Spain’s song-selection gala – Destino Eurovisión 2021 – is just around the corner. Going live this Saturday, the show will finally see Blas Cantó perform the songs in the running to be his Eurovision 2021 entry in Rotterdam. There are two songs in contention – “Memoria” and “Voy a Quedarme” – but just one choice.

Following the reveal of the the two songs, we asked our readers to vote for their favourite and the one they want to see Blas perform this May. And now it’s time to reveal the result.

“Voy a Quedarme” is your favourite song from Destino Eurovisión 2021

After counting a total of 508 votes, we have a clear winning song. “Voy a Quedarme” picked up 352 votes, which amounts to 69.29% of all votes cast. The powerful piano-driven ballad, with a modern arrangement and gently rousing production, has captivated more than enough people to be the song y’all name as your pick for Blas Cantó.

“Voy a Quedarme” speaks about unconditional love, and its a composition by Blas himself alongside the notable talents of Léroy Sánchez, Daniel Ortega and Dan Hammond. Leroy is behind Blas’ hit “El No Soy Yo”, whereas Daniel Ortega and Dan Hammond composed Spain’s intended Eurovision 2020 song “Universo”.

Picking up the rear is “Memoria” – the remaining offering for Spain this year. Y’all awarded this song 156 votes, which is 30.71% of the total. While it might be the more uptempo, energetic and danceable choice of Destino Eurovisión 2021, it sadly didn’t shake that many votes into our poll.

The song is composed by Leroy Sánchez once again, along with Steve Daly and Oliver Som. “Memoria” speaks about Blas’ struggle to forget a complicated relationship, but not without the star realising what one can learn from it – “The worst in you, made me see the worst in me.”

Full results: Which song should win Destino Eurovisión 2021?

  1. “Voy a Quedarme” – 69.29% (352 votes).
  2. “Memoria” – 30.71% (156 votes).

Total votes: 508

Destino Eurovisión 2021

The Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2021 is taking place this Saturday 20 February (that’s tonight!). Live from the studios of Prados del Rey in Madrid, the gala will air on RTVE’s main channel and online from 22:00h CET.

For one of – if not the – first times in Spain’s history at Eurovision, everyone can vote – no matter what country you live in. Voting is already taking place via phone, SMS, online at RTVE’s Eurovision website and via App (Android & IOS). This phase of voting will close on Saturday ahead of the gala, and will reopen again once Blas has performed both competing songs. This second voting phase will only last a few minutes.

Blas Cantó’s gala is all set to be a night of dynamism, excitement and fun. Destino Eurovisión 2021 will celebrate Blas, Eurovision and music. There’ll even be appearances from past Eurovision representatives Pastora Soler and Edurne, as well as other well-known artists.

What do you think about the poll results? Would you like to see Blas Cantó perform “Voy a Quedarme” at Eurovision 2021? Sound off in the comments below!

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3 years ago

Memoria its better. What itw happening with the tates of the people?

3 years ago

Memoria is memorable. Voy a quedarme will be eclipsed