The Eurovision 2021 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still brining us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 12

OG3NE – “Dat Ben Jij”

Sister trio OG3NE are once again showcasing their wonderful harmonies. The Dutch stars have released “Dat Ben Jij” (That’s You), which is a ballad that underlines OG3NE’s vocals with soft guitar and piano melodies. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2017 alumni discuss how they still feel the presence of their loved one wherever they go: “Where I go / I meet you / I see you, you hear, you still feel with me / From the waves in the sea / Up to a shell in the sand / That’s you, that’s you, that’s you”.

Sarit Hadad – “ככה בלי שלום”

Sarit Hadad’s new song is “ככה בלי שלום” (Like this without peace). It’s a ballad that builds to a slightly dramatic climax in its final moments. Israel’s Eurovision 2002 representative sings about her determination to keep a relationship going considering the amount of time she’s spent waiting for her lover: “If that’s how it ends you’re wrong / Half life with you in the same room / Like this without peace without phones / Where else will you find one like me”. Instead of featuring in the music video herself, Sarit decided to direct it instead. The MV features the evolution of a relationship between a couple and their ups and downs.

Ilse DeLange – “I Will Help You”

Ilse DeLange is here to let her friends know that she’ll always be around to help them through any difficult times. The Dutch Eurovision 2014 singer has released the new uplifting pop ballad “I Will Help You”. The message of the song comes through clearly in the lyrics: “I will help you, bring all the lights back to life / I will help you, put back the stars in your eyes / And I’ll help you, It’s gonna be alright”. Commenting further on Instagram, Ilse talked about what the song means to her:

“This song has a special place in my heart. I love the hopeful message in it and recognizing that life isn’t all roses. But by simply being there for someone, we pull through, out of the hard times. So simple, but so needed at times.”

Loreen – “Sötvattentårar”

At the end of 2020, Loreen released her first Swedish-language songs while participating on Så mycket bättre. Although these were cover songs, the Eurovision 2012 champion has now been inspired to write her own music in Swedish and released “Sötvattentårar” (Fresh-water tears). The language may be different, but Loreen’s artistry is still present throughout the pop song. For those who don’t speak Swedish, Loreen spoke on Instagram about the song’s meaning:

““Sötvattentårar” is a metaphor for the beauty that can come from adversity. With pain comes the opportunity for improvement, only we dare to feel.”

Franka – “Bolji Ljudi”

Croatia’s Franka serves up a spirited ballad for her latest single. “Bolji Ljudi” (Better People) builds effortlessly through its three and a half minutes, particularly thanks to the inclusion of a backing choir in the chorus. The Eurovision 2018 singer describes the song as “hymn-like and honest” in a comment underneath the music video. The theme of the song is about celebrating the good in those people around you that support you through life.

Salvador Sobral – “Sangue so meu sangue”

Salvador Sobral’s new album comes out in May, and ahead of this the Portuguese singer has now released the LP’s first single. “Sangue so meu sangue” (Blood of my blood) once again showcases the Eurovision 2017 winner’s jazz stylings. It’s predominantly a slow piano ballad, but it does get more dramatic for a time in the middle with the addition of some drums and guitars to create extra dynamism. On social media, Sobral said the song was the “best lyrics/music combination of the album”. Meanwhile, the accompanying music video was filmed in an underground passageway. Shot in one take, it focuses on the passage of time and the changing of seasons.

Manel Navarro & David Otero – “Que Tengas Suerte”

Manel Navarro is building up to the release of his new album with the LP’s next single. The Spanish singer teams up with David Otero for the new song “Que Tengas Suerte” (Good Luck). It’s a soft ballad that sees the two artists accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano. Manel, who competed at Eurovision 2017, based the song off his own life experiences. The lyrics discuss the loneliness you can feel when those who were previously there to support you are not anymore. This theme is portrayed in the music video with a woman who is stuck on a recurring groundhog day and the different results that can come about based on her actions.

Agnete – Tundra

Over recent months, Agnete has delved back into the music industry with her new group. Now, the Norwegian singer has released her debut EP. Tundra contains six songs, including previous singles “Beginning of the End”, “Boo” and “Solid”. The other three tracks continue with a similar electro-pop sound that has an ever-so slight dark twist to it.

Rykka – “Dreams / Death”

Rykka has been relatively quiet over the last few years apart from popping up as an occasional featured vocalist. But earlier this month the Eurovision 2016 star gave us the very exciting announcement that they’re going to Mars. Having apparently trained as an astronaut artist, Rykka is now set to take their music to the red planet (or whatever hypothetical planet this artistic endeavour is actually for). Following the announcement, the Swiss singer released the new indie-pop song “Dreams / Death”. Explaining more about how the song related to their Mars mission, Rykka noted:

“It is a song I wrote about my decision to go to Mars, questions that I’ve asked myself and difficult conversations with friends and family. It is for anyone who has made a choice to plunge into uncharted waters. To fall completely, to be taken over by an endeavour with your whole being, knowing that you will never be the same. Knowing that you will almost inevitably have to face your greatest personal fears.”

Aija Andrejeva & ZeBrene – “Šamanis”

Aija Andrejeva is probably better know as Aisha to Eurovision fans. Under this name she represented Latvia at the contest in 2010. For her latest single, she’s collaborated with ZeBrene for the indie-pop song “Šamanis” (Shaman). In the accompanying music video, the Latvian pair are shown as doll-sized people who are living in a children’s toy house.

Noa – “Oh, Lord”

Ahead of the release of her new album in April, Noa has dropped the LP’s second single. “Oh, Lord” is a jazz interpretation of a Hebrew poem by Leah Goldberg. For those who don’t speak Hebrew, Israel’s Eurovision 2009 star has added subtitles to one of the music videos. Noa is accompanied on guitar by Gil Dor, but also adds in her own instrumental section by performing some saxophone-style scat singing.

Glen Vella – “Ħarsa Biss”

Last weekend, the revamped Mużika Mużika contest took place in Malta, with various local stars performing new Maltese language songs. In the end, it was Eurovision 2011 star Glen Vella that walked away with the trophy with his entry “Ħarsa Biss” (Just Look). It’s a pop ballad in which Vella sings about how he will wait until his loved one returns and revitalise the flames of his heart: “Surely no one understands except me / My heart overflows, a flame kindling a fire / I will never be the same when we are together”.

Fabrizio Faniell0 – “Fjamma”

Another past Maltese Eurovision star who competed in Mużika Mużika was Fabrizio Faniello. The Eurovision 2001 singer performed “Fjamma” (Flame) and finished in sixth place. “Fjamma” is an uplifting song with percussion and string accompaniment that features a key change for the final chorus.

Mużika Mużika also featured past national final acts Franklin Calleja, AIDAN, Janice Mangion, Avenue Sky and Danica Muscat. You can listen to their entries on the contest’s official album.

Hayko – “Amena”

Armenian singer Hayko recently released the music video for his single “Amena” (Most). The song is the title track of Hayko’s most recent album. It’s an old-school ballad that the Eurovision 2007 star delivers simply and elegantly. The music video features various couples on their wedding day while Hayko sings by a lake.

Eugent Bushpepa – “Cull Të Hutû”

At Eurovision 2018, Eugent Bushpepa delivered the anthemic song “Mall”. But now the Albanian star is taking things up several gears. His latest single, “Cull Të Hutû”, is a dynamic rock song that builds into an almost heavy metal track. Eugent even delivers some screamo vocals in the final moments of the single.

Boris Novković – “Pun mjesec, ti i ja”

Boris Novković delivered a passionate Balkan ballad at Eurovision 2005. But the Croatian star has decided over the last few years to return to a lighter pop-rock sound. His latest song is “Pun mjesec, ti i ja” (Full moon, you and I). It’s a mid-tempo offering that increasingly incorporates more brass instruments through the second half. In the description of the music video, Novković talked further about his new musical direction:

“Ever since I decided to stop writing and recording serious and dramatic songs a year ago, I’ve been having a great time, just like in my earliest youth at the beginning of my career. This world is filled enough with drama and seriousness, so my songs and at the same time this new one are my modest contribution to looking at the world with pink glasses, looking for positivity and cosmic love in everything around us.”

Madame – MADAME

Making her debut at Festival di Sanremo in 2021, Madame’s entry “Voce” quickly stood out as something special. Those who may have just discovered her through this year’s contest can now explore more of her music following the release of her self-titled album MADAME. The LP features 16 songs that showcase the breadth of her urban and rap stylings. The Italian star also collaborates with fellow Sanremo 2021 star Gaia on the song “Luna”

CASANOVA – “Danse avec moi”

CASANOVA finished second in the public vote at Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez this year. Now he’s hoping that all those who showed their support will dance with him for his new single “Danse avec moi”. It’s an acoustic-guitar driven French pop song that the listener quickly gets their foot tapping along to. The accompanying music video shows CASANOVA spending time outdoors with his partner – though the amount of dancing they do is relatively minimal.

Blåsemafian – “High On You”

Blåsemafian took their funky brass-fuelled entry “Let Loose” all the way to the top four of Melodi Grand Prix 2021. Now, the trio have released the new song “High On You”. This latest track takes the Blåsemafian sound and adds it into a dance anthem. The group have moved on from the late night bar and have now made their way to the club to dance through until the morning. The accompanying dance video acts as part of a national movement in Norway to get kids inspired by music.

Hazel – “Boy”

Meanwhile, Hazel – who featured on “Let Loose” with Blåsemafian at MGP – has her own new single out. The Norwegian singer is bringing us a deep-house bop with “Boy”. Lyrically, Hazel tells her lover that she’s the one calling the shots in this relationship and she isn’t afraid to leave them wanting more: “And when I’ve had enough, enough, enough / I leave you with the rush, the rush the rush / You think I need your love, your love, your love / But I’m the boy now, I’m in control now”.


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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Salvador’s song is PERFECTION! <3

3 years ago

Loreen and Salvador <3

3 years ago

Salvador’s song is great! It reminds me of Radiohead, somehow. Ang the lyrics are so powerful! We already knew his talent as a singer, but it’s great to see that he is also a great composer.

3 years ago

Heleza ended them all lmao

Catriona Colville
Catriona Colville
3 years ago

Salvador’s new song is excellent.

Mr X
Mr X
3 years ago

Absolutely !

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Thanks for the collection! My choices of this week are the ballads from OG3NE and Manel Navarro. Funny that the two songs sound very alike.

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WOW Loreen! You go girl!

3 years ago
Reply to  Anna

She sounds great in Swedish. Stuck in my head