With European countries re-entering lockdown and Eurovision fans stuck at home, hype is most definitely building for another song contest. And thankfully Junior Eurovision 2020 is on the horizon and ready to cheer all y’all up with its youthful energy and songs about pushing through. You betta persevere!

In October we started uploading our reaction videos to the JESC 2020 entries and as ever our viewers have a lot to say. So we thought we’d bring the conversation over here to the web site for some extra thoughts as we all get ready for this week’s musical extravaganza.

Reacting to Spain, Serbia and Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision 2020

Spain JESC 2020: Soleá with “Palante”

“A lot of people say this JESC is weak, but honestly, there’s a ton of songs in between the selection already that I really like,” ESC Stroopwafel writes on our YouTube channel. From this group he counts Spain and Kazakhstan among his picks.

Baje sees major star power in Soleá: “A little Rosalia is Spain!…love this it’s so good.”

Benjamín Vesanovich sent his love from Central America: “¡Arriba España! Flamenco is in the house. Big hug from the Republic of Panama.”

Katie Squires is so excited she’s writing in all caps: SOLEÁ IS SUCH A LITTLE QUEEN!!

Writing in the comments section of our lyrics post, Sabrina had nothing but praise. She writes:

“It’s curious how Spain is getting things right in JESC, while struggling in ESC. Last year, they got the staging right. This year, they’ll bring the ‘urban latin pop’ vibe that many fans want to see in the adult competition. This is a song that wouldn’t look out of place in Eurovision if performed by a grown-up. This could be unsettling if they tried to make someone so young like Soleá look and behave like a mini-diva, but based on the video, they’re being careful to avoid it. She’s just an adorable kid having fun and that’s great. I trust they’ll keep that in mind for the final performance.”

Serbia JESC 2020: Petar Anicic with “Heartbeat”

There hasn’t been a ton of commentary about this song on our YouTube channel or in the comments section of our lyrics post. However, a lot of people sent the singer heart emojis.

So, let us throw this in. “Heartbeat” asks a question which most of us have pondered at some point in our lives: Is our loved one feeling what we feel too? “Does it, does it, does it, when we meet, does the wind flow stop?” The lyrics remind us how difficult it can be to detect if the feeling of love is shared, even if everything points to it. Innocent as it gets, it tells a story of a boy wondering how to approach his crush.

Kazakhstan JESC 2020: Karakat Bashanova with “Forever”

Kazakhstan, on the other hand, has unleashed a torrent of commentary both on our YouTube channel and on the web site.

Jochem van Hees thinks that Karakat’s performance is proof Kazakhstan deserves a chance at ESC. He writes: “Show Karakat’s performance to the ESC reference group and they will instantly put Kazakhstan in adult Eurovision. It’s just so obvious at this point that they need to participate.”

Abdullah Eren Demirel said: “Karakat gives me goosebumps and emotions that I did not feel even in regular ESC. Everything about her and the song is amazing. She should win JESC this year, at least she deserves a jury victory and at least top 3 in televote.”

Héctor Abarca: “I love Kazakhstan, it’s just amazing, the video is the best of all. Unfortunately the entry is so underrated. For me is just the winner.”

Eurovision Alex: “Kazakhstan is my 2nd so far, I absolutely love it and that music video is probably one of the best ones ones I have ever seen, both in and out of Eurovision events.”

Zephirox: “Kazakhstan’s song is just so emotional and so powerful! This is my favorite with Belarus.”

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3 years ago

Will there be a wiwi jury this year? 🙂

3 years ago

I think Kazakhstan is the strongest of the three but the NF performance was not strong vocally. If they can sort that out, it’s a contender.
Serbia’s song is not competitive and will do well not to come last.

Spain’s is tricky. For me, it’s a good song but it seems more suited to an adult presentation and with an adult vocal. I have no idea how it’s going to do at the contest.

3 years ago

I don’t think Serbia has a competitive song. Kazakhstan might do well with juries.

Spain should do well in the online voting , even do surprisingly well in the jury vote.