At Eurovision 2019 she overcame severe back pain to turn the stage into a runway all her own, replete with eye-catching choreography and a very memorable costume change.

And once again Tamta — the Georgian-born diva who is one of Greece’s biggest stars — has proved a master of ingenuity, delivering a gorgeous music video for her song “Hold On” filmed entirely with a drone and a mobile phone.

Yes, Tamta — that’s Ms. Goduadze if you’re being formal — is a woman in control not just of her music career, but also her latest music video shoot. She proudly announced on Instagram that she filmed the video on the Greek island of Milos earlier this year with only a drone, a mobile phone, her man, and their friend Terry. Haaay Terry!

Milos, also known as Melos, is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. It’s famed for more than 40 exotic beaches and a colourful landscape: white sand, blue sky, turquoise water.

Before you start planning your post-pandemic holiday, you’ll want to pause and admire Tamta’s music video. “Hold On” has a real sensual quality. We see our queen calling out for her beloved, whose kisses and caresses give Tamta life. Without it she’s somewhat broken, as seen in her interpretive moves in which she looks bent out of shape. She knows how to strike a pose — and these are most definitely mournful.

“I just can’t go on without you…” becomes a haunting refrain as Tamta calls on her Mister to return and to stay. Regardless, she’s feeling him everywhere: “Need your love in the sunlight, hold on, need your love in the midnight…”

Nodding to Greek mythology, the island takes its name from its first resident — Milos, the son of a Cypriot royal family. He was sent by the goddess Venus to populate the island with his rather fine DNA.

Were he to have dropped in on 2020, he would encounter a woman not unlike a goddess herself, particularly when it comes to refinement and styling. The video shows Tamta wearing a golden necklace — surely Venus would want to snatch it off of her — and a pair of long earrings with oversized golden orbs.

But, in what’s become something of her signature, Tamta’s greatest accessory may be a five-foot golden hair extension which she uses to convey frustration, dismay and ultimately sadness. No matter how hard she whips it or how fast she swings it, it can’t conjure her man.

The video features several other notable visuals, including a shot of Tamta sleeping alongside flowers on a floating bed. The most dramatic scene may come at the end as the moon seems to be swallowed up by the night sky. Our heroine seems spent, and we see her kneeling to greet her uncertain fate.

Are you impressed with Tamta’s use of her smartphone? Do you love her in this genre? Let us know what you’re thinking down below!

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3 years ago

Yeah why didn’t they give Tamta something that felt authentic to hear instead of making her Eurovision entry Fuego 2.0 beta version

3 years ago

I love how technology is for everyone nowadays. Power to the people, not corporations, producers….