The Eurovision 2021 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still brining us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 16

Mahmood – “Zero”

Mahmood recently announced that his new album is set for release in June. But the Italian star also has a musical gift for us all at the present time. His new single is “Zero”, a mid-tempo hip-hop track with an interesting mix of percussion, string and more digital sounds. There’s even a bit of vocoder thrown into the background at the end. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2019 runner-up reassures his loved one that they mean everything to him, regardless of what others think: “‘Cause it’s already night outside, our voices are broken / Darkness is a dog who doesn’t bite, I promise I’ll be stronger / ‘Cause you mean everything to me even if / In this world we are / Zero, zero, zero, zero”.

Jamala – 5:45

Only one month ago, Jamala released her latest album МИ. But the Ukrainian singer has quickly followed it up with a new EP. 5:45 contains five songs, including previous single “Жалі”. They all have an electronic sound running through them and so come together nicely as an example of Jamala’s work in this genre. The Eurovision 2016 champion spoke more about the sentiment behind the EP to fans on Instagram:

“5:45 continues my study of human emotions. It’s about looking at yourself. There is a little melancholy, a little sadness. It’s about the state of mind, when you just perceive everything as it is and realize that nothing can be changed. […] Some people go to psychologists, mentors, coaches to understand themselves. Writing songs helps me in this. When I write music, lyrics, melody, rhythm – I seem to visit you and tell you about everything that worries me.”

Sevak – “Километры”

Sevak’s new song is “Километры” (Kilometres). The Armenian star does what he does best and delivers a another touching ballad. Sevak sings about the distance between him and his loved one, and he hopes there is still a way for them to get back together: “Say, let me believe / That there are still ways / To you, please, say”. The accompanying music video takes the message of the song further. We see the Eurovision 2018 star go to prison for assaulting a man that was pestering his partner. After getting out, Sevak begins to question whether she has moved on to someone else.

Alyosha – “LEBEDI”

“People are often black crows – selfish in thought and action. However, love regenerates the same people into white swans, they become merciful and benevolent.” This is the theme of Alyosha’s new single. “LEBEDI” (Swans) hops onboard the synth-pop trend that has been around for the past year and a half. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2010 star delivers a thoughtful take on the genre – as in, it’s not all about dancing to an 80s-inspired sound but has some deeper meaning and emotion behind it.

Manel Navarro & Miki Núñez – “¿Qué Tal?”

Two of Spain’s recent Eurovision stars have joined forces on a duet. Manel Navarro (2016) and Miki Nuñez (2019) have teamed up for the single “¿Qué Tal?” (What’s up?). The song is a gentle R&B/pop track and is a different style from the sort of music we normally hear from these two Spanish stars. “¿Qué Tal?” brings a light breezy sound to see us into the warmer months.

The duet appears on Manel’s new album Cicatriz, which was also released this week. The seven-song LP also features recent singles “Que Te Vaya Bien”, “Quiéreme” and “Que Tengas Suerte”(Robyn)

Hurricane – “Wild Dances”

Hurricane recently appeared on Serbian TV programme Studio to perform an acoustic version of their Eurovision 2021 entry “Loco Loco”. While they were there, the trio also took the time to cover Ruslana’s Eurovision 2004 winning song “Wild Dances”. Both songs have now been released on streaming platforms as part of the new two-sided single 2021. Sanja, Ivana and Ksenija deliver an authentic cover of “Wild Dances” – horns, trumpets and all.

Croatia’s Eurovision 2012 star Nina Badrić also appeared on the same episode of Studio and re-interpreted some of her old songs in new musical styles. She’s released these as part of the new EP Live In Studio.

BrainStorm – “Feels”

BrainStorm have reimagined themselves as superheroes for the music video of their new song “Feels”. The Latvian band have put together a cartoon that features a girl in a wheelchair discovering her true power and saving the day. This marries up with the lyrical content of the soft-rock song. The Eurovision 2000 group tell us to believe in ourselves and put ourselves out there despite the challenges we might face: “I know you’re scared to go looking for love / I know you feel like it’s better to run / I know you’re scared of who you might become / Once you start to believe it / I want to show you how it feels like / To never ever have to tell someone”.

Douwe Bob – “Amsterdam”

Douwe Bob is paying homage to his hometown of “Amsterdam” in his new single. The Dutch star serves up a proper country track, full of fiddle, banjo and acoustic guitar accompaniment. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2016 singer discusses the feeling of warmth you get when you return home: “Life is real / Now I feel the way I feel / As if someone finally listened / And understands / Amsterdam”. Douwe explained the meaning of the song further on social media:

“[It] is not about Amsterdam is better than the rest, it is about feeling at home in the place where you come from and that it is wonderful to come back there. Amsterdam is a metaphor for coming home!”

Gromee & INNA – “Cool Me Down”

Romanian superstar INNA has been on many people’s Eurovision wish lists over the years. And while she might not have competed at the contest yet, she has now collaborated with a past Eurovision artist. Polish DJ Gromee has brought INNA onboard for his new single “Cool Me Down”. The Eurovision 2018 alum delivers a catchy dance track that INNA adds her flair to. The Romanian star sings about the fiery passion between her and her lover: “‘Cause when we get too close / It’s like the room is set on fire, on fire […] Don’t tryna cool me down / Oh, na na na / I need another round”.

Kállay Saunders & Ali Bakgor – “Ocean”

Earlier this year, Kállay Saunders released the song “Your Love”. Now the Hungarian star has released a revamped version of the track under the new name “Ocean”. The song has been reworked by music producer Ali Bakgor to add in a more danceable beat. This new version comes with a music video that sees the Eurovision 2014 star singing in an abandoned building.

Alma – “America”

Alma might have represented France at Eurovision 2017, but her focus is now on a different country. The star has released “America”, which is Alma’s first English-language single. It tells a story of the Eurovision alum’s journey to try and make it in the United States. Alma previously revealed that she had been working with a team across the Atlantic and had intended to move over to America, but sadly Covid-19 put a stop to that. While a spoken word interval reveals the French star’s plans to move over, the rest of the song deals with the difficulty of making this happen: “America, why do you make it so hard […] I just want to be closer to you / My dream / My dream was crushed in a second / You didn’t even give me a chance”.

Robin Bengtsson & Victoria Voss – “Walk On By”

Robin Bengtsson has teamed up with Swedish-French singer Victoria Voss for the new single “Walk On By”. An indie-pop song with a few country influences as well, the pair perform the song in the music video while each strumming at guitars. The lyrics tells the story of a former couple who walk past each other on the street and wonder if the other one saw them. During Robin’s moments, Sweden’s Eurovision 2017 star recalls his version of events: “Recognised that jacket that I bought you / Glad that you still wear it, that you keep / A little part of us / A part of me / And suddenly – my heart skips a beat / Did you notice me – it felt like you did / But you walk on by”.

PAENDA – “If That’s What You Like”

PAENDA’s new single is “If That’s What You Like”. It continues her electro-pop style with several electronic beats thrown into the chorus. In the lyrics, Austria’s Eurovision 2019 star agrees to go along with her lovers wishes of keeping their relationship a more casual affair: “Oh, I’m addicted to all of our sins / Let’s mess this up just one more time / One mistake before you fly / Just for the night if that’s what you like”.

Magdalena Tul – “Face the Day”

Magdalena Tul is chasing her dreams in life and also in the music video for her new single. The Polish singer recently signed to a new record label and has begun the journey with them by releasing “Face the Day”. A jazzy R&B song with some funky trumpets in the background, the Eurovision 2011 star sings about taking each day as it comes and embracing the opportunities that come your way. The accompanying music video features Magdalena at her darkest moment and then persevering to become an award-winning artist. Magdalena spoke more on Instagram about what she wanted to get across with the video:

“I want to tell you about my feelings, my dreams and how I’m dealing with my problems still being in the middle of my way. I always wanted to do my map of dreams and it was the first time I finally accomplished it for real. Hope you’ll find yourself in my story and you’ll see your future towards a beautiful life because we are all well deserving of one, we just need to believe and go for it.”

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Sinplus – “Private Show (My RnR)”

Ahead of their new album release in May, Sinplus have dropped the new single “Private Show (My RnR)”. The Swiss brothers say the song “is our love letter to rock and roll”. That being said, the track doesn’t have the classic 1950s rock and roll feel to it, but is instead a more contemporary alternative-rock offering. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2012 alumni declare their loved ones are the music that fills their souls: “I, I, I / Need to tell you something / Oh, Oh, Oh / You’re my one / My rock n roll / You’re my soul / You’re gonna get me high, high”.

Miki Núñez – “Sin Noticias De Gurb”

Spain’s Miki Núñez has also recently released a music video for his latest solo single “Sin Noticias De Gurb” (No Word From Gurb). The song, which is included on Miki’s latest album Iceberg, takes its name from a book written by Spanish writer Eduardo Mendoza. The music video tells a modernised version of the original story – an alien finds himself lost in Barcelona while searching for his friend Gurb and takes the appearance of other humans to blend in. The Eurovision 2019 star sings: “I travelled half the world for you / I don’t know the place / Where the hell are you hiding / A country in Kathmandu / This world that is green and blue / Left me with no word from Gurb”. All in all, Miki delivers another fun and infectious track.

Soraya & Julian Poker – “Get It Up”

Soraya has recently been influenced by retro sounds for her new music releases. This continues with “Get It Up”, which the Spanish stars says is a 90s-inspired song. The Eurovision 2009 alum teams up with music producer Julian Poker for the track, which comes with a black and white manga-style lyric video. The lyrics aren’t quite accurate in their use of the English language, but in essence Soraya is aiming for her goals and determined to go as far as she can to reach them: “And there’s no top / You said that you can’t go / If you keep going on / You ain’t nothing over”.

ELDAR – “Never Enough”

Eurovision 2011 winner ELDAR has released a cover of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. The Azeri star is predominantly accompanied by piano for his rendition, but there are also some light strings in the background. This stripped-back sound aims to put the focus on ELDAR’s vocals and the emotion of the song.

Maraaya – “Dobr’ gre”

Maraaya’s latest single has finally been put on streaming platforms for us to enjoy all day long. “Dobr’ gre” (Good) is a bright and fun pop song that brings some early summery feels, particularly thanks to the various saxophone solos. In the lyrics, vocalist Marjetka sings about having a positive attitude and enjoying life: “I’m doing really good / Everything beats in a wild rhythm / I’m really good / Let it be written down today”. The music video features Slovenia’s Eurovision 2015 duo spending time with friends out and about in the city.

Oleksandr Ponomaryov, DZIDZIO, Alekseev & Artem Pyvovarov – “Chomu”

One of the biggest hits in Ukraine of this spring has been the single “Chomu” (Why), sung by a quartet of Ukrainian male singers, including Eurovision 2003 and 2018 contestants Oleksandr Ponomaryov and Alekseev. The single was originally released back in March and has been an audience favourite ever since. Oleksandr Ponomaryov’s decision to collaborate with artists that normally do not sing in Ukrainian or engage in a totally different genre was also widely applauded. (Renske)

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Noooo I want normal long-haired Manel Navarro backkkkkk

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It saddens me that week after week there is no UK content for this series of articles. Let’s hope that James Newman can buck the trend.

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destiny stan account
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I have to say that I find most songs from Miki really, really cringy. And these two here are sadly no exception… too bad since he is such a cute guy…

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Mahmood’s song zero is also the song of the new Italian Netflix show, which is also called zero. :))