The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put plenty of Eurovision events on hold during 2020 and 2021. But Spain has good news for fans hoping to party to that Eurovision rhythm. Eurovision-Spain’s #EsPreParty will be back online April 24th and this time there won’t be any fee.

Spain’s event is the only Pre-Party publicly confirmed thus far for artists to sing, dance and promote their songs. Amsterdam’s “Eurovision in Concert” won’t be back this year and London’s Eurovision Party will no longer take place. Parallel to that, there’s been no news concerning the events of Riga, Tel Aviv and Moscow.

Spain’s Pre-Party 2021 #PrePartyES21

The countdown has started and in less than 30 days, Spain will be celebrating the 5th edition of the EsPreParty.

As with last year, pandemic restrictions won’t allow for the Spanish outlet to host the event in-person in Madrid. However, no problem has no remedy. This year’s #PrePartyES will still take place on April 24th from 22.00h CET, live on YouTube and their official website.

Opposed to their previous editions, this year’s event will be free of charge to everybody and from everywhere. Nonetheless, donations are welcome to support their website and the event’s future successes. If you want to support them and their event, Eurovision-Spain has already put a system in place via their website here.

Despite being too soon to know how many artists will participate, and who will host the show, the website has already revealed that names will start to drop soon. In the following four weeks, expect surprises, names and lots of glamour as Eurovision-Spain counts down to the event.

#PrePartyES 2020

Last year’s event — PrePartyES at Home — saw artists from 20 other countries participate, and around 120,000 viewers. The event was the #1 trending topic on Twitter Spain and made the Top 10 of many other countries, inside and out of Europe.

Are you excited for the PrePartyES 2021? Which artists are you looking forward the most to seeing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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2 years ago

Nice to hear! I wish the London, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv events were conducted online as well instead of being cancelled. The artists would have the opportunity to present their songs in various ways and show different facettes of themselves.

Last edited 2 years ago by EurovisionBenny_AUT