Earlier this month producers in Albania confirmed that Festivali i Këngës will take place outside to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. And now broadcaster RTSH has teased its stage design inside the stunning Sheshi Italia (Italy Square).

As you can see below, producers plan to construct an outdoor stage in the middle of the giant square — surrounded by its iconic columns. It’s a sufficiently dramatic space that will add visual intrigue to the show. And while we do not yet know whether an audience will be allowed, there is certainly plenty of room for social distancing.

Festivali i Këngës 59: Dates and location

The festival that traditionally marks the start of the Eurovision national finals season has some provisional dates. It will take place between December 17 and December 26, depending on conditions dictated by both the coronavirus pandemic and, in a huge twist, the weather. That’s because producers are going for an open-air location to help reduce the risk posed by coronavirus.

RTSH, the Albanian national broadcaster, communicated the new info in a first meeting with artists, composers and journalists earlier this month. The director of the Festival, Martin Leka, revealed that, because of the pandemic, the festival will move to an outdoor location near Tirana’s Italia Square. That’s down to prevailing health advice — from the likes of the World Health Organisation — which says outdoor locations reduce the risk of transmission. Performers can have no more than seven people on stage (including the artist).

We do not yet know how the pandemic will unfold, but the weather is a bit more predictable. Tirana is a sunny capital with an average temperature between 3.2ºC and 13ºC  in December.

Last month, RTSH published the 26 competing artists, including familiar names like Orgesa Zaimi, Era Rusi, Mirud, and Inis Neziri. This year, Festivali i Këngës will be a mix of returning artists such as Anxhela Peristeri, Manjolla Nallbani, Rosela Gjylbegu, Erik Lloshi and newcomers like Sardi Strugaj, Giglioala Haveriku, and Stefan Marena. There will not be an orchestra.

Are you excited for an outdoor festival? Do you think that will impact acoustics and staging and costume? Let us know in the comments box below!

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3 years ago

oh wow the lack of any orchestra whatsoever is a massive disappointment for me 🙁 that’s always my favorite part of FiK. mirud’s and the other upbeat entries will probably benefit from this

3 years ago

So there won’t be an orchestra this year? I don’t know how you know of this, but it makes sense in order to reduce the number of people on stage. I wonder if this is why the Albanian entries seem to be closer to the three-minute limit than usual years so that if any of the won, there’s minimal revamping to too