The countdown continues, as we head towards the expected artists reveal later this week. But before then, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has reported more acts who will be participating at Melodifestivalen 2021. Joining the list is dansband singer Elisa Lindström, “Move” songwriter Patrik Jean and a mysterious unnamed female singer.

Elisa Lindström for Melodifestivalen 2021

Elisa an established country-pop singer who also has experience with dansbands. She previously competed at Melodifestivalen 2014 with the schlager song “Casanova” and placed fifth in her semi-final.

Reality television also features in Elisa’s history. In 2010 she and her group Elisa’s won the dansband competition Dansbandskampen and in 2013, she led a choir to victory in the show Körslaget. She also won the 2016 edition of the celebrity dancing contest, Let’s Dance.

Elisa has released three albums, including one in English and one Christmas album. Earlier this year she released the heartfelt folk single “Irmas visa” and the more upbeat song “Ditt hjärt i min hand”.

Patrik Jean for Melodifestivalen 2021

Singer-songwriter Patrik Jean has been involved with Melodifestivalen before — as a songwriter. He was one of the songwriters behind The Mama’s winning song “Move” earlier this year. Patrik will now be making his Mello debut as a performer.

He’s also penned two songs for Swedish Idol alums Chris Kläfford (“Treading Water”) and Tusse Chiza (“Rain”). His solo releases include the Spotify hits “Lean on Me” and “Prosecco”, while this month he released his debut EP Consequence.

“A young female Melodifestivalen debutant”

There’s less known about the third rumoured act. Aftonbladet’s well-placed source says a young female singer will debut at Melfest, singing a song by the veteran Melodifestivalen songwriter Bobby Ljunggren. Aftonbladet’s source won’t say who the singer is, but they have confirmed she hasn’t come from Idol or Got Talent.

The songwriter has won Melodifestivalen five times before. His songbook includes Carola’s “Invincible”, Charlotte Perrelli’s “Hero” and Anna Bergendahl’s ill-fated “This Is My Life”.

More recently, his co-writes have included Anna Bergendahl’s Melfest comeback songs, “Ashes to Ashes” and “Kingdom Come” and Saara Aalto’s 2018 national final song “Domino”. This could give a clue to the sort of singer who will perform his song for 2021.

Melodifestivalen 2021: Expected acts

With the latest batch of names, we now know 27 of the 28 acts for Melodifestivalen 2021. As we’ve seen in previous years, the line-up changes can happen at the last minute, so we may not get all 28 names before the official announcement.

According to Aftonbladet, we’ll see P4 Nästa wildcard entry Julia AlfridaTusse Chiza, Sannex, Sami Rekik & WahlThe Mamas, DotterJessica Andersson, Klara Hammarström, Alvaro EstrellaPaul Rey, Arvingarna, Lovad, Eric Saade, Danny Saucedo, Anton EwaldTess Merkel, Kadiatou Holm Keita, Efraim Leo, Charlotte Perrelli, Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos, Lillasyster, Emil Assergård, Nathalie Brydolf, Frida Green, Elisa Lindström, Patrik Jean and an unnamed female singer.

The Melfest rules forbid artists from revealing whether or not they’re participating. Therefore, Aftonbladet’s reports are not official. However, the newspaper has proven to be highly accurate, with 45 of the last two years’ 56 participants correctly accounted for.

While SVT has not yet confirmed details of the artist announcement, it is expected that it will begin this coming Tuesday 1 December and may also include Wednesday and Thursday. It is most likely that due to Covid precautions, SVT will not hold the usual in-person press event to announce the acts.

What do you think? Which other artists would you like to see competing in Melfest 2021? Who should Sweden send to Rotterdam? Tell us your thoughts below!

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3 years ago

Elisa sings “Ditt hjärta i min hand”
Hjärta means heart. Hjärt has no meaning whatsoever.

3 years ago

Someone not from Idol or Talent? Interesting, is it someone from YouTube maybe?

3 years ago

Can’t wait for the official announcement from SVT re all contestants who will be participating!