Vincent Bueno Amen Austria Eurovision 2021

Vincent Bueno will represent Austria at Eurovision 2021 with his song “Amen”.

Vincent was originally due to sing “Alive” at Eurovision 2020. However, the contest was cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, just like several other countries, Austria opted to stick with its singer for Eurovision 2021.

 We have compiled a list of 10 facts you need to know about Vincent Bueno. Let’s do this.

Austria at Eurovision 2021: Facts about Vincent Bueno

1. He’s been involved with music for a long time

He’s only 35, but Vincent already has a long music career behind him. He set the path for his musical life early on. He was only 16 when he started an education at the Musik & Kunst Privat University in Vienna. He graduated at 22 with a degree in Musical Theatre. Some notable alumni from the university include violinist Lidia Bach and Elisabeth Engstler. The former won Eurovision Young Musicians in 1998 and the latter was one half of the duo Mess which represented Austria at Eurovision 1982.

2. He participated in Austria’s national final in 2016

After Vienna hosted Eurovision in 2015, ORF went big with its search for a 2016 representative. It held a ten-act national final called Wer singt für Österreich?. One of the participants was Vincent with “All We Need Is That Love”. He was the first performer of the night and arrived on stage riding a hoverboard. Alas, he didn’t make it to the superfinal. But this wouldn’t be the last time he came in contact with the contest.

3. He had been in negotiations with ORF before

Some years after his first attempt to represent Austria, Vincent sent another song to the broadcaster. However, ORF didn’t go for it. The song he applied with is called “Only Thing”. It shows a different musical style. In an interview with OE24, he revealed that this song is among his favourites. Eberhard Forcher, Austria’s talent scout, was involved in the decision-making process. Vincent is thankful he played the song during his radio show and chose him for 2020 and again in 2021.

4. He endured tough times

Vincent is married to Charity Grace. They have two daughters. Kezzy is five-years-old and Krista Faith was born in November 2018. But the couple had to go through tough times. In 2015, their daughter Samantha was born. Sadly, she was diagnosed with a severe brain illness called anencephaly. The couple received the shocking news during the pregnancy and decided to give her a short but beautiful time on this planet. Samantha lived for around 90 minutes. Vincent processed this traumatic experience by writing songs.


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5. He has already won a TV talent show

Vincent is a part of the Austrian TV-industry for over a decade. His first big appearance took place during the casting programme Musical! Die Show. In 2007, ORF was looking for the biggest musical talent in all of Austria. Vincent made it through several rounds and was eventually announced as the winner.  During this show, he performed numbers from some of the most famous musicals, from Mary Poppins to Grease to The Phantom of the Opera. If there’s someone who knows how to perform a song, it’s definitely Vincent!

6. He’s been to Eurovision before

Thanks to his close connection with ORF over the years, he was chosen to support Nathan Trent in Kyiv at Eurovision 2017. He was one of Nathan’s backing singers and helped him get through to the final. Towards the end of the performance of “Running On Air”, Vincent joined him on stage. Vincent supported Nathan at various events during their stay in Kyiv. He knows what’s expected of him at Eurovision.

7. He hosted a comedy talk show

In 2018, Vincent released his third studio album Invincible. And he had a very unusual kind of release party. He hosted a show called Realtalk mit Kuya Vince. It was a comedy talk show with various guests. The show focussed on various stereotypes Austrians have about the Philippines. By bringing in his personal knowledge about the differences between both cultures, he is a role model for people struggling to find their place. He also explains certain Filipino problems, which raised awareness among the Austrian viewers.

8. He has a special bond with Nathan Trent

It is safe to say that both artists have a very tight connection. During Vincent’s talkshow, he face-timed Nathan, who now lives in the United Kingdom. Nathan had only nice words to say about him and described Vincent as being one of the most loyal and talented people he knows. According to Nathan, Vincent is “an entertainer, singer, dancer, actor, producer and songwriter. He can do anything!” Looking at all the projects and things Vincent has done in the past, he is indeed hardworking and multi-talented. Nathan described him as one of his closest friends.

9. He set the record straight

Shortly after he was announced as Austrian representative, claims surfaced that Vincent is homophobic. These allegations occurred due to a now-deleted interview with the newspaper Heute. He found clear words to address the claims. “To clear things off, honestly guys, I am not a homophobe. For all the people who think that or all the people who believe the [newspaper], oh my gosh, guys. It’s really poor if you believe what’s been written about me or in that article.”

10. He charted in the Philippines

Apparently, one continent isn’t enough for Vincent. After he finished a successful musical tour through Austria and Germany in 2011, he relocated to the country of his roots — the Philippines. He signed with the Universal Music Ph and released the song “Party Hard”. The track quickly became popular within the Filipino entertainment industry. It was used as the theme song to a teen drama series called Growing Up. The party anthem even charted in the MYX Philippines charts.

What do you think? Can Vincent Bueno take Eurovision back to Austria after six years? Tell us in the comments below.

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Nobody Important
Nobody Important
3 years ago

Shirtless Vincent was something I didn’t need, but I’m happy I got.

mahi mahi
mahi mahi
3 years ago

he’s hot.

3 years ago

Sorry for your lost Vincent.. Sending all the love and support to this talented and strong man !