Christmas is finally upon us once again. Amongst the food and presents, today will no doubt be filled with music and cheer.

Luckily for us, a plethora of Eurovision stars have taken time this year to release some new festive tunes that we can play throughout the day today.

As you gather around the tree and enjoy the holiday, here’s our final roundup of new Christmas songs from Eurovision artists that will help you celebrate the yuletide.

And from all of us here at wiwibloggs, we wish y’all a very Merry Christmas!

New music from Eurovision artists: Christmas 2020 | Part 3

Senhit (feat. Jordi Galàn) – “Amar pelos dois”

Senhit wraps up her #freakytriptorotterdam series of Eurovision covers with a seasonal take on Salvador Sobral’s “Amar pelos dois”. Senhit’s version of the song features the opera singer Jordi Galàn and a children’s choir. The song feels both gentle and comforting but with plenty of drama. In the surreal music video, Senhit plays a freaky Santa Claus and Virgin Mary, and presents a same-sex couple with a baby doll. It’s a unique experience and further ramps up expectations for whatever Senhit will take to Eurovision 2021. (Robyn)

Victor Crone – “These Days (Longing For Christmas)”

Victor Crone is longing for Christmas, like most of us. “These Days” was originally released as the last track on the Eurovision 2019 star’s debut album Troubled Waters earlier this year. According to the Swedish singer himself, there were many versions of the songs, including the festive one that he has released now. (Renske)

SuRie – “Last Christmas”

Those playing Whamageddon – a game where people try to avoid listening to Wham!’s “Last Christmas” from 1 December through to the end of Christmas Eve – can give a sigh of relief today as they’re now permitted to play the song all day long. If you’re looking for an alternate version of the track, then the United Kingdom’s SuRie has gifted us one this year. The Eurovision 2018 alum turns it into a soft piano ballad that highlights SuRie’s crisp vocals.

Jacques Houdek – “Čudo je moguće”

Accompanied with a beautiful music video, “Čudo je moguće” (“A miracle is possible”) is a Christmas song set in the current global situation. Jacques told “Since the lyrics are as they are, it’s not another Christmas song, but a song that really talks about this crazy year and couldn’t come out for some of the following years, but this one.”. (Renske)

Greta Salóme and Bomarz (feat. Sigga Beinteins, Sverrir Bergmann, DJ Muscleboy, KK and Birgir) – “Jól Eins Og Áður”

Singing violinist Greta Salóme is not afraid of a musical challenge. In “Jól Eins Og Áður” (“Christmas As Before”), the Eurovision 2012 and 2016 star collaborates with three-time Icelandic Eurovision contestant Sigga (1990, 1992, 1994), as well as several other well-known Icelandic artists. (Renske)

Edurne – “Siempre es Navidad junto a ti”

Spanish star Edurne has decided to release her first ever Christmas song this year. She brings us “Siempre Es Navidad Junto a Ti” (“It’s Always Christmas With You”) and it’s full of festive cheer. The Eurovision 2015 alum sings to her loved one about how the only thing she wants for Christmas is them: “You are all I want / You and being able to stop time / Because if I can be with you / It’s always Christmas to me”. The accompanying music video sees Edurne waking up on 25 December and enjoying the day with some baking. There are also clips of family videos from when Edurne was younger featured throughout.

Amber – “O Lejl Ta-Skiet”

Amber is giving us a short and sweet rendition of “O Lejl Tas-Skiet” (“O Night of Silence”) – the Maltese-language version of popular carol “Silent Night”. In an Instagram TV video, the Eurovision 2015 star performs the song from within an empty theatre. Amber notes that she is dedicating this song to her fellow musicians and artists, many of whom have lost their jobs as a result of the various lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions:

“Today in the theatres here is silence. Silence of empty theatres; without artists and without an audience. Silence that cools you and makes you sad. Silence that you do not know when it will break. Silence very different from what was there on the night of the birth of Baby Jesus. But this silence will also end one day and re-emerge in celebration. This performance is dedicated to all artists and to all those who are going through moments of silence. Courage, this time also passes.”

Trijntje Oosterhuis – Wonderful Christmastime

Trijntje Oosterhuis is a lover of gospel and Christmas music. Wonderful Christmastime is her third Christmas album after the earlier releases of This Is The Season in 2010 and Christmas Evening in 2017. Once again, the Dutch Eurovision 2015 star provides us with covers of some of the most iconic holiday songs. But this album has a nice addition, as Trijntje is joined by the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw on every single track. (Renske)

Pilven Piirtäjät – “Laulujen joulu”

Pilven Piirtäjät are a Finnish duo comprised of Axel Ehnström and Kaisa Korhonen. Axel will be better known to Eurovision fans as Paradise Oskar, the name under which he participated at Eurovision 2011. The duo have released the sweet festive track “Laulujen joulu” (“Song of Christmas”). Kaisa provides most of the melody, with Axel adding some harmonies throughout the chorus.

Elena Temnikova – “Новогодняя”

The Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on 7 January, because they use the Julian calendar (instead of the Gregorian calendar used in most other countries). Hence, festive songs by artists in Russia and surrounding regions tend to refer to “Новогодняя” (“New Year”). This includes the new track from Elena Temnikova, who sings: “New Year is knocking at the door / Make a wish, believe me / Hug your family tight / This evening”. The Eurovision 2007 alum delivers a song that remains within her usual sound, but adds in a plethora of bell chimes to add that festive feel. Temnikova is also joined at the very end by her daughter Sasha, who also designed the cover art.

Blue Cafe – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Poland’s Eurovision 2004 act Blue Cafe have released a live cover of the classic song “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. The group deliver a rendition that whisks you off to an intimate jazz bar, with lead singer Dominika Gawęda accompanied by simple but effective instrumentation. This single comes from the new album Koncert Świąteczny: Blue Cafe i goście (Christmas concert: Blue Cafe and guests). The LP also features ten other festive songs recorded at a recent live concert.

Arvingarna – När snön faller ner

Arvingarna are celebrating the festive period with their new album När snön faller ner (When the snow falls down). The LP features seven songs from the Swedish dansband. This includes brand new singles as well as Swedish-language covers of festive favourites. While there are some slower songs in the mix, overall the Eurovision 1993 stars deliver a feeling of positivity.

Björn Skifs – “(Christmas Eve) After Midnight”

Of all the songs included in our Christmas new music roundups this year, Björn Skifs’ single has perhaps the most classic sound. A crooner ballad, “(Christmas Eve) After Midnight” is filled with charm. Sweden’s Eurovision 1978 and 1981 representative sings about waiting for the moment when he can once again embrace his loved one at Christmas: “Miles keeping us apart / But, I know come Christmas Eve / In your arms, in my dreams / After midnight, that’s where I will be”.

Delta Goodrem and Olivia Newton-John – “Merry Christmas to You”

Two of Australia’s biggest stars have joined forces for the new song “Merry Christmas to You”. Delta Goodrem and Eurovision 1974 alum Olivia Newton-John serve up a heart-warming track tinged with an emotional touch. Newton-John provides the second verse and chorus, singing: “For some it is the hardest time / To just put up some Christmas lights / If you’re blue / Sing Merry Christmas”. The song is the closing track on Goodrem’s new Christmas album Only Santa Knows. Dame Olivia Newton-John joined Delta remotely to perform the song at her recent Christmas special.

Danny Saucedo and Niello – “Kungar av December”

Danny Saucedo will finally return to Melodifestivalen in 2021. Before then, he’s teamed up with rapper Niello for the new song “Kungar av December” (“Kings of December”). It’s a fun track that adds a bit of humour to proceedings. The Swedish artists rap about making the most of not just the holiday period, but all of December: “We are kings of December / Every gap in the calendar / For we come, we come, we come / We roll with the crown on snow / Kings of December (You’ll see)”.

Lanberry – “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”

Polish pop star and Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 contestant Lanberry has been scoring hits in her native country for most of 2020. Now, she’s also giving us her first ever Christmas cover. Lanberry opted to give her own rendition of John Lennon & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band’s legendary Christmas song “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”. (Renske)

Kadiatou – “Christmas Night With You”

Kadiatou will make her debut at Melfest in 2021. But if you want to get to know the Swedish singer ahead of that, then take a listen to her festive offering “Christmas Night With You”. Charming, bouncy and filled with sleigh bells, it’s everything you want a Christmas pop song to be. Lyrically, Kadiatou sings to her lover and wishes that she can be with them come Christmas Day: “Put a million gifts under the tree / All I want is you right here with me / My only wish this year is a Christmas night with you”. If you want to hear what the star’s vocals sound like on a ballad, then you’re in luck, as Kadiatou has also recently released a cover of “White Christmas”.

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Which of these new Christmas songs is your favourite? Which festive tracks by Eurovision stars do you enjoy playing during the holiday period? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 years ago

Thank you Jonathan for your weekly update on new music released by ESC acts. I always read it and get to know a lot of songs I would miss otherwise. Keep up the good work and happy festive days to you as well!