Eurovision Conference Maynooth University

There won’t be many Eurovision events this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Ireland’s Maynooth University  — located just outside Dublin — will do its best to broaden our horizons with the return of its Eurovision Conference on Friday 9 April. This year’s event will take place online and anyone can attend.

Maynooth University — Eurovision Conference 2021

Previously held in 2017 and 2018, this year’s conference will take place in a virtual setting. The university’s Department of Geography will bring together both academics and Eurovision fans to examine what makes the contest so special and its impact on the modern European landscape. The theme is “Eurovision: Maps, Memories and Music”. It will also tie in with the International Night of Geography.

“65 years after the very first contest took place, the Eurovision Song Contest continues to fascinate and intrigue. As well as providing many memorable musical moments (not always for the right reasons -), there are also interesting geographical and political dimensions associated with the contest, such as the contest voting patterns. Our panel, involving a wide range of Eurovision interests/expertise, will delve into some of these issues during this short conference”.

The panel will include two familiar faces from wiwibloggs — our Irish correspondent Padraig and Esma from the Netherlands. They’ll be joined by Ireland’s Head of Delegation Michael Kealy, RTÉ’s Arts and Media correspondent Sinéad Crowley, Louise Holst from Eurovision Hub and Johnny Fallon from Carr Communications.

The event will be helmed by Eurovision expert and Maynooth University lecturer Adrian Kavanagh, along with postgraduate students Caoilfhionn D’Arcy and William Durkan.

You can register HERE if you’re interested in attending.

Eurovision Conference 2021 schedule

Proposed Schedule:

All times are in Irish Summer Time which is one hour behind CEST.

  • 10.00-10.35 Eurovision – Music and Memories Meet The Panel: Discussing: Memories of Eurovision – why I grew to love Eurovision, favourite Eurovision memories/past Eurovision entries, “doing Eurovision” – what I do at/for Eurovision, or have done in the past. Q & A
  • 10.35-10.40 Eurovision Music Break
  • 10.40-11.15 Eurovision – Maps and Music: Is there a “geography” to Eurovision voting patterns? What shapes this? Do Eurovision juries vote differently? Eurovision and nation branding/building – how countries may choose to use Eurovision. Q & A
  • 11.15-11.20 Eurovision Music Break
  • 11.20-11.55 Women at Eurovision: How women and men jury members vote differently? Based on their own experiences at Eurovision, do panel members feel that women experience differently to men. Q & A
  • 11.55-12.00 Eurovision Music Break 
  • 12.00-12.30 Eurovision 2021: New Music, Memories…and Maps Setting the contest for Eurovision 2021: Panel member views on the 2021 contest – what are their own favourite entries, what are their tips to win this year’s contest (**at this point in time**). Q & A

What do you think of the topics up for discussion? Will you join in on Friday? Let us know below.

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8 days ago

Awesome! I just registered ^^

9 days ago

I like this as something different- I like the academic take. Growing up, ESC definitely was good for Geography and of course languages. Sprinkle in History and you have hours of homeschooling material.

9 days ago

I love that NUI Maynooth have done this the past few years, but I also wonder…..why??

Like it’s kind of just a Euro chat, like RTÉ don’t really take on board anything that’s discussed at it.

But yeah, it’s better than nothing I guess, especially when their are no pre-parties this year (except Madrid).

9 days ago
Reply to  Darren

I’d love if there was a Dublin pre party in the future, especially since the London one isn’t going ahead anymore as far as I can see. A Dublin pre party would definitely have a big audience as there are loads of eurofans and enthusiasts in Ireland!

9 days ago

Ah that clears things up a bit, I think I was getting confused with the RTÉ conventions, never mind. My mistake.

Cheers Padraig!

9 days ago

How I wish we could have studied Eurovision voting patterns in school and I may have got better than a C in my Inter Cert geography! Never too late so have signed up for Friday. Thanks!

7 days ago

It was nice to see you and Esma today Padraig, you both spoke very well, thanks! I feel the RTE man swept my song shopping question under the carpet, but whatever. Keep up the good work nice to see so much momentum behind Lesley!