The world may be in lockdown, but from December 19 KEiiNO are ready to unleash the holiday spirit — and from a safe social distance. Starting on Saturday they’ll make all y’all go ho-ho-le-loi-la with their special “Christmas Spirit in the Sky” online concert. It will stream on the platform until January 15. That means you can can enjoy it on-demand and wherever you want. Tickets for this winter warmer spectacular cost 150 kr (14 Euro). Follow this link to book your place now!

Think Mariah Carey is the only voice you need to end 2020? Oh hellll naw! KEiiNO have pulled out all the stops to create an HD concert that will leave your tree sparkling just a bit brighter as you holi-slay into the new year.

“I think everyone knows how much we like to play concerts, and that we love to travel the world in order to meet and perform for our fans,” the band say in a statement. “This year has been difficult for many people out there, and we wanted to do something special to lift the Spirit. We know that an online concert is not the same as being in the room with the band, but the venue we rented have a very special atmosphere I think viewers will appreciate. And, the concert will be streamed in a high quality audio and video-production, so I think it’ll feel like a good substitute.”

Expect to hear their brand new winter single “A Winter’s Night” and seasonal versions of their most-played singles and covers like “All I Want for Christmas”, “Winter Wonderland” and “Happy Xmas” together with a live band. Fred, Tom and Alexandra will sing an all-live version of “Spirit in the Sky”, as well as their version of another big ESC-hit from one of their Nordic neighbours. Will they leave us in “Euphoria”? Or is it gonna be a case of “Hard Rock Hallelujah?” Betta buy your ticket….

Christmas is a time of celebration and renewal. And the band will carry that spirit with them as we all say goodbye to this annus horribilis.

“As we’ve gotten more time on our hands to write and record new songs this year, we’ve got a lot of new songs we’re excited to release. The KEiiNO-saga is far from over, and as we’ve grown tighter as a band, I think the listeners will hear that in our upcoming songs as well. And hopefully, this bloody pandemic will be over soon so we can travel and play live again.”

Have you booked your place yet? Which songs do you hope to hear? And by the way, if you’d like to win a FREE pass to their online concert, head over to our Instagram for your chance!


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10 months ago

You might need to change your dates above – unless you’ve got a press preview the day before, my ticket says 20th December, 8pm CET.

10 months ago

William, I should be the one thanking you! I know the tickets allow viewing of the stream until 15th January but I would have been annoyed if I had missed the ‘official reveal’! Saturday 19th it is 🙂