The Eurovision 2021 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still brining us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 13

Edurne – “Yanay”

At the start of March, Edurne welcomed her new baby daughter Yanay. A month later, and the Spanish star has now dedicated a new song to her little girl. “Yanay” is a lullaby that features the Eurovision 2015 singer’s soft vocals accompanied by piano. The lyric video takes the form of an animated picture book.

Sirusho – “First Time”

Sirusho has recently started sharing some of the songs that she writes at home for herself. The latest one is “First Time”. It’s a piano-driven ballad, with Sirusho delivering a soft and breathy vocal line. Lyrically, Armenia’s Eurovision 2008 star sings to her lover and asks them to recreate the feelings you get when first falling for someone: “And love me like you’re loving someone for the first time / You can put your trust in me forever / And love me like there’s no one else forever this time / We can be free tonight together”.

Sevak – “Без тебя не так”

Sevak delivers another impassioned ballad for his latest musical offering. While “Без тебя не так” (Wrong without you) starts as a piano ballad, the Armenian star adds in more percussion and subtle string instrumentation to proceedings from the first chorus onwards. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2018 singer discusses how everything fell apart once his loved one left him: “Everything around suddenly became wrong without you / I can’t swim without you in any way / I will drown in sorrow, because you are my lighthouse / You know there is no way without you”.

Brendan Murray – “Here To Stay”

Ireland’s Brendan Murray is “Here To Stay”. The Eurovision 2017 star has released his new single, which mixes indie-pop with a slight country-rock vibe. Lyrically, Brendan sings about a rocky relationship; while he and his lover may argue at times, they both know that they’ll always be there for one another: “It’s all about give and take / We both know nobodies perfect … Whatever life throws in our way / Through, ups and downs / We both know we’re here to stay”. The song was co-written by Ireland’s Eurovision 2018 star Ryan O’shaughnessy.

Prāta Vētra, Dons & Intars Busulis – “Piedošana”

This next song is full of Eurovision connections. Prāta Vētra might be better known outside of Latvia as Brainstorm, the band who represented the country at Eurovision 2000. Meanwhile, Intars Busulis sang for Latvia at Eurovision 2009 and Dons finished second in Latvia’s 2014 national final Dziesma. They’ve all come together for the song “Piedošana” (Forgiveness). Starting off with the singers only accompanied by piano, the song then builds until it reaches an almost anthemic climax.

Elena Gheorghe – “Yarnana Yarnane”

“The song that makes me happy no matter how grey the day” – that’s how Elena Gheorghe described her new single. And indeed, “Yarnana Yarnane” is an upbeat folk-pop tune aimed at putting a smile on the listener’s face. The instrumental breaks also give people chance to dance along in between the verses. Romania’s Eurovision 2009 star says that the song is all about celebrating life through music:

“Life is worth living at any time, we cannot postpone living. Music brings us joy and we really need it! What do we celebrate? Life!”

Jamala – “Вірю в тебе”

Jamala recently released her new album МИ. And now, the Ukrainian singer has dropped the music video for the LP’s latest single, “Вірю в тебе” (I believe in you). A touching song, it centres around the theme of children and the ability of parents to have faith in them to grow up and become good people, as Jamala sings: “One by one the waves will pass / It’s time for you to set off / I know you can change this world / Only kindness; my faith flies”. The accompanying music video features a number of real-life fathers and their children. The Eurovision 2016 champion’s own husband and sons also feature in the video.

Conan Osíris, Ana Moura & Branko – “Vinte Vinte (Pranto)”

At the start of last year, Portugal’s Eurovision 2019 star Conan Osíris teamed up with fado singer Ana Moura and DJ Branko for the song “Vinte Vinte” (Twenty Twenty). Moura and Branko both appeared at Eurovision 2018 as the grand final opening and interval act respectively. The trio have now released a slightly reworked version of the song with a music video. “Vinte Vinte (Pranto)” re-phrases the song as one of remembrance for everything that was lost during 2020. The music video sees Moura dressed in black and leading a funeral procession through the streets, while Osíris delivers his verse from atop a balcony. The video begins with the following message:

“An homage to everyone who lived through the darkness that 2020 laid upon us. In the hope for better days, we ask the skies to give us light, the air and the love that last year took from us. We bury what was, so we can see what will be born.”

Rita Guerra – “Liberdade”

Eurovision 2003 alum Rita Guerra has released the new song “Liberdade” (Freedom). It’s a steady track that sees the Portuguese singer accompanied by drums and guitar while singing: “Be like a wish / Being a hero in a kiss / About the city / Living in a star / And without realizing it / Scream Freedom”. The song features on the soundtrack of the new telenovela A Serra.

Gromee – “Cracow In The Crown”

While Gromee would normally bring in a featured vocalist for his songs, this time around the Polish DJ has decided to keep things strictly instrumental. The Eurovision 2018 star has released “Cracow In The Crown”, which blends together electronic production and orchestral instrumentation. It’s an ode to Gromee’s home town of Kraków and the music video features aerial shots of the city’s empty streets from recent months. Speaking about the inspiration for the track, Gromee noted:

“The instrumental piece Cracow In The Crown was created with the city in which I live in mind. The first time I saw my beloved Krakow without people, the first time I met such silence here. I share with you my emotions that I have locked up in music. Stay healthy.”

Timebelle – “No Se Puede”

Swiss-Romanian group Timebelle are adding a bit of Latin flair to their music with the new single “No Se Puede” (It Can’t). It’s a mid-tempo Latin jam in which the Eurovision 2017 alum talk about how people can’t live life properly without love from other people: “Why it’s not possible / Can’t be without love / You can’t live, it’s an illusion”. Speaking further in the lyric video’s description, the group explain about the song’s relevance to today:

“In a difficult year that continues to shake people’s lives in unpredictable ways, “No Se Puede” is here to remind us that we can get through everything if we have love to offer and love to receive. In this pandemic year most of us lost hope about our future, the certainty of life as we knew it is gone and shaped us into frightened human beings. […] “No Se Puede” wants to bring back those healing powers of love, whether it is a sister’s, a mother’s, a friend’s or a partner’s love, this gives us the emotional support to face these hard times right here, right now.”

Tim Schou & SOWFY – “Mad Love”

Denmark’s Tim Schou has teamed up with singer SOWFY for his new single “Mad Love”. The Eurovision 2011 star and former A Friend In London frontman serves up a radio-friendly indie-pop track. Lyrically, Tim and SOWFY discuss their relationship and how, even though they might argue a lot, it comes from a place of love: “Forgive me if I’m mad, love / It’s only ’cause I’m mad in love with you / And if I’m crazy, love / It’s only ’cause I’m crazy about you / I’m so mad about you”.

Pasha Parfeni, Dara and Cosmos în Buzunar – “Wake Me Up”

While sometimes it feels like the world is standing still during the pandemic, some people are looking forward to a brighter future. Moldova’s Eurovision 2012 singer Pasha Parfeni has covered Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” as a tourism promo for his country. Pasha is joined on the track by fellow 2012 national final singer Dara and the group Cosmos în Buzunar. The song is accompanied by gorgeous 4K footage of Moldova’s wintery landscape. The lyrics of Avicii’s 2013 hit take on a new emotional context in the age of the pandemic: “Wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older”. (Robyn)

Nina Morato & François Staal – “Tous Frères”

Nina Morato represented France at Eurovision 1994. Recently, she collaborated with composer and singer-songwriter François Staal for the new song “Tous Frères” (All Brothers). Morato and Staal sing in unison for much of the track, which is a slow rock ballad. While “Tous Frères” predominantly features guitar and drum accompaniment, some string instruments are also added in to help with the song’s leisurely build.

Emma Nicoline – “Hva Så Nu”

Emma Nicoline competed in this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with her debut single. The Danish singer has now followed it up with her sophomore track “Hva Så Nu” (What So Now). This new single follows on nicely from her DMGP 2021 entry and retains the contemporary twist on a retro 80s/90s sound.

EMMY – “Collection”

At Melodi Grand Prix 2021, EMMY took us into the “Witch Woods” where they “chop, chop boys, like we chop, chop wood”. And it’s clear that the Norwegian singer isn’t done with taking down the boys that don’t treat her correctly. Her follow-up single is the dance-pop track “Collection”. EMMY sings about someone who is having trouble being in a monogamous relationship, but she’s having none of it: “Tell me when you’re done with the others / So I can turn you, turn you down / Tell me when you’re done with your lovers / So I can burn you, burn you down”.

Heleza – 6

Heleza mixed French and Estonian lyrics into her Eesti Laul 2021 entry “6”. This song is now the title track of her new EP. The other five songs included on the EP stick with Estonian lyrics. They continue with Heleza’s alt-pop sound, but a couple also throw in some elements of hip-hop into the mix as well.

Emmy Liyana – “Avec tes lèvres”

French singer Emmy Liyana recently dropped the new single “Avec tes lèvres” (With your lips). The Destination Eurovision 2018 fan-favourite delivers an indie-pop song with a dark twist to it. Lyrically, Emmy sings about her desire to be kissed by her lover: “Touch me on the neck / Kiss me everywhere / Touch me on the neck / With these lips there, with these lips there / With your lips”. The accompanying music video takes a sinister turn when Emmy’s lover is revealed to be the sort of person who isn’t a fan of garlic.

Molly Sandén – “Nån annan nu”

After its release last week, Molly Sandén’s new single “Nån annan nu” (Someone else now) climbed to the top ten of the Swedish singles chart. The Junior Eurovision 2006 star and three-time Melodifestivalen contestant brings a catchy pop track that she hopes will give people “almost exactly that feeling of floating around in the crowd at the club”. The lyrics of the song are also set in a club, with Molly looking on as her ex-partner now hits it off with somebody else: “It does not matter how well I dance when you look at someone else / Ah-ah, someone else / I’m floating around in the sea of ​​people and you have already drowned in each other”.

Max Barskih & Zivert – “Bestseller”

Max Barskih finished second in Ukraine’s Eurovision 2012 national final. But the star has certainly gone on to achieve gold (and platinum) in the years since then. He recently lit up the charts in Ukraine and other surrounding countries with his new dance-pop single “Bestseller”. Max is joined by Russian singer Zivert for the bilingual song – the verses are in Russian while the chorus is in English. The pair sing about how they can’t stop thinking about each other: “Save my love tonight / There’s something about the way you smile / I can’t stop feeling / You’re all I needed in my life”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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American Boy
American Boy
3 years ago

Great list of songs. Most I very much liked and added to my music playlist.

3 years ago

Conan is a legend. Would love to see him back at Eurovision at some point. Europe just wasn’t ready for experimental trap-fado.

3 years ago

great news for Max fans. He will try to represent Ukraine next year.. will the broadcaster allow it though? I mean he also performs in Russia so.. does any Ukranian know if he stands a chance?

3 years ago
Reply to  Erasmus

yes, Max confirmed he wants to represent Ukraine in Eurovision 2022, don’t know though if our broadcaster will allow him to participate in Vidbir, especially now when situation with Russian aggression escalate even more, war is still going, we are loosing people every day…

Tayanna and Vilna (now she is Eria) recently also said they want to participate in Vidbir2022

Last edited 3 years ago by Berta
3 years ago
Reply to  Erasmus

he is super popular yes. BUT he is more popular in Russia and he perfoms there all the time. He does not have a chance to represent Ukraine according to the new rules. I am Ukrainian btw

3 years ago

Great music roundup! My favorites of this week are Molly Sanden and Max Barskih and the two portuguese songs.

3 years ago

Just listened to all that songs and got three thoughts: About Sevak:(about politics . Don’t read if you’re impolitic) i’m a bit sorry that people from different countries of Eastern Europe sing and speak Russian instead of their native languages. Of course, folks who speak Russian shouldn’t be discriminated (‘cuz sometimes it happens. In every part of ex-USSR there are agressive anti-Russian people who hate nationality at all and dream ’em all die), but as a person who lives in a country where ev’rybody knows Russian but half of country doesn’t know native language , I’m still sad ’bout it.… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Eugenie

Apparently, Jamala is releasing another album on April 23, and we’ll see if she continues with that sounds pretty soon

3 years ago
Reply to  Ant

Well, I’m anticipating the record , but I’m a bit sceptical about it being ” white soul” or even jazz-pop, ‘cuz the course of changes is obvious.