At the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 he showed off his voice and his spirit of emancipation in the moving number “Roi”. And now France’s King of YouTube Bilal Hassani has joined forces with fellow YouTubers Paola Locatelli, Sundy Jules et Sulivan Gwed to slay the choreography of “Flash” for the French edition of the wildly popular video game Just Dance 2021.

“I have the honour to announce that I am on JUST DANCE 2021,” Bilal wrote on Instagram. “Check out ‘Flash’ — I had a blast on this project and I can’t wait to show you.”

But you’ll have to wait. The game drops on November 12. Bilal’s new song “Flash” will be released with his album on November 6.

Bilal Hassani on Just Dance 2021

As you can see in the graphic from Just Dance France above, Bilal will be showing out in platforms and his signature blonde wig. We’re loving that in the sample graphic above Bilal appears beneath the words “Jazzy” and “Super”. We have to agree!

Filming of the choreography was a very high-tech affair, as you can see in the second picture in Bilal’s gallery below. He’s pictured along side YouTuber Sundy in a Matrix-esque outfit which is used so designers can seamlessly drop Bilal into the video game.


Bilal will be in good company. Russia’s Eurovision 2020 act Little Big will see their song “Uno” on all editions of Just Dance globally.

Of the three other Eurovision songs that have been featured in the rhythm game, all three won the song contest: Netta’s 2018 smash hit “Toy”, Lena’s 2010 winner “Satellite”, and ABBA’s 1974 entry “Waterloo”.

Eurovision 2011 artist Stella Mwangi — the queen of Norwegian rap and hip-hop — made the 2019 version of game with her song “Not Your Ordinary”, which was not a Eurovision entry.

Just Dance is one of the biggest video games out there. First published in 2009, it’s named after Lady Gaga’s well-known hit single. Each year a new version of the game comes out with new dance choreography for users to pop and lock with. It includes some of the most recent hits, along with all-time classics.

Are you excited to see Bilal work his magic? Will you be moving along? Let us know down below!

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3 years ago

Bilal is pretty cool! Gj Bilal!

Red X
Red X
3 years ago

I hope for more ESC in Just Dance 2021