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It goes without saying that Eurovision 2020 did not turn out as expected. And while the 65th Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the 41 talented artists that were due to take part still managed to fill our hearts with warmth and cheer as they uplifted our spirits.

As part of the seventh edition of our own VMAsVision Music Awards, we asked you to vote for the act you thought delivered the Most Uplifting Message at Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.

When Europe Shine A Light showcased all 41 of the would-have-been Eurovision 2020 entries, they made special effort to give each artist time to share a message for their country as well as their fans across the continent. Our Class of ’20 treated us to jingles we can wash our hands to, reminded us to look after our mental health, and encouraged us to discover new hobbies and skills in lockdown. But whose lockdown message lifted your spirits more than any other?

After counting a total of 1,447 votes, we can now reveal the winner…

VMAs 2020: Sweden’s The Mamas win Most Uplifting Message

In first place are The Mamas from Sweden. The trio of Ashley, Dinah and Loulou picked up 118 votes, which is 8.15% of the total. At Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, Ashley lead the message to viewers:

“Eurovision has been cancelled for 2020, because of Covid-19. We want everybody to stay safe and healthy, and we want everyone to move like us. Please stay safe and wash those hands. [Singing:] Everybody wash your hands like us, everybody wash you hands like us, everybody wash your hands like us.”

The smiles from these three women never fail to light up the darkest of times. Add in a jingle to help us wash our hands, and The Mamas managed to strike a positive yet health-conscious tone with their message. The Swedish trio’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Move” was also one of the most uplifting of the year. If you’re ever feeling down then the music from The Mamas will surely uplift you to new heights.

Coming in at number two in the poll is Daði Freyr, who received 102 votes (7.05% of the total). The Icelandic star added his usual quirky charm to his message, including providing his own backing vocals. Daði thanked fans for the response they’d given his Eurovision 2020 entry:

“Hi, my name is Daði Freyr and I just wanted to say thank you for listening. The response to “Think About Things” has been overwhelming. Stay healthy, stay fabulous, you guys are beautiful. Never forget that.”

Daði helped shine a light on all of us individually and how important it is to believe in yourself.

Securing the bronze medal is Italy’s Diodato. You gave him 97 votes (6.70%). Diodato used his message to encourage us to unite together under the circumstances:

“Hi everybody, I’m Diodato from Italy. I’m so proud to be here with you tonight. It’s a very difficult period for all of us, but at times like this we can reconnect with our humanity and bring down all the walls that divide us. So let’s do it tonight.”

Despite the distance that might separate us while we isolate ourselves, Diodato reminds us that we are still one human race who will always be connected.

Fourth place goes to Bulgaria’s VICTORIA, who picked up 82 votes (5.67%). In her message, she hoped that the music of all the Eurovision 2020 artists could help us though things: “Tonight is very special for me and all Eurovision 2020 artists. We have the chance to share with you our art and to be together. We wish our music brings you hope, courage and joy. My song “Tears Getting Sober” tells the story about finding strength and overcoming hard times, so I hope you like it. I love you.”

Finishing off the top five is Lithuania’s The Roop, who earned 76 votes (5.25%). The group’s lead singer Vaidotas Valiukevičius kept his message short but still impactful: “Stop underestimating yourself and start living your life to the fullest. Yes, it’s time.”

Full results: Most Uplifting Message

  1. Sweden: The Mamas – 118 votes (8.15%)
  2. Iceland: Daði Freyr – 102 votes (7.05%)
  3. Italy: Diodato – 97 votes (6.70%)
  4. Bulgaria: VICTORIA – 82 votes (5.67%)
  5. Lithuania: The Roop – 76 votes (5.25%)
  6. Malta: Destiny – 68 votes (4.70%)
  7. Ireland: Lesley Roy – 62 votes (4.28%)
  8. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – 52 votes (3.59%)
  9. Greece: Stefania – 51 votes (3.52%)
  10. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – 50 votes (3.46%)
  11. Latvia: Samanta Tīna – 44 votes (3.04%)
  12. Denmark: Ben & Tan – 42 votes (2.90%)
  13. Israel: Eden Alene – 41 votes (2.83%)
  14. Norway: Ulrikke – 41 votes (2.83%)
  15. Russia: Little Big – 37 votes (2.56%)
  16. Albania: Arilena Ara – 34 votes (2.35%)
  17. Australia: Montaigne – 34 votes (2.35%)
  18. San Marino: Senhit – 30 votes (2.07%)
  19. Poland: Alicja – 29 votes (2.00%)
  20. Romania: Roxen – 29 votes (2.00%)
  21. Serbia: Hurricane – 28 votes (1.94%)
  22. Azerbaijan: Efendi – 27 votes (1.87%)
  23. Germany: Ben Dolic – 25 votes (1.73%)
  24. Czech Republic: Benny Cristo – 23 votes (1.59%)
  25. France: Tom Leeb – 22 votes (1.52%)
  26. United Kingdom: James Newman – 21 votes (1.45%)
  27. Spain: Blas Cantó – 19 votes (1.31%)
  28. Ukraine: Go_A – 19 votes (1.31%)
  29. Finland: Aksel Kankaanranta – 18 votes (1.24%)
  30. Armenia: Athena Manoukian – 16 votes (1.11%)
  31. Portugal: Elisa – 16 votes (1.11%)
  32. Belarus: VAL – 13 votes (0.90%)
  33. Cyprus: Sandro – 13 votes (0.90%)
  34. Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – 13 votes (0.90%)
  35. Austria: Vincent Bueno – 12 votes (0.83%)
  36. Croatia: Damir Kedžo – 12 votes (0.83%)
  37. Slovenia: Ana Soklič – 12 votes (0.83%)
  38. North Macedonia: Vasil – 8 votes (0.55%)
  39. Estonia: Uku Suviste – 7 votes (0.48%)
  40. Belgium: Hooverphonic – 2 votes (0.14%)
  41. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko – 2 votes (0.14%)

Total votes: 1,447

What do you think of the results? Did you feel uplifted from The Mamas message at Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light? Sound off in the comments below!

Read more about the Vision Music Awards here

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