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As we officially enter December, that means we’re only one month away from the end of what has been a tough year for many. It goes without saying that Eurovision 2020 did not turn out as expected. And while the 65th Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the EBU did offer an alternative broadcast on the would-be Eurovision night in Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light.

The 41 Eurovision artists dedicated months of hard work to perfect their entries. So, before we all dive head-first into the Eurovision 2021 selection season, we thought we’d honour the efforts of the Class of 2020 one last time as we’ve done with artists from earlier editions. As we all know, you don’t have to win Eurovision — or in this case even attend Eurovision — to make a lasting impression. So without further ado, we are proud to present our seventh edition of our own VMAs: The Vision Music Awards 2020.

In a normal year we would shortlist five contestants for each category. But given the peculiar nature of this year, we’re putting up every contestant for every category. We’ve also changed our list of categories, dropping “Most Wronged”, “Least Bothered by the Results”, “Best Live Vocals”, “Worst Live Vocals” and “Most Likely to Perform on a Cruise Ship”. We have added new categories like “Best Home Concert” to reflect the year of Zoom.

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for a final hooray, you slay before we fully disappear into that bedazzled tunnel that leads to Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

VMAs 2020: The nominees

You can vote for as many contestants in each poll as you would like, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to click the name next to each contestant you want to support. We will be hiding the results until it is time to announce the winner to prevent potential manipulation of the results. It’s up to you, Europe. Start voting now!

Most Likely to Succeed Commercially

Everyone knows that ABBA and Celine Dion used their Eurovision victories as a springboard to global success. But even acts who didn’t win have managed to make a commercial impact. Britain’s Gina G only finished eighth at Eurovision in 1996. But her song “Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit” went on to conquer the charts worldwide. This award honours the contestant who is most likely to make it big — or at least cash some checks — when Eurovision 2020 is long forgotten.

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Previous winners:

2013: Norway’s Margaret Berger
2014: The Netherlands’ Common Linnets
2015: Belgium’s Loïc Nottet
2016: Australia’s Dami Im
2017: Belgium’s Blanche
2019: Italy’s Mahmood

Best Staging Concept

Every Eurovision fan knows the significance of staging when it comes to racking up points on the scoreboard. However, for the 2020 artists, their dreams of planning their Fuego-esque iconic staging moment ended with the cancellation of the contest. All us Eurovision fans were only left with staging blueprints, and winks towards staging ambitions from music videos and national selection performances. Team Wiwi will be awarding our brand new Best Staging Concept award to the artist whose staging ideas kept you fantasising about what could have been…

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Best Home Concert

2020 has been the Year of the Home Concert, and our Eurovision artists all jumped at the chance to set up a home studio and treat us all to a Zoom Party Jam. From Europe Shine a Light, to several of Eurovision’s Home Concerts which made many of us smile throughout lockdown, and who could forget our brand spanking-new, corona-proof Wiwi Jam at Home? This VMA is celebrating the Eurovision 2020 artists who went the extra mile when performing at home, and entertained their fans across the continent with unforgettable fabulosity.

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Best Quarantine Couture

Our Eurovision 2020 cohort didn’t have the chance to flaunt their haute couture at the opening ceremony on the red (or sometimes orange) carpet, and we didn’t have the chance either to see anyone’s immaculate grand final costumes. But that didn’t stop our artists from turning their Zoom concerts into a runway. The Wiwi Jam at Home and Europe Shine a Light saw our artists rocking a fabulous spectrum of garments, from onesies to glitter dresses, and we want to award our Best Quarantine Couture VMA to your favourite!

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Most Uplifting Message

When Europe Shine a Light showcased all 41 of the would-have-been Eurovision 2020 entries, they made special effort to give each artist time to share a message for their country as well as their fans across the continent. Our Class of ’20 treated us to jingles we can wash our hands to, reminded us to look after our mental health, and encouraged us to discover new hobbies and skills in lockdown. But whose lockdown message lifted your spirits more than any other?

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Best Interior Design

One of Team Wiwi’s favourite things about lockdown is the chance to snoop around Eurovision artists’ homes. Whilst some kept it modest and performed in front of a white screen, others showed off their decadent interior design, and we were inspired y’all! This award celebrates Eurovision artists who’ve looked after all their plants during lockdown, polished their mirrors and kept the cushions on their armchairs plumped. And who could forget the cutest of pets making an appearance in the background?

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Miss/Mr Congeniality (Wiwi Jury to decide)

Since 2013, Team Wiwi has awarded Miss/Mr Congeniality to the contestant whose press conferences and off-stage appearances did the most to honour the Eurovision tradition of peace and camraderie. This year, our Miss/Mr Congeniality needs to adapt to unprecedented times. The Wiwi Jury will be awarding Miss/Mr Congeniality 2020 to the artist whose love shined the brightest light and brought the continent together from the comfort of their living room. We will be honouring the artist who did their upmost to keep the Eurovision community smiling.

Previous winners:

2013: Israel’s Moran Mazor
2014: Portugal’s Suzy Guerra
2015: Armenia’s Tamar Kaprelian
2016: Russia’s Sergey Lazarev
2017: Austria’s Nathan Trent
2019: Cyprus’ Tamta

The Dana International Award for LGBT Equality (Wiwi Jury to decide)

This award honours Dana International, the Israeli transgender singer who won Eurovision in 1998. Conservatives at home asked Israel to withdraw from the contest, but she stood her ground and sang for all oppressed people en route to victory. The Wiwi Jury awards this prize to the contestant who did the most for the many LGBT fans who follow Eurovision. Activism is risky business, but the winner knows that doing what’s right is more important than bowing to the haters.

Previous winners:

2013: Finland’s Krista Siegfrids
2014: Austria’s Conchita Wurst
2015: Serbia’s Bojana Stamenov
2016: Israel’s Hovi Star
2017: Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic
2019: France’s Bilal Hassani

What was your highlight of the Eurovision 2020 season? Who did you vote for in each category of the VMAs 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 year ago

Does Ana’s lake qualify for Best Interior Design? ?

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark
1 year ago

What happened in Portugal that you dropped those categories in 2018?

1 year ago

Most likely to succeed commercially: *i have stated very clearly why Athena – who I have compared to Little Mix, Normani and Ariana – Dadi – with his distinct tones – and Destiny -ace voice and great maturity and professionalism – would. Benny Cristo is also very well placed in the wake of successes like Burna Boy, and Stefania and Lesley have great potential. Best home concert: *Dadi’s version of Jedward by a mile. It was super fun. For many of the acts, I heard them do their home concert cover before I heard their entry, to understand their vocal… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Leo
1 year ago
Reply to  Leo

Also Ms Congeniality for Athena and LGBT equality award for Samira (who deserves it most for standing up openly for LGBT in a place where it’s taboo) or Lesley.

1 year ago

We all know “Most Wronged” would have been Luka from Hooverphonic.
I vote her as honorary winner

1 year ago
Reply to  dygh

For me, VAL should win. One of the weakest acts, but the fact that they are not allowed to represent their nation again because they support European values is disgusting. On a more trivial note, I also feel that Athena and Destiny were both underestimated seriously, particularly Athena (at least preview shows recognised Destiny would do well, but some didn’t even put my fave song, stage performance in a selection, and video, in their final whereas Georgia qualified and my native UK and France did well in these), and were clearly going to be Dadi’s most realistic rivals. I have… Read more »