The year is nearly over, and with it we publish our final podcast of 2020. At the time of recording last week, we were brimming with excitement after learning that Eurovision alums Nina Kraljic and Tony Cetinski are among 14 acts confirmed for Dora 2021. We weighed into the always divisive debate over RuPaul’s Drag Race supergroup The Frock Destroyers, who want to sing at Eurovision for the UK. We picked up our jaws after France released the 12 songs of its national final. We picked our favourite non-qualifiers ahead of the #EurovisionAgain semi-final special. And we had a quick kiki with Melodifestivalen and Eurovision alum Victor Crone to discuss his new single “These Days (Longing for Christmas)”.

Eurovision podcast (Episode 84)

For this week’s podcast, William calls Deban to discuss all the news from their flats in London. But, as ever, our contributors from around the world chime in with their insights. Robyn in New Zealand shares her thoughts and the best non-qualifiers in Eurovision history. Oranie in France sounds off on her country’s national final. Antony in Croatia shouts out to the Dora favourites. And as ever Jonathan in the UK goes through the most recent week in music.

You can subscribe on Spotify and Apple Music. This episode was produced by Samuel in London.

Links to the specific articles we’re discussing are linked below.

Croatia: Nina Kraljic and Tony Cetinski among 14 acts confirmed for Dora 2021

Poll: Who should win France’s “Eurovision 2021, C’est vous qui décidez”? 

Frock Destroyers say they’re “made for Eurovision” with release of debut album Frock4Life

Poll: Which Eurovision non-qualifiers deserve a second chance? Vote for your favourites

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Princess Peregrine
Princess Peregrine
23 days ago

Can you make a Spotify playlist of this and future playlists that we can easily download pls. Or are they not all available?

Nancy G
Nancy G
23 days ago

They are all on Spotify if you search for the podcast. I did this today too!

24 days ago

I am glad that this time Nina has returned with the Croatian ethno song and even the ethno choir, from the performance of the Croatian national team at Eurovision 2005, is to help her during the performance and the song is called Rijeka, it’s not about the city, but the river