The Eurovision 2021 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still brining us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 11

Samira Said – “Mataha”

Samira Said remains Morocco’s only Eurovision representative, after the country took part for the first and last time in 1980. Said has had a strong career in the 30 years since then and continues to release new music. Her latest track is “Mataha”. It’s a solid Arabic ballad that builds slightly in the chorus. Lyrically, Said sings about how she and her lover had hoped for a long relationship, but now their love is tearing them apart: “Our dream was our longevity / We do not let our souls go to life that leads us / Our love strengthened us, but now love harms us”.

Il Volo – “Màkari”

Màkari is a new television series currently airing in Italy. And producers made sure to secure a top name to sing the theme song of the show. The programme is set in Sicily, which is also where Il Volo member Ignazio Boschetto’s parents hail from. Thus, it felt natural for Ignazio to write this new song. The Eurovision 2015 Italian trio hence sing an ode to Sicily and Màkari in particular: “You know how many times I would like to leave / From this land of devils and saints / But Makari is home, it is joy and pain, this is my land / Land of wise men and land of fools, of people who take and give their hearts”.

Benjamin Ingrosso and Cherrie – “VHS”

Eurovision 2018 alum Benjamin Ingrosso continues his Swedish-language releases with “VHS”. This latest song sees him collaborating with fellow Swedish singer Cherrie. The pair deliver a smooth pop song that fits in well with Ingrosso’s recent discography. The Swedish stars sing about a relationship that has now dwindled. While Benjamin wants to rekindle things, the metaphor of a VHS tape is used to signify that Cherrie has moved on to other things: “Available only on VHS / You can never see again / Take us back / To the time I miss / As a VHS / As I can see again / Want you back / But for you, I have become one”.

Soraya and Lorca – “Besame en la Boca 2.21”

Soraya is bringing out her inner rocker by collaborating with Lorca for the new single “Besame en la Boca 2.21” (Kiss me on the mouth 2.21). It’s an updated version of Lorca’s original song from 2001 for the current year with a fresher pop-rock sound. While a lot of songs discuss the eternal love of settling down and being with one person, this track straight up says the opposite: “I don’t want to give you eternal love / I just want to throw myself into the sea / And a little mouth in each port … Give me time and kiss me on the mouth / And leave my tongue broken / It is my hobby”. The music video naturally features a lot of kissing action. While the original from 2001 only included male-on-female kissing, this updated version also includes same-sex kissing (and some kissing behind masks that would only make sense in 2021).

Anna Vissi – “Loulaki”

Three-time Eurovision contestant Anna Vissi’s new single is “Loulaki” (Indigo). The Greek-Cypriot singer delivers a five-minute-long song infused with traditional instrumentation. Perhaps surprisingly, the first half of the song is the most upbeat part of the song, with the second half acting as sort of breakdown with instrumental sections. Speaking about the song in a post on Instagram, Vissi noted:

“My new song inspired by the strange and difficult time we went through and are going through. I have loved all the songs I have sung for different reasons! I especially liked this immediately maybe because I needed to see the whole situation in a different mood and relax in a different way and not with the one we all sleep and wake up a year now. I hope you like to relax and have fun the same!”

Nevena Božović  – “Ljubi”

On Saturday evening, two-time Eurovision singer Nevena Božović appeared on television show Studio to premiere her new song “Ljubi” (Kiss). Dressed in a white pant suit, the Serbian star performed the single alongside a pianist and three cellists. Sonically, it’s a nice ballad that doesn’t try to oversell itself and builds slightly in the final chorus.

Kállay Saunders & anatu – “last time”

Hungary’s Kállay Saunders is once again teaming up with regular collaborator anatu for the new single “last time”. The artists deliver a slow R&B track in which they are adamant that the relationship with their lover must come to an end, though they always seem to find themselves back together again. The Eurovision 2014 star provides the vocals for the second verse: “We said we through, its cool / I’m on my way over to you / So u say I’m a bad guy / Then u bring a fork to a pad thai”.

Tulia – “Marcowy”

Tulia are welcoming the beginning of spring with their new single “Marcowy” (March). The Polish trio add their chant-like singing style to the pop-rock production of the song. In the accompanying music video, we see the Eurovision 2019 stars donning floral headdresses, while a duo perform some romantic Polish folk dancing.

Little Big – “Sex Machine”

Many fans were naturally disappointed to learn that Little Big had not been re-selected for Eurovision 2021. However, on the day of Russia’s 2021 national final, the group gave fans another musical gift to compensate. Their new single “Sex Machine” is fun, catchy and upbeat, and brings the quintessential Little Big that everyone knows. There’s not that much of note in the lyrics, with the group repeating “I’m a sex machine / You are sex machine” for most of its duration. The accompanying music video features Dmitry “Puhlyash” Krasilov – the dancer from the music video for their Eurovision 2020 entry “Uno” – and is said to be the final video from the Puhlyash trilogy (after “Uno” and “Tacos”).

Elena Ionescu & Red Parlament – “Numai Tu”

Romania’s Elena Ionescu has recently collaborated with Red Parlament for the song “Numai Tu” (Only You). It’s a mid-tempo pop-rock track that features an electronic drop in the chorus. The artists sing about that special person who gives you the strength to keep going: “Only you / You give me the courage to run / I will not get tired / Until I reach you”. In the accompanying music video we see the Eurovision 2012 and former Mandinga vocalist join Red Parlament on the rooftop of a building to perform the song.

Rebeka Dremelj & Bepop – “Ženska”

On International Women’s Day, Slovenia’s Rebeka Dremelj released the new song “Ženska” (Woman). The Eurovision 2008 star teamed up with former EMA contestants Bepop for the track. It’s a pleasant pop track with lyrics that showcase the important work that women do across the world: “Because I’m a woman / With one hand I feed, with the other I defend / And for good morning I will make the sky clear to you / Why can I do all this / Because I am your woman, always independent”. Rebeka spoke further in a post on Instagram:

“For all of us who are WOMEN, and we are invincible because every day we prove again and again that we can, even if we never can. This is for you, for us, dear ladies! My, our gift to you or us! Enjoy listening and remember that you are SOMETHING SPECIAL. Because you are a WOMAN!”

3JS – “Vreemde Leegte”

In December 2020, 3JS member Jan Dulles sadly lost his daughter, Donna, at the age of three months due to post-birth complications. While the Eurovision 2011 star naturally took time away from the spotlight to grieve, Jan has now released a song as part of Dutch trio 3JS that is dedicated to Donna. Titled “Vreemde Leegte” (Strange Emptiness), the song discusses how Jan still feels his daughter’s presence with him: “When I know you’re there / I become silent and hold on to that moment / Where are you? / It doesn’t work without you / It never lets go of me”.

Hovig & Arpi – “Lusabats / Gnórimi Skiá”

Hovig is a Cypriot singer of Armenian descent. For his latest single “Lusabats / Gnórimi Skiá” (Dawn / Familiar Shadow), the Eurovision 2017 alum has combined these two parts of his ancestry together. Hovig has teamed up with Armenian singer Arpi to deliver the song in two languages – Arpi sings in Armenian and Hovig sings in Greek. The two stars sing about two people who fell in love but were unable to be with each other for life: “How can I be here / To live without you / What is left in the end / I loved you as much as anyone / And why are you punishing me / By going away”. This story is explored further in the music video, which sees a blossoming romance between a young couple that comes to a stop when one of them ends up marrying someone else.

Who See – “Krivolov”

Who See might have brought an astronaut theme to their Eurovision 2013 performance, but the hip-hop duo still make sure to incorporate subjects closer to Earth in their music as well. Their latest single is “Krivolov” (Poaching). As the title suggests, it discusses the illegal act of animal poaching and the Montenegrin duo call on people to stop this: “I fired from a rifle … What are you doing, dude, but you’re not sorry / Protected species … You will be prosecuted by the law if it is found out”. Who See have teamed up with European nature conservation organisation EuroNatur for the project. The music video features a cartoon of a poacher going to a forest and hunting birds, but a bear sees this and decides to confront him.

Boggie – “Füst”

At Eurovision 2015, Boggie sang about world peace and putting an end to unnecessary conflicts. Now, the Hungarian singer has released the new single “Füst” (Smoke). It’s a percussion-driven offering that gradually builds throughout its three minutes. The chorus also adds some staccato violin notes into the background.

Kaiti Garbi and Dionisis Shinas – “Atofio Hrisafi”

Kaiti Garbi has collaborated with her husband Dionisis Shinas for her latest single. “Atofio Hrisafi” (Pure Gold) is a dynamic duet with an 80s-inspired sound to production, particularly owing to the inclusion of synths in the chorus. Greece’s Eurovision 1993 star provides vocals for the second verse and then joins her spouse for the subsequent choruses. Although the pair have been happily married since 1997, the lyrics of this new song are not so positive. The pair sing about a story where the people in a relationship pushed each other away: “A heart made of pure gold / That you let go / A heart that hurts all the time / And when you do not want it and you expel it / Crumbs and a thousand pieces / Of twenty-four carats”.

Agnete – “Solid”

Last week, Norway’s Eurovision 2016 star Agnete teamed up with the country’s Eurovision 2017 DJ JOWST for a new collaboration. But, the week before, she released another new single as part of her new group (also called Agnete). This song, titled “Solid”, is an electro-pop song in which Agnete sings about standing firm despite the stress she might feel: “Voice in my head / Talking to myself / Thoughts racing in distress / But in the end I’m solid”. Speaking more about what the song means to her, Agnete noted:

“A song that reminds me that no matter how challenging life can be, or how dark it can feel at times, you are strong enough in yourself and you manage to get through everything.”

Vlado Kalember and Srebrna krila – “To sam ja”

Vlado Kalember represented Yugoslavia at Eurovision in 1984 in a duet alongside Izolda Barudžija. But, the Croatian star is also known for creating the band Srebrna Krila, for which he was the lead vocalist between 1978 and 1987. Kalember left a year before the band themselves represented Yugoslavia at Eurovision in 1988 with “Mangup”. Kalember reunited with the group in 2012, and their latest single is “To sam ja” (That is me). It’s an old-school pop-rock track and the lyrics are somewhat biographical of Vlado’s life.

Highway – Skica Za Portret

Montenegrin band Highway have taken time since competing at Eurovision 2016 to solidify their sound. Now the group have released their debut album Skica Za Portret (Portrait Sketch). The LP features ten songs, including last year’s singles “Svjetlija strana ulice”“Sačuvaj mjesto za nas (Samo svoj)” and “Ponekad u noći”. The music running through this album is less intense than their Eurovision song “The Real Thing”, instead delivering varying rock stylings – from pop-rock, indie-rock and country-rock.

Soleá – “Con Arte”

Junior Eurovision 2020 star Soleá comes from a well renowned flamenco family. The Spanish star brought elements of this musical style into her song for the contest and she has done that once again with her new single “Con Arte”. The music video opens with Soleá entering the scene dressed in a stunning blue flamenco dress. Meanwhile, we also see her performing in a skate park flanked by two backing dancers. This contrast is also representative of the song itself, which blends the flamenco sounds with an upbeat urban production.


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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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