Incredibly (and perhaps thankfully), 2020 is almost over. And that means one thing — the return of our annual Top Tracks countdown!

As usual, the team from wiwibloggs have voted for their favourite new songs released in 2020 by Eurovision stars. Songs which were selected for Eurovision or competed in national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews). Artists must have competed at Eurovision as part of the main act to be eligible (but those who were selected for 2020 were also included in the voting).

After reviewing more than 1,000 songs over the course of the year, we finally settled on our top 50. And now we’re ready to share it with y’all. We’ll publish ten tracks daily until New Year’s Eve as we wrap up the year.

Which song will enter our Hall of Fame?

Let the countdown continue!

Team Wiwi’s top songs by Eurovision artists in 2020: 30 to 21

30. Blanche – “Empire”

What we said: She took Belgium to the top four at Eurovision 2017. Now, Blanche has released the new track “Empire”. The song is the title track of her debut album. Talking about the song on Instagram, Blanche notes the track has been a long time coming: “I started writing the song “Empire” in my studio in Brussels in November 2017, it evolved a lot through the years and through the new people I met who worked on it. I couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out and I truly hope the song reaches your heart.” (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Moment” (#7 in 2018), “Soon” (#21 in 2018), “Wrong Turn” (#43 in 2018)

29. San Marino United Artists – “Sogno”

What we said: The three Sammarinese artists who represented the microstate in Eurovision — Miodio (2008), Valentina Monetta (2012, 2013, 2014, 2017), and Anita Simoncini (2015) — have released a Christmassy new single titled “Sogno” (Dream) in conjunction with 11 other local artists. Irol MC, who gave San Marino’s points in 2016 and competed in the 2018 selection, has his own rap verse. The rationale behind San Marino United Artists was to unite fourteen unique voices and musical styles. This is also labelled as the first joining of forces for the country’s music industry. (Lauren)

28. Polina Gagarina – “Зима”

What we said: The seasons may come and go, but Polina Gagarina’s love for a heartfelt ballad remains a constant. Her new single is “Зима” (“Winter”). Sonically, there’s not much that screams ‘wintry’ in the instrumentation, so it can’t really be described as a festive/Christmas song. However, it’s another strong ballad from the Russian star that will satisfy fans of Polina’s other releases. The Eurovision 2015 silver medallist sings about returning to her loved one to wait out the winter: “Yes, the winter is too long / I’ll come back to you myself / You have not forgotten me / Tell me what it seemed to me”. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “На расстоянии” (#38 in 2020), “Меланхолия” (#38 in 2018), “Я не буду” (#13 in 2015)

27. Amaia and Alizzz – “El encuentro”

What we said: Spain’s Eurovision 2018 star has thrown her old self down the stairs and gone in a new direction for the release of her new song “El encuentro” (“The encounter”). Amaia has teamed up with Spanish rapper Alizzz for this new single. “El encuentro” is a slick electronic tune with a chilled-out vibe. The duo sing about how they’ve randomly encountered each other again after not speaking for a year. Despite the lack of communication, Amaia and Alizzz quickly rekindle a bond with one another when they meet. The relaxed vibe of the music carries through into the lyrics, with the pair casually going along with things as they wonder where their relationship should go from here. (Luis)

Previous top tracks: “Un Nuevo Lugar” (#26 in 2018)

26. MÉLOVIN – “Вітрила”

What we said: MÉLOVIN has launched an accompanying music video for his latest single “Вітрила” – or “Sails” in English. The video is described as a “theatrical performance” and features actors improvising a scene on stage. “Вітрила” is a haunting power ballad with dramatic piano chords and soaring string passages. The lyrics describe the fear of losing one’s soulmate: “You’ve raised my sails, the music of my life / Into the sky they lift me, your love is weightless wings / It’s two halves of one heart, that’s you and I / And there will be no me, without you I’m nothing”. (Oliver A)

*While the audio of MÉLOVIN’s “Вітрила” was released in 2019, it was done so too late for inclusion in last year’s top tracks countdown. Hence its appearance on the 2020 list following the release of the music video.

Previous top tracks: “That’s Your Role” (#15 in 2018)

25. Polina Gagarina – “Небо в глазах”

What we said: Eurovision 2015 runner-up Polina Gagarina is best known for her powerful and emotional ballads. And that’s exactly what the Russian singer delivers in “Небо в глазах” (“Sky in the eyes”). However, this is far from a copy and paste scenario. Quiet and calm in the verses, the song explodes in the chorus as Gagarina’s vocals soar above a mixture of electronic and percussion beats. The added “oh, oh” chants after the second chorus create an uplifting anthemic atmosphere that keeps listeners on board. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Зима” (#28 in 2020), “На расстоянии” (#38 in 2020), “Меланхолия” (#38 in 2018), “Я не буду” (#13 in 2015)

24. Katerine Duska and Leon of Athens – “ANEMOS”

What we said: Together they created the wonderful “Better Love”, Greece’s Eurovision 2019 entry. And now Katerine Duska and Leon of Athens have reunited on “ANEMOS”. Katerine explains all on Instagram: “These are the first Greek lyrics Leon of Athens & I have written. For those of you who are not acquainted with the Greek language, ANEMOS translates to ‘strong wind’ and is a song about overcoming the fears and pain that often come with big changes in one’s life. It’s about succumbing to the wind, becoming the storm and embodying all of its resilience.” (Padraig)

*While the audio of Katerine Duska’s “ANEMOS” was released in 2019, it was done so too late for inclusion in last year’s top tracks countdown. Hence its appearance on the 2020 list following the release of the music video.

23. Eleni Foureira – “Dokimase me”

What we said: Since finishing runner-up at Eurovision 2018, Eleni Foureira has predominantly released songs in English or Spanish. But for her new single, she’s returning to the Greek language. “Dokimase me” (“Try me”) is an upbeat dance-pop track with plenty of vigour and drive. Fans of Foureira’s pre-Eurovision discography get a glimpse of that back, but the song is still very much influenced by modern-day trends. Lyrically, the star sings to her lover: “Tell me a good lie and beat me / Tell me you do not live far from me, deceive me / Come closer from the beginning and kiss me / I still endure a lot, try me”. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “El Ritmo Psicodélico” (#9 in 2019), “Loquita” (#28 in 2019),  “Triumph” (#48 in 2019), “Tómame” (#3 in 2018), “Caramela” (#22 in 2018)

22. NAVIBAND – “Миллионы больших сердец”

What we said: Following on from their #FreeBelarus anthem “Девочка в белом” (“Girl in White”), Naviband have now released another song related to the ongoing protests in Belarus calling for free elections and an end to police brutality. “Миллионы больших сердец” (“Millions of big hearts”) doesn’t focus on any particular political topic, but rather the people themselves at the heart of the protests. The Eurovision 2017 duo sing about how the people will come together and fight for a better future until the end: “Let’s leave the ships off the coast / Follow me, we will become the sea”. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Galileo (Dva Cheloveka)” (#50 in 2019), “Biazy” (#27 in 2017)

21. VICTORIA – “alright.”

What we said: As in her Eurovision 2020 entry, VICTORIA’s anxious feelings are set against light, uplifting sounds. The mismatch conveys the reality we all face navigating expectation and reality, effort and result. Thankfully, as the song progresses she justifies those hopeful notes. She leaves the concrete expanse behind her and heads to the sea. There — away from the fake smiles and distractions — she remembers that it’s OK not to be OK, and that time is perhaps the greatest healer. Once the bottle buffeted by the sea, she’s now a woman taking comfort in her solitude and the water’s warm embrace: “You can taste your freedom and your soul, your soul is finally yours.” (William)

Our Top Tracks of 2020 ranking is determined by independent votes from a panel of wiwibloggers. They are Renske, Josh, Robyn, Lauren, William, Tom, Padraig, Mario and Jonathan.

Which songs do you think should feature on the list? Are you surprised by our choices so far? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Wow, ANEMOS I can’t understand a single word but I love it.

2 years ago

Sogno from San Marino, masterpiece!

2 years ago

I hope the top song is “Wrong Direction” by Ilse de Lange and Michael Schulte. “Changes” by Ilse should be in top 5, alongside “Miles of Blue” by the Swedes.

2 years ago

NAVIBAND’s offering just is above all of the rest and probably all the remaining songs on the list but not because of musical reasons, but for tackling another more serious issue that most people in Europe and abroad are already aware of.

Last edited 2 years ago by Marcelo
2 years ago

I’m annoyed by any of the Victoria’s Billie Eilish songs 🙁

Mexican eurofan
Mexican eurofan
2 years ago

I would definitely put ANEMOS 20 places higher, but well I understand that many of you aren’t ready for that greek piece of art

2 years ago

I love the songs of Mélovin ??????? is a great balad and the video is very original. And his new song Dance with the Devil is amazing