir in the chorus. This drama is also found in the story of the song, with the star noting that it centres around “when my nightmares come to life”.

Leander Kills – “Feladtam egy levelet”

Three-time A Dal contestants Leander Kills are certainly giving peaks and troughs in their new single “Feladtam egy levelet” (“I sent a letter”). The verses are stripped back, with lead singer Leander Köteles predominantly accompanied by a piano. However, things are rapidly ramped up in the chorus, with the Hungarian metal band’s natural sound bottling up to the surface.

Kristel Lisberg – “I Only Want You”

Faroese singer Kristel Lisberg competed at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2016. Now, the star has released her new single “I Only Want You”. It’s a ballad in which Lisberg declares that she’s found the person she wants to spend her life with: “If you stand here beside me / To you I choose to give my all”. Speaking about the single in a press statement, Lisberg notes that it took a while to get the song just the way she wanted it:

“It’s a song I wrote a few years back. A romantic pop ballad a bit in the style of the big ballads you hear in Eurovision. I have made three different demos of the song but have never managed to get it completely as I had imagined before collaborating with my new production team. When I wrote the song, I imagined it would be a ‘wedding song’. It’s about finding the right person to share life with.”

Seemone – Seemone

Destination Eurovision 2019 runner-up Seemone has recently released her debut self-titled album. There are 12 tracks on the LP, including a new version of her national final entry “Tous les deux” as well as recent singles “Dans Mes Rêves” and “Coeur De Pierre”. The rest of the album follows suit and is full of French-language chansons that allow fans to get lost in Seemone’s smooth vocals.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Lindita has released a new song called All The Way!!

3 years ago

Thank you for lovely reviews!!!! My favorite from them is Vitryla from MÉLOVIN. Beautiful song and fantastic black and white video about Love.

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3 years ago

I love the new video of Melovin and the new song of Mikolas. Also Mélovin said he will have a new song very soon called Dance with the Devil, it’s a very good title I can’t wait to hear it.?

3 years ago

Red Moon’s EP is so uplifting yet dark and soulful. IMMACULATE, WORTH THE LISTEN?

3 years ago

You forgot about Joci’s new song it seems 😀 :

3 years ago

First Blanche, now Seemone. Not enough to redeem 2020 for its sins, but these are two albuns that I’ve been waiting for since I’ve listened to their perfect voices for the very first time.