Nikkietutorials Eurovision 2021 host

NikkieTutorials is one of the four hosts for Eurovision 2021.

While she may be a familiar face for the YouTube generation, much of Europe and Australia will only be meeting her for the second time after Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light — the EBU’s replacement show for Eurovision 2020.

So, we’ve compiled 10 facts you need to know about NikkieTutorials. Let’s do this!

Eurovision 2021: Facts about NikkieTutorials

1. She is Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, is a 27-year-old beauty guru from The Netherlands. Nikkie was originally due to be the online host for Eurovision 2020. This role changed following the contest’s cancellation. She still got to meet the contestants, albeit virtually. Her Eurovisioncalls interview series ran on the Eurovision YouTube channel. Eurovision organisers were so impressed by her performance that they gave her a promotion for 2021. She’s now part of the main hosting team, joining Jan Smit, Edsilia Rombley and Chantal Janzen.

2. She is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world

Back in June 2008, Nikkie uploaded her first make-up tutorial on her YouTube channel NikkieTutorials. Currently, she is The Netherlands’ biggest YouTube star with a subscription count of around 13.8 million. Collectively, her videos have been watched more than 1.4 billion times– WOW! This popularity carries onto other platforms too. On Instagram, she has over 14.5 million followers.

3. She is a professional makeup artist

After Nikkie’s early success on YouTube, she trained professionally as a makeup artist. Nikkie took various courses and worked for several television programs and magazines in The Netherlands.

4. She went viral

Nikkie’s big breakthrough was in 2015. Her YouTube video The Power of Makeup went viral. In this clip, Nikkie only put makeup on half her face to show the difference between her face with and without makeup. This started a trend that went viral. An online campaign developed in response to negative social reactions and prejudices about the use of makeup.

5. She’s worked with the world’s biggest stars

Nikkie’s success did not go unnoticed by the greats of the entertainment industry. Big stars like Jessie J, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have appeared on Nikkie’s YouTube channel. There they get a full-glam make-over from the queen herself.

6. She is a big Eurovision fan

Nikkie is a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. When she was first asked to become a host she felt extremely honoured. She said: “From the moment Duncan Laurence won in Tel Aviv, I had only one wish: to be involved in this Dutch edition of the Eurovision Song Contest”.

She tells William that “I’ve been watching this since I was a kid. And I think my most vivid memory was when Finland won with the monsters. When I first watched the show I was like ‘what the hell am I watching’?… but it was so captivating and fascinating. So, the following years I was so obsessed and I started making my own scoreboards, I started giving points to the countries”. She would also dream of saying “Good evening Europe”, and in a sense that has now become a reality.

In her very first tutorial video, 2008 entry’s from Armenia’s Sirusho and Serbia’s Jelena Tomašević can be heard playing in the background. While Nikkie tells William that she would love to do Eleni Fouriera’s (Cyprus 2018) makeup.

7. She is engaged

Say yes, say yes, say yes! In 2019, Nikkie got engaged to her boyfriend Dylan. Nikkie announced this on her Instagram account. The proposal happened in Italy and in the romantic pics she shows off her gorgeous ring.


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8. Her mom is her biggest supporter

Nikkie is very close to her mother. The two have a very special connection — Ms De Jager always supported her daughter’s dream to pursue a career as a makeup artist. Nikkie’s mother even appeared in one of her YouTube video’s where she attempts to do her daughter’s makeup.

9. She’s been on TV many times

Nikkie has taken part in several TV game shows. In the Netherlands, Nikkie’s most memorable TV appearance was on Wie is de Mol? – the most popular TV show in the country. Nikkie also appeared in several big talk shows internationally like The Ellen DeGeneres Showwhere she didn’t have a pleasant experience. She has also popped up as a guest judge on Drag Race Holland on two occasions, while the stars of the US edition regularly appear on her YouTube channel.

10. She is proud

At the beginning of 2020, Nikkie shared her biggest secret with the rest of the world on her YouTube channel. In the video “I’m Coming Out” the brave YouTube star came out as a transgender woman, explaining that she was born in the wrong body. In her video she said:

“But I cannot believe that after today, the world will know. But there’s one thing that I really, really want to make so clear to all of you. I am me. I am still Nikki. Nothing changes about that.”

In the video, Nikkie expresses her hope that this video might help and inspire other people. Nikkie has received an overwhelming response from her fans, other YouTube stars and the LGBT+ community – you go girl!

The video has almost 37 million views.

Are you excited to see Nikkie during Eurovision? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

One error: Nicky is the biggest Dutch YouTuber living in The Netherlands. The actual biggest Dutch YouTuber is the gamer Jelly, who lives in the United States at the moment. With Kwebbelkop being the second biggest Dutch YouTuber. And, if companies were considered as a YouTuber, Spinnin’ Records would’ve been the biggest.

Nonetheless, Nicky is a great content creator. Based of content, it doesn’t matter whether she is the biggest YouTuber or not.

Emre Dinç
3 years ago

Wish she was the only host ((( We don’t need four

3 years ago
Reply to  Emre Dinç

Even when there is only one host, like Petra Meede a few years ago, you need people in the Green Room. And the four presenters are not standing with four on stage all the time. 2 of them will be in the Green Room

3 years ago

Im so glad that she’s part of ESC this year!!