He was recently confirmed as North Macedonia’s singer for Eurovision 2021. But before VASIL finally takes to the stage in Rotterdam, he’s released the new single “SudBina” along with a music video for fans to enjoy in the meantime.

“SudBina” is the title single of VASIL’s upcoming new album. Despite spending 13 years as an opera singer, the North Macedonian star has decided to focus his new work on pop music that’s infused with traditional North Macedonian and ethnic sounds, as well as other modern global elements.

These musical influences can be heard instantly in “SudBina”, which shows off more of VASIL’s heritage compared to his Eurovision 2020 selected entry “You”.


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“SudBina” translates to ‘Destiny’, but each half of the word also has meaning individually: Sud – to judge, and Bina – the stage. Speaking to wiwibloggs, VASIL goes into more detail about how these words resonate with him:

“To me, this is the perfect word combo to describe any artist, or human for that matter. We are born naked and the rest is Sud and Bina. Is it a blessing or curse to do what we do? We get blamed for all the things we do just because we are a public figure that is in the spotlight.

To me, my SudBina is the stage. It is my home. I feel the safest when I am centre stage with a mic in front of me and bearing my truth through my voice.”

VASIL quite literally embodies this message of “We are born naked and the rest is Sud and Bina” in the video. Filming a section while completely naked, VASIL wanted to ensure the video showcased his full truth:

“The symbolism and liberation to allow myself to be the full monty (for 45 minutes if not more at -7 Celsius with no heating) is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I wanted the message of what it portrays in there so badly.”

VASIL – “SudBina”

Having initially grown to prominence in North Macedonia as a child singer, VASIL can claim more than most to be at home on the stage. In fact, the accompanying music video for “SudBina” takes VASIL back to the stage where things all began for him – the Univerzalna Sala in Skopje.

VASIL first performed at Univerzalna Sala as part of the annual children’s song festival Zlatno Slavejče. His song “Marionka” went on to become a hit and his career began. VASIL notes that it was magical to film the music video for “SudBina” on the same stage:

“Marionka made me a child star, an icon back in the early 90’s and now almost three decades later I return to the same stage where I performed it. Now the theatre is locked down and they were going to tear it down to make something more modern.

I can NOT describe to you the magical feeling of going back to that same spot in a modern deconstructed outfit filming this video. I think I will be the last one to record in the hall before they lock it down and restore it! What an honour.”

The Eurovision 2021 contestant has also incorporated some of the choreography from his Zlatno Slavejče performance into the video, a long with Macedonian ethic dances and rhythms.

Will this be VASIL’s song for Eurovision 2021?

As with every new release from an already confirmed Eurovision artist, speculation naturally turns to whether the song will be their official entry for the contest. Most notably, “SudBina” is exactly three minutes long.

During a series of Instagram and Twitter posts to promote “SudBina”, VASIL has used #Eurovision. In addition, the North Macedonian star recently retweeted a comment that he initially made back in September 2020 where he said “Putting this one out there: After Sept 1st – Anything Goes”. This is no doubt a reference to the rule that permits any song released after 1 September to be submitted as a Eurovision entry for the following year’s contest.

Whether there’s any major significance behind these or VASIL is using them for extra promo is unknown.

Upon the announcement that VASIL had been selected to represent North Macedonia at Eurovision 2021, broadcaster MKRTV also put out an open call for music producers from across the country and beyond to submit an entry by 27 January. That deadline was yesterday, so unless the North Macedonian delegation are extremely fast workers, it seems unlikely that they have had enough time to listen through all the submitted songs and select one.

It is possible that VASIL has been working on this song in particular for a while, and that it was initially under consideration for Eurovision 2020 before being brought to the table again for 2021.

Until any official information is given about VASIL’s song for the 2021 contest, we can only take “SudBina” as a general release and a possible teaser to the main event.

Nevertheless, it is definitely worth inspecting the “SudBina” music video carefully. While speaking to wiwibloggs, VASIL says there are hidden Easter eggs in all his videos since last May that tie his Eurovision journey together:

“Those who know me know by now that I love my hidden messages. With regards of Eurovision, every video is leading up to the stage in May. Little hints and moments in there tie my story together, if you know what I mean.”

Finally, the North Macedonian star notes that he is ready and eager to set fire to the Eurovision stage this year:

“Nothing is an accident. It makes this year that much more special. If singing behind Tamara in 2019 lit a fire under my ass, 2020 was a wildfire, that is now a volcano ready to whoosh. I am excited. I am calm. I am ready.

I will give you me. I will give you truth. I will give you story. That to me is the biggest victory of all. And why not snatch the crown too while we’re at it.”

Lyrics: “SudBina” – VASIL

Macedonian textОд мојата колевка
Со љубов нахранет
И очи полни радости
Секогаш за мене тука си тиТвојте молитва
Сила ми дарува
Низ светот кога јас
Чекорам горд

СудБина ми подари
Ко најсилна светлина
Од душава глас извира
Свет тој да разбуди
Надеж да посади

Ајде мило запеј ти
Со погледи ме бакнуј ти
Без суд зад бина мене ми дојди ти
Крени чаша наздрави
Продај рака остани
Јас и ти за вечност може ли кажи ми

English translationFrom my cradle fed with love
And eyes filled with happiness
You are always there for meYour prayer gives me strength
As I trot the globe proudly

Destiny you gave to me
Like the strongest source light
From my soul a voice is born
To awaken the world and plant hope

Come on dear sing to me
With your stares caress me
Without judgement
Come to me backstage

Lift your glass & say cheers
Give me your hand & stay
You and I forever can we be
Please tell me

What do you make of “SudBina”? Would you like to see VASIL perform something similar at Eurovision 2021? Sound off in the comments below!

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7 months ago

Surely he won’t be competing with this?

7 months ago

Well, if Vasil just wants to go to Eurovision to have fun, then this is the right song, but if he wants to win or even qualify, then he will end up at the bottom with this, in my humble opinion. The instrumental is good but the melody is just unoriginal and unexciting. I felt terribly bored after listening to it. “You” is much more interesting than this, and modern in comparison! I wish artists would be objective when choosing their songs to represent their countries at Eurovision. Have the courage to do it!

Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
7 months ago

I like “SudBina” very much. It would be great if this song will be his song for Rotterdam !! It is a great song !!

Nancy G
Nancy G
7 months ago

This is a good direction for him. I think he should take this sound and make it a bit poppier. Like that earlier song Patuvam. That’s his sweet spot. You was trying too much to be current and it wasn’t. I like SudBina but it’s maybe a bit tooo traditional for Eurovision.

7 months ago

Are these Macedonian traditional instruments in the melody? Sounds like Turkish

7 months ago
Reply to  Oleh

you do understand that there no “turkish” instruments? all countries like Azerbaijan, uzbekistan, tadzjikistan etc have all the same.

7 months ago
Reply to  Linus

And you do understand the countries you listed are called Turkic countries. And yes we have shared history and music with Macedonia.

7 months ago
Reply to  Linus

Wtf are you even talking about? Tajikistan is not even Turkic lol

And also, yes, a lot of Turkic countries may share some common instruments, but that doesn’t mean that we all use the same Instruments.

The Instrument “Saz” for example is used in Turkey, but not in Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan.

Do your research before writing false stuff!

Last edited 7 months ago by KRM
7 months ago
Reply to  Oleh

There’s a shared music heritage among most, if not all, Southeastern European countries, because of their common history of empires and human migration.

The history of this area have certainly left footprints in the cultures of today’s Balkan region.

7 months ago

I love the song, I love the performance, I can see this on the Eurovision stage!

7 months ago

Well I’m really shallow and watched because it said he did the full monty in the video haha. I am disappointed. Lol

7 months ago

Wow! This song is actually pretty good. Although it needs some little adjustments, I would love to see this or something like this as his Eurovision entry.
I love the ethnic touch in it: The Macedonian sounds that are familiar to me as a Turkish person.
I really hope that he won’t work with Borislav, cause I want to see him with something original.

One thing is sure: This is already much better and especially more original than “You”.