It goes without saying that Eurovision 2020 did not turn out as expected. And while the 65th Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the 41 talented artists that were due to take part still managed to fill our year with music thanks to their online home concert performances.

As part of the seventh edition of our VMAs, Vision Music Awards, we asked you to vote for the act you thought delivered the Best Home Concert.

From Europe Shine a Light to the Eurovision Home Concerts series, which made many of us smile throughout lockdown. And who could forget our brand spanking-new, corona-proof Wiwi Jam at Home? This VMA is celebrating the Eurovision 2020 artists who went the extra mile when performing at home, and entertained their fans across the continent with unforgettable fabulosity.

After counting a total of 1,770 votes, we can now reveal the winner…

VMAs 2020: Bulgaria’s VICTORIA wins Best Home Concert

Securing first place is VICTORIA. The Bulgarian star received 164 votes, which is 9.27% of the total. It’s fair to say that VICTORIA went beyond most to connect with fans in 2020. She took part in the fourth episode of Eurovision Home concerts, where she performed her Eurovision 2020 entry “Tears Getting Sober” and a cover of Duncan Laurence’s Eurovision 2019 winning song “Arcade”.

VICTORIA subsequently joined us for The Wiwi Jam at Home, where she once again performed “Tears Getting Sober”, this time from a warehouse. Not stopping there, the star set up a number of her own home concerts. VICTORIA streamed a full live concert from home in March 2020.

The Bulgarian singer made sure that her fans didn’t have to go through 2020 without her. VICTORIA helped us forget about the world around us for a few moments and let her music shine straight into our hearts.

Second place in this poll goes to Daði Freyr from Iceland. He received 144 votes (8.14% of the total). The Icelandic artist is another person who put on a series of virtual shows for fans. In the second episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, Daði performed “Think About Things” and a cover of “Lipstick” by Jedward (Ireland’s Eurovision 2012 song).

In addition to this, the Eurovision 2020/2021 star live streamed two other concerts for people. The first, titled JúróDaði, saw Daði performing a series of Eurovision covers. The second was less of a home concert and more of a van concert, with the Icelandic act performing a set from inside a van while raising money for the Equal Justice Initiative.

Daði Freyr provided us with several opportunities to just relax and party along to his music, something that many appreciated last year.

It was a close contest for third place, but in the end Go_A from Ukraine picked up the final position on the podium. You awarded the group 100 votes (5.65%). They took part in the final episode of the Eurovision Home Concerts series, performing “Solovey” and an iconic cover of Verka Serduchka’s Eurovision 2007 song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”.

Go_A were another act who took part in The Wiwi Jam at Home, giving us another rendition of their Eurovision 2020 entry. The Ukrainian group subsequently performed their own hour-long home concert for fans in July.

Missing out on a medal by only one vote was Italy’s Diodato. The Italian star finished in fourth place with 99 votes (5.37%). Diodato took part in the seventh episode of Eurovision Home Concerts and also The Wiwi Jam at Home. But, it’s no doubt his performance from Arena di Verona that most will remember. The Italian star delivered a captivating rendition of his Eurovision 2020 entry “Fai Rumore” that was a standout of the footage recorded for Eurovision: Shine A Light.

Rounding out the top five in this poll is Samanta Tīna, who picked up 79 votes (4.46%). Taking part in the fifth episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, the Latvian diva made sure to make the most of her performance. Samanta sung “Still Breathing” outside along with her backing singers, who came equipped with their visors and spray bottles. She later performed a cover of Ani Lorak’s “Shady Lady” from Eurovision 2008. Appearing at The Wiwi Jam at Home, she once again reprised her Eurovision 2020 entry.

Full results: Best home concert

  1. Bulgaria: VICTORIA – 164 votes (9.27%)
  2. Iceland: Daði Freyr – 144 votes (8.14%)
  3. Ukraine: Go_A – 100 votes (5.65%)
  4. Italy: Diodato – 99 votes (5.37%)
  5. Latvia: Samanta Tīna – 79 votes (4.46%)
  6. San Marino: Senhit – 71 votes (4.01%)
  7. Albania: Arilena Ara – 69 votes (3.90%)
  8. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – 67 votes (3.79%)
  9. Norway: Ulrikke – 64 votes (3.62%)
  10. Slovenia: Ana Soklič – 61 votes (3.45%)
  11. Romania: Roxen – 59 votes (3.33%)
  12. Greece: Stefania – 54 votes (3.05%)
  13. Sweden: The Mamas – 54 votes (3.05%)
  14. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – 53 votes (2.99%)
  15. Azerbaijan: Efendi – 43 votes (2.43%)
  16. Ireland: Lesley Roy – 42 votes (2.37%)
  17. Serbia: Hurricane – 41 votes (2.32%)
  18. Lithuania: The Roop – 40 votes (2.26%)
  19. Malta: Destiny – 36 votes (2.03%)
  20. Russia: Little Big – 34 votes (1.92%)
  21. France: Tom Leeb – 30 votes (1.69%)
  22. Australia: Montaigne – 29 votes (1.64%)
  23. Germany: Ben Dolic – 29 votes (1.64%)
  24. Israel: Eden Alene – 29 votes (1.64%)
  25. Croatia: Damir Kedžo – 26 votes (1.47%)
  26. Portugal: Elisa – 26 votes (1.47%)
  27. Spain: Blas Cantó – 26 votes (1.47%)
  28. Belarus: VAL – 25 votes (1.41%)
  29. Poland: Alicja – 23 votes (1.30%)
  30. United Kingdom: James Newman – 23 votes (1.30%)
  31. Estonia: Uku Suviste – 22 votes (1.24%)
  32. Armenia: Athena Manoukian – 19 votes (1.07%)
  33. Cyprus: Sandro – 14 votes (0.79%)
  34. North Macedonia: Vasil – 14 votes (0.79%)
  35. Finland: Aksel Kankaanranta – 11 votes (o.62%)
  36. Austria: Vincent Bueno – 10 votes (0.56%)
  37. Belgium: Hooverphonic – 10 votes (0.56%)
  38. Czech Republic: Benny Cristo – 10 votes (0.56%)
  39. Denmark: Ben & Tan – 9 votes (0.51%)
  40. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko – 8 votes (0.45%)
  41. Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – 7 votes (0.40%)

Total votes: 1,770

What do you think of the results? Did you enjoy VICOTIRA’s home concerts? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

Read more about the Vision Music Awards here

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1 year ago

That was a very nice home concert!

1 year ago

I still think this is a phenomenal entry, and it’s the one (maybe also Israel?) that I really regret that we weren’t able to see performed on the big Eurovision stage.

1 year ago

Victoria the winner of ESC2021

1 year ago

it is a bit unfair when Athena, Destiny, The roop, Eden, Vincent, Little Big, Ben and Tan, Tornike, Natalia and Alicija didnt do any home concerts, and many of these acts have done maybe a handful of performances at best (for example Athena doing a couple of gigs at a beach resort on top of her cameo at Wiwijam, where she sang just a few lines of parts of the song and was just playing around and having fun, Destiny at Malta’s got talent) and none of them streamed to devotees as far as is known. The best home concert… Read more »