We’re now eight weeks into this year’s season of Lithuanian dancing show Šok su žvaigžde (Dancing with the stars) and the competition is hotting up. Eurovision and national final stars Monika Linkytė and KaYra have both been strutting their stuff on the dancefloor once again.

Both singers took on the samba this week, but the results could not have been more different. While KaYra topped the scoreboard, Monika Linkytė found herself at the bottom and was ultimately eliminated from the competition.

Following Monika Marija and Vaidas Baumila’s previous eliminations, that now leaves KaYra as the only Eurovision or national final star left in the competition.

KaYra and Monika Linkytė tackle the samba

Samba is a dance with Afro-Brazilian origins and is known as a party dance. While not quite sticking with Brazil, KaYra stayed relatively close for her performance, dancing to “La Tortura” by Colombian artist Shakira.

The Padandom is naujo 2020 contestant added in a bit of comedy to the start of the routine – while we initially see KaYra crying, it’s then revealed that she’s cutting onions. However, she and partner Justas Girdvainis quickly got to it and delivered a solid routine. The judges responded positively and awarded KaYra 27 points, which put her at the top of this week’s leaderboard.

This continues a strong run from the “Alligator” singer in Šok su žvaigžde. KaYra has consistently finished first on the judges’ scoreboard for the past four weeks. Not just that, but the singer earned a perfect score of 30 last week for her Viennese waltz – the only contestant to so far achieve this in the 2020 season. Making her mark as the one to beat in the competition, KaYra will be hoping to continue this good form until the end.

Monika Linkytė eliminated from Šok su žvaigžde

Monika Linkytė took inspiration for her samba from slightly further afield. The Eurovision 2015 star looked to China and performed the routine to “Kung Fu Fighting” by Jamaican vocalist Carl Douglas.

Starting off with some martial-arts-style movements, Linkytė then did her best to add a bit of Brazilian spice to proceedings with the main samba routine. Sadly, the judges weren’t as taken by Moninka’s effort compared to KaYra. The “This Time” singer received 19 points, which unfortunately put her at the bottom of the scoreboard. In the end, the public decided not to save her and Monika became the latest contestant to be eliminated from the show.

This ends what has been a bit of a rollercoaster journey for Linkytė. Šok su žvaigžde sees celebrities tackle both ballroom and Latin dancing. For Monika, the ballroom style came a lot easier and resulted in her best performances – she finished third on the leaderboard for her waltz last week. However, the Latin dances were not her forte and ultimately lead to the Eurovision alum’s elimination.

Eurovision stars on Šok su žvaigžde 2020: Week 7 and 8

Below you’ll find a roundup of the dances that Monika Linkytė and KaYra both performed during episodes seven and eight of Šok su žvaigžde 2020. You can review our previous articles for the results of weeks one to four and weeks five to six.

Scores from the judges for each dance are also included. There are three judges each week – Virginijus Visockas and Eglė Visockaitė were present for both shows, while Justas Kučinskas and Lina Chatkevičiūtė featured in week seven and eight respectively.

Monika Linkytė

Professional partner: Rolandas Beržinis

Performances: Week 7, Week 8

Week Dance Virginijus Eglė Justas/Lina Total Score Position on Leader Board
7 Waltz 7 8 7 22 3rd
8 Samba 7 6 6 19 7th (last)



Professional partner: Justas Girdvainis

Performances: Week 7, Week 8

Week Dance Virginijus Eglė Justas/Lina Total Score Position on Leader Board
7 Viennese Waltz 10 10 10 30 1st
8 Samba 10 8 9 27 1st


What do you make of the performances by these Eurovision and national final stars? Do you think KaYra could go on to win Šok su žvaigžde 2020? Sound off in the comments below!

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3 years ago

Apparently, people have absolutely no idea about what’s samba in Lithuania…

But I love KaYra, she always put a smile in my face.

3 years ago

i love kayra, if she doesn’t win then this is obviously rigged

3 years ago

KaYra may be the best person ever to live.