Twelve weeks ago, four Lithuanian Eurovision and national final stars took to the dancefloor for the first time on Šok su žvaigžde. This weekend the grand final took place, with KaYra the only one of them remaining in the competition. Showing off her dancing skills for the final time, she was voted as the winner of this year’s competition.

KaYra started off the 2020 season of Šok su žvaigžde, Lithuania’s version of Strictly Come Dancing / Dancing with the Stars, alongside fellow singers Monika Marija, Vaidas Baumila and Monika Linkytė. While each of them was subsequently eliminated, KaYra proved herself to be a great ballroom and Latin dancer and made it to the final three.

After performing three dances on Saturday, the public voted the Padandom is naujo 2020 contestant as this year’s champion, awarding her the coveted glitterball trophy.

KaYra wins Šok su žvaigžde 2020

KaYra had been a consistent standout throughout the 2020 season of Šok su žvaigžde. Along with her professional dance partner Justas Girdvainis, the “Alligator” singer finished first on the judges scoreboard in seven of the eleven shows preceding the final. She even received a perfect score of 30 on two occasions.

In the grand final, KaYra performed two of the routines that she had previously done on the show. This included her cha-cha-cha to Iceland’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Think About Things” by Daði og Gagnamagnið. In week six, KaYra originally scored 28 out of 30 for the dance, picking up one perfect ten. The Lithuanian star didn’t quite manage to secure another ten from the judges this time around, but still achieved an impressive 35 out of 40 (there was one extra judge in the final).

The other dance that KaYra and Justas performed again was their tango. The couple had previously performed this in the very first episode of the show. They improved on the triple-eight score (total of 24) that they initially received and earned four sets of nines (total of 36) in the final.

The third routine that KaYra danced during the grand final was a free dance, where couples were allowed to perform which ever style they wanted. KaYra and Justas decided to showcase their partnership and delivered an emotional contemporary number. This was their best-scoring dance of the night, earning a perfect score of 40.

After all three finalists had performed each of their routines, it was up to the public to decide who would be crowned as the winners. KaYra’s routines managed to connect with audiences at home and they voted her to become the champion.

Reacting on social media after the result, KaYra said: “We completely do not understand what happened here. Just thank you all for giving us the very best Christmas present.”

KaYra on Šok su žvaigžde 2020: Weeks 9-12

Below you’ll find a roundup of the dances that KaYra performed during episodes nine to twelve of Šok su žvaigžde 2020. You can review our previous articles for the results of weeks one to four, weeks five to six and weeks seven to eight.

Scores from the judges for each dance are also included. There were three judges for weeks nine to eleven – Virginijus Visockas and Justas Kučinskas were present for both shows, while Lina Chatkevičiūtė and Eglė Visockaitė featured in week nine/eleven and ten respectively. All four judges were present for the final show in week twelve.

Weeks 9-11

As of week nine, each couple performed two dances on each episode. The combined score of both dances determined their place on the leader board that week. This combined score is shown in brackets under the “Total Score” column next to the second dance.

Performances: Week 9 Dance 1, Week 9 Dance 2, Week 10 Dance 1, Week 10 Dance 2, Week 11 Dance 1, Week 11 Dance 2

Week Dance Virginijus Lina/Eglė Justas Total Score Position on Leader Board
9 Rumba 10 10 9 29 2nd
Quickstep 9 10 9 28 (57)
10 Viennese Waltz 10 10 10 30 1st (joint)
Paso Doble 9 9 9 27 (57)
11 Jive 10 10 9 29 1st
Bachata 10 9 10 29 (58)


Week 12 – Final

Performances: Week 12 Dance 1, Week 12 Dance 2, Week 12 Dance 3

Week Dance Virginijus Eglė Lina Justas Total Score Position on Leader Board
12 Cha-Cha-Cha 9 9 9 8 35 2nd
Free Dance 10 10 10 10 40
Tango 9 9 9 9 36 (111)


What do you make of KaYra’s run on Šok su žvaigžde 2020? Are you happy to see her walk away as champion?  Sound off in the comments below!

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3 years ago

YaY for KaYra! May this win make more people pay attention to her when she tries Eurovision again. Such an entertaining talented lady. 🙂