Eurovision 2021 25 March

Every day, between now and the contest in May, the team from wiwibloggs will round up the latest titbits from the world of Eurovision 2021. We trawl through Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere so that y’all don’t have to. In today’s Daily Digest Daði og Gagnamagnið confirm the release date for their music video, RÚV use “10 Years” to soundtrack a volcanic eruption and Albina sings Kesha’s “Tik Tok”. But first…

Eurovision news: 25 March

Blas Cantó releases English and French teasers of “Voy a Quedarme”

After his Instagram teaser, Blas Cantó has released another taste of “Voy a Quedarme” in English. This version will be longer in duration and more acoustic in its instrumentation. Blas tells RTVE that this has allowed him to recreate the song as how it was born. “There have been moments of the song I had to cut [for Eurovision], but now, we managed to save them.” However, it won’t only be in English. Blas reveals that there’s also a French version in the works. Blas is unsure if the French version will hit digital platforms or whether it will only be played at concerts. (Jordi)

Albina sings Kesha’s “Tik Tok” in pop mash-up

She’s singing “Tick-Tock” at Eurovision. But on Thursday Croatia’s Albina was also singing “Tik Tok” at the Enter Zagreb radio studios. She performed Kesha’s breakout hit as part of a pop mashup that also included Dua Lipa & Miley Cyrus’s “Prisoner”, Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor”, Ariana Grande’s “Into You” and her own “Tick-Tock”.

Go_A’s Taras Shevchenko shares his first steps in music

Ukraine’s Go_A are releasing weekly vlogs in the lead up to Eurovision. This week, viewers will see the life of the group’s founder and multi-instrumentalist Taras Shevchenko. Next to being a Eurovision 2021 star, Taras is a loving father of a little girl. In the video, Taras explains why there is no Eurovision “format” and shares what his creativity means to him. English subtitles are available when you turn on close captions. (Renske)

The Black Mamba film postcard

Eurovision 2021 acts have been filming their postcards in front of green and blue screens all week. The latest is Portugal’s The Black Mamba. They illustrated their day in the green room with three emojis — a green heart, a green snake and a green apple.

Daði og Gagnamagnið to release “10 Years” music video on Monday

Daði Freyr Pétursson or simply Daði, announced on Twitter on Thursday that the video for “10 Years” would drop “tomorrow” morning. However, he jumped the gun just a little bit, because the video won’t be released until next Monday. He expressed his excitement for the release as well as apologizing for speaking too soon. He says this is by far the biggest video he has ever made and he is more than ready to share it with us. And judging by the glimpses we got in the “Gagnamagnið” documentary, which can be found with subtitles on Youtube, we are in for a treat next week. (Kristin)

RÚV uses “10 Years” to soundtrack volcanic eruption

While we wait for the music video, Iceland’s public broadcaster has used “10 Years” to soundtrack the island’s volcanic eruption which has captured the world’s imagination for the past week or so. The eruption began on 19 March in the region of Fagradalsfjall.

Additional contributions from Jordi, Renske and Kristin.

What do you think of the volcanic eruption set to “10 Years”? Are you excited for the official video? Let us know in the comments.

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Another Albina’s mashup:

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Marino K
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Alvin slaying at every turn

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Albina’s mashup is epic!

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Albina you are amazing

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