After two semi-finals, Portugal’s national selection for Eurovision 2021 comes to a close on Saturday 6 March. The Festival da Canção 2021 final can be watched by locals on RTP1. International viewers will need to watch online.

Here’s when and how you can watch the grand final of Festival da Canção 2021.

Watch Festival da Canção 2021 online

Grand Final — 6 March 2021

Time: 22:00 CET to 01:45 CET

The show will be live-streamed on RTP’s website.

Click to Watch Festival da Canção 2021 Grand Final

The final will be presented by Eurovision 2018 host Filomena Cautela and Vasco Palmeirim. Ten acts will perform — five qualifiers from semi-final one and five from semi-two. As with the earlier rounds, a 50/50 voting system will determine the results. However, rather than a single jury, there will be seven regional panels. Furthermore, in case of a tie, the public will have the final say. The juries had the power during the semis.

The running order is:

  1. Karetus & Romeu Bairos “Saudade”
  2. Joana Alegre “Joana do mar”
  3. Fábia Maia “Dia lindo”
  4. Valéria “Na mais profunda saudade”
  5. Carolina Deslandes “Por um triz”
  6. NEEV “Dancing in the Stars”
  7. Pedro Gonçalves “Não vou ficar”
  8. Sara Afonso “Contramão”
  10. The Black Mamba “Love Is on My Side”

Will you be tuning into Portugal’s national selection? Will you stay tuned to the very end? Who are your favourites? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

saudade opening..? they might have just killed its chances 🙁 this is a great selection but saudade is just perfect

Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
3 years ago

I think Portugal has a great final with beautiful songs. My favorites are:

  1. Carolina Deslandes “Por um triz”
  2. Sara Afonso “Contramão”
  3. NEEV “Dancing in the Stars”

I hope one of them wins the ticket to Rotterdam.

Lebanese esc fan
Lebanese esc fan
3 years ago

I think it’s between your 1st and 3rd so you will probably be happy with the outcome:)

3 years ago

I don’t even think it’s BETWEEN at all. Carolina has too big a name, both with public and RTP and it’s juries, to lose. Sadly for me, it’s her win 99% guaranteed and a stay in the semis for Portugal as there is no way the juries will go for her in high enough numbers to save from the televote score dragging her down. It’s neither the radio friendly thing or vocal performance juries go for nowadays nor is it a spectacular song to override the point above. It’s background music for the general audience and the majority won’t give… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by DDRaven