Go_A Ukraine Solovey Eurovision 2020

They’re the Ukraine folktronica group who are set to represent their country at Eurovision 2021. Now it seems that Go_A is one step closer to creating their song for Rotterdam. Group member Kateryna Pavlenko recently confirmed that she has selected the theme of the song — and revealed its unusual source of inspiration.

Speaking to the Ukraine broadcaster UA:PBC, Go_A member Kateryna Pavlenko talked about the creative process behind the group’s Eurovision 2021 song.

She revealed that the inspiration from the song came while in Covid-19 lockdown, explaining, “I am inspired by new impressions, how far that was possible during quarantine, and I generate them into artistry.”

Kateryna also confirmed that she had settled on the message of the group’s Eurovision 2021 song. She outlined her next step, saying, “I will further study the materials, that they will help in order for it to be better conveyed in [the songs].”

While Kateryna isn’t saying what the lyrical topic is, her research work suggests this won’t be a simple love song. “Solovey” was heavily inspired by traditional folk poetry so it’s possible that Kateryna maybe delving into more Ukraine poetry or folklore for her group’s new song.

But fans expecting a song like their Vidbir 2020 winning track may be disappointed. Kateryna was clear, saying “We are not going to make another “Solovey”.” But she confirmed that “the new song will be in the style of Go_A .”

Go_A’s journey to Eurovision 2021

Go_A were originally headed to Eurovision 2020 after winning national final Vidbir 2020. But after, the Ukraine broadcaster gave the group the return ticket to Rotterdam.

UA:PBC hasn’t said exactly how Go_A’s song will be selected, but it is unlikely that any sort of national final will be held. Based on Kateryna Pavlenko’s recently comments, it seems that Go_A are focusing their efforts on writing only one song.

In July, the group attended a songwriting camp, aimed at coming up with ideas for their Eurovision 2021 entry.

At the time, band member Taras Shevchenko stressed that Go_A didn’t ended up with complete tracks ready to be released, but rather “we wrote the main melody, the lyrics, the structure, we worked very productively and met wonderful and cool people.”

There’s no word on when Go_A’s song for Rotterdam will be released, but it is not likely to be until some time in the new year.

What kind of song do you think Go_A is writing for Eurovision 2021? What would you like to hear them take to Rotterdam? Tell us your thoughts below!

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2 years ago

just make it in Ukrainian and the other things I’m sure you will do great

Last edited 2 years ago by Sven
2 years ago

Please, don’t sing about quarantine… ‘:-)

2 years ago
Reply to  Joey

They’ll probably make it subtle since feelings of entrapment and isolation do not necessarily have to equate to a certain and particular situation.

“I feel so trapped and alone
But somehow, I must go on.
When your breath touch my face
My heart beats like I’m in a race.
Every corner closes in,
Ever quarter comes to being,
As I unmask the truest self,
A hint of lavender is what I could smell.


Last edited 2 years ago by James
Frisian esc
Frisian esc
2 years ago
Reply to  Joey

I mean it’ll be in ukrainian anyways so the only thing foreigners will understand is the kind of emotion they convey.