The Eurovision 2021 season is hotting up. Over recent months we’ve been falling in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 10

Jamala – МИ

Eurovision 2016 champion Jamala has released her new album МИ (We). There are eights songs on the LP, including recent single “Вдячна”. The album is predominantly in Ukrainian and features Jamala’s alternative and soulful musical style. However, she has also included an English-language track as the LP’s final song – “Like A Hero” is a powerful orchestral ballad that concludes things in a dynamic fashion.

Ermal Meta – Tribù Urbana

A week after he finished third at Festival di Sanremo 2021, Ermal Meta has gifted us more musical treats with the release of his new album. Tribù Urbana (Urban Tribe) features eleven songs, including his Sanremo 2021 entry “Un milione di cose da dirti” and previous single “No Satisfaction”. His Sanremo 2021 song is actually one of the slower tracks on the LP. Much of the rest of the album is filled with mid-tempo and upbeat indie-rock songs.

Sirusho – “Nothing Matters”

“Wrote this song a while ago, I usually record these in my room, for myself and rarely release, but today I decided to share it with you. Hope it moves you.” We’re getting to look inside Sirusho’s creative mind with her new release “Nothing Matters”. The Armenian star serves up a soft piano-driven ballad that showcases her emotions. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2008 singer discusses how, even if she might have almost everything she wanted, it wouldn’t matter unless she was in the embrace of her loved one: “Nothing matters anymore / Nothing is for sure / All I need is you, baby”.

Måns Zelmerlöw – “Come Over Love”

Since emerging victorious at Eurovision 2015, there’s rarely a year that goes by where we don’t get to see Måns Zelmerlöw involved with the contest or national finals. This year, the Swedish star hosted the grand final of Melodifestivalen 2021. As part of his hosting duties, Måns premiered the new single “Come Over Love” as an interval act. It’s an uplifting pop track that bubbles in the verses and then soars in the chorus with Måns’ impassioned vocals. In a post to fans on social media, the Eurovision alum discussed the meaning behind the song:

“Come Over Love is a powerful song about feeling lonely on the inside, but emotionless on the outside. About being bad at asking for help – even though you need and want it.”

Aram MP3 (feat. Gurgen Dabaghyan) – “Tamzara”

Aram MP3 is bringing the party spirit with his new single “Tamzara”. Delivering the upbeat ethno-pop sound that the Eurovision 2014 star always excels with, this new song will once again get the listener up on their feet and dancing around. For “Tamzara”, Aram MP3 is also joined by fellow Armenian singer Gurgen Dabaghyan, who provides vocals for a few of the verses.

Eric Saade – “Day & Night”

On Saturday, Eric Saade finished second at Melodifestivalen 2021 with “Every Minute”. But before that on Friday, the Swedish star dropped a brand new single titled “Day & Night”. This new song continues the electronic-influenced pop sound that Eric brought with his Melfest entry this year and incorporates digitised vocals in the bridge. “Day & Night”, however, is slightly more steady in its progression and doesn’t reach as much of a climax in its final moments. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2011 star continues the theme of ‘loving’ his partner at all times of the day – this time it’s just “Day & Night” rather than “Every Minute”. There is somewhat of a deeper meaning though, with Eric discussing how he used to be lost before he found that one special person, as he explains further on Instagram:

“When I look back on myself, there will always be things I regret. I want to love the person I become when I am with those I love … I do now”

Chingiz Mustafayev – “Deymez”

Chingiz Mustafayev celebrated International Women’s Day on 8 March by releasing the new song “Deymez”. The Azeri singer’s aim was to let women know how powerful they are and that they can achieve a lot without a man by their side. In the music video, we see Chingiz as a bartender telling a woman exactly this after her partner walked out on her. In a post to social media, the Eurovision 2019 star commented further:

“You should not cry or be sad! You deserve to be happy! You deserve to be strong! You can stand on your own two feet without men, you can conquer your seemingly unattainable goals. Never miss a smile on your face, never lack success and happiness in your life.”

Michael Schulte – “Stay”

Friday 12 March was a doubly special day for Michael Schulte. Not only did the German singer release his new single “Stay”, but he also welcomed his new son Lenny into the world. While Michael gets to know the newest member of his family, we can get to know the newest member of his discography. “Stay” is a solid pop track that has a slightly fuller sound in the production compared to some of the Eurovision 2017 star’s previous efforts. In the lyrics, Michael discusses the torment of knowing that a relationship is not good for you but not doing anything about it: “You know that we’re suffering / But you don’t see nothing but you / I should run away, but I stay, stay, stay”.

KEiiNO – “Unbreakable”

Despite finishing in second place at Melodi Grand Prix 2021, KEiiNO have made it clear that they’re “Unbreakable”. The Norwegian trio of Alexandra Rotan, Tom Hugo and Fred Buljo have released the folk-inspired new single. Alexandra kicks proceedings off before Tom takes charge for the second verse, and of course it wouldn’t be a KEiiNO single without Fred adding in some joiking to the mix. The lyrics of “Unbreakable” see the Eurovision 2019 stars talking about a girl who has to battle through the elements: “Let me tell it to you now / Girl, let me tell it to you now / You’re stronger than the wind / Unbreakable”. This concept is inspired by the Russian folklore novel The Bear and the Nightingale.

Nadav Guedj – “2 מטר”

It’s been over a year since we last had new music from Nadav Guedj. But the Israeli star is finally back and it was definitely worth the wait. His new track is “2 מטר” (2 metres), a dynamic pop song with a pulsing beat underlying it. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2015 star invites someone over to his place in order to get up close and personal with them: “Doing a rooftop party I told you come on / Outside the world in prey so come close to me / Still keeping two metres and babe it’s too far / Let’s break the law and that’s enough”. While Nadav may be considering breaking the law, we would actively encourage you to continue with your country’s social distancing measures while the Covid-19 pandemic remains.

PAENDA – “High And Dry”

PAENDA is most known for her electro-pop sound. But the Austrian star is adding new elements into the mix for her latest single “High And Dry”. This new song has a reggae-inspired beat running through it that gives it an almost summery feel. PAENDA sings about not letting yourself be silenced by others: “You know I never take the edge off my voice / When it comes to advocating my choice / Never rude, I’m just persistent / Not ignorant, just distant / Not keen on acting up for some boys”. On Instagram, the Eurovision 2019 singer went into more detail about the meaning of the song:

“This song goes out to all the powerhouses in this world! They may call you ‘weird’, ‘different’ or ‘loud’ – NEVER CHANGE FOR NO ONE! Because after all it’s better to be a freak than a douchebag.”

Aleksander Walmann – “Stay Awake”

Following a brief foray into Norwegian-language music in February, Aleksander Walmann has now returned to English for his new single. “Stay Awake” is a mid-tempo pop track that builds as it goes into the second chorus. There’s an emotional touch behind the production and Walmann’s delivery. Lyrically, Norway’s Eurovision 2017 alum sings about trying to keep a dying relationship going as long as possible: “Stay awake, I don’t want this to end / If I say the words, would you love me again / Like you wanted to be loved, wanted to be loved, wanted to be loved / Like I’m good enough for you and me / And all our little dreams that will never be”.

Kameny (feat. Vanna) – “Ovo je ljubav”

Croatia’s Vanna is turning up the BPM and getting ready to dance. The Eurovision 2001 star features as the vocalist in the new song by producer Kameny, “Ovo je ljubav” (This is love). It’s an upbeat dance-pop track that includes a funky saxophone riff in the chorus. The accompanying music video features clips of people enjoying life and getting their groove on.

Annalisa – Nuda10

Annalisa returned to Sanremo for the fifth time this year and finished a respectful seventh place. The Italian star has now released the new album Nuda10. It’s the deluxe version of her 2020 album Nuda. This new LP adds in an extra seven songs to the line-up, including her Sanremo 2021 entry “Dieci”. Although Annalisa is known for delivering passionate ballads at the festival, the album also showcases the other sides to her musical style – flirting between elements of pop, hip-hop and R&B.

The Hardkiss – “Обійми”

“Scientists claim that a person needs at least four hugs a day to “survive” and at least eight to feel good. Listening to our new track will not replace a hug, but it will definitely warm your soul.”, note Ukrainian rock band The Hardkiss. The Vidbir 2016 runners-up are discussing the importance of embracing those we love in their latest single “Обійми” (Embrace). Front-woman Julia Sanina sings about how actions are more important than words: “Embraces are hot / Words are cold gold / Don’t say anything … Searching for traces of me in your eyes hopelessly”. Starting off softly, the song builds in the second half to bring The Hardkiss’ full rock sound. The accompanying music video was directed by Katya Tsarik, who also directed the video for Natalia Gordienko’s Euroivsion 2021 entry “Sugar”.

MARUV – “Crush”

Vidbir 2019 winner MARUV has always been known for her seductive and suggestive dance moves in addition to her music. The Ukrainian star is making sure to explore both avenues of art and has started the dance company Submission Show Ballet. These dancers join MARUV for the music video of her new song “Crush”. The track itself is a dark and sultry cover of Jennifer Paige’s 1998 hit.

Markus Riva – “Vārdi Klusumā”

With no Latvian national final for him to compete in this year, Markus Riva can instead spend the time working on other new music. The star’s latest single is “Vārdi Klusumā” (Words in Silence). On the whole it’s a solid pop track with a relatively catchy chorus. The production in the verses feels ever so slightly mis-matched, with one using the same electro backing beats as the chorus, one being spoken word and then the bridge brings in digital vocal sounds.

Liis Lemsalu and Stefan – “Doomino”

Although Liis Lemsalu and Stefan weren’t competing in Eesti Laul again this year, they did make an appearance in the final to perform their new single. “Doomino” (Dominoes) is a fun pop track with an almost tropical beat running underneath it. Lyrically, the Estonian singers wonder about the game of love and whether their hope of being together is reality or just a dream.

La rappresentante di lista – My Mamma

La rappresentante di lista quickly became a fan-favourite at Sanremo 2021 with their song “Amare”. Now, fans that might have come across them for the first time can get to know even more of their music by listening to their new album. My Mamma features ten songs, and this of course includes their Sanremo 2021 entry. The remaining nine songs explore the Italian duo’s progressive pop-rock sound.

Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Elin Oskal – “Hold My Head Up High”

Jon Henrik Fjällgren continues to spread his joiking magic through his music. Most recently, the Swedish-Sami star has teamed up with Elin Oskal for the new song “Hold My Head Up High”. It’s an upbeat folk-pop song all about remaining positive even through painful times. Elin provides the majority of the vocals for the verses and chorus, then three-time Melfest star Jon Henrik adds in a ‘joik-drop’ during the second half of the chorus.


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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Jamala’s new album is so artistic and deep ?? much much love to Hardkiss beautiful lyrics and melody

3 years ago

KEiiNO is still killing it!

3 years ago

My pick of the week from this list is Sirusho! A very intimate song, I like it a lot.

3 years ago

Strange to release a new song the day before a national final in which you are one of the faves to win.

3 years ago

I am so happy I discovered Annalisa through Sanremo, she is an amazing singer! 🙂

3 years ago

While Nadav may be considering breaking the law, we would actively encourage you to continue with your country’s social distancing measures” hahaha

So many great releases this time! Sirusho’s voice is so soothing, Keiino is a lot of fun as usual. Maybe I just like Italian language but Ermal’s album was such an easy listening for me. Also I really enjoyed listening to Jamala’s new album, loved the more uptempo tracks 2 and 6 (especially this one).

3 years ago

Eric Saade Every Minute now turns Day and Night

3 years ago
Reply to  Zander25

Soon weeks, then months, and in the end nothing at all (except with the chick on the side)

3 years ago

The Hardkiss – “??????” is pure gold

Alfonso Moreno Domínguez
Alfonso Moreno Domínguez
3 years ago

‘Les prières’ is one the best albums (if not the best) I’ve ever listened to.