At the beginning of the year, twelve acts battled it out at Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez in the hopes of representing France at Eurovision 2021. Although they were adversaries on the night, in everyday life the artists have built a solid friendship with each other thanks to the television program. Now, six of the acts from the national final have joined together for the new song “Si l’on chantait ensemble” (“If we sang together”).

Ali, Casanova, Cephaz, Philippine, Clarence Clive (PonyX) and 21 Juin Le Duo chose to return to this unforgettable experience through music. And wiwibloggs has to honour of exclusively sharing their new collaborative song with y’all.

21 Juin Le Duo, Ali, Casanova, Cephaz, Philippine & Clarence Clive (PonyX) – “Si l’on chantait ensemble”

It was 21 Juin Le Duo who decided to bring their fellow Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez contestants together for this collaboration. Motivated by the desire to prolong the festive feeling generated by the national final, these six acts were inspired by their unique memories to write a song on the theme of friendship.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow the artists to be in regular close contact at Eurovision France, the seven artists decided to confine themselves together in a country house at the start of March. It was there that the brand new band of friends found the necessary inspiration to compose a number of songs, among which was “Si l’on chantait ensemble”.

“If everything starts under a flag, nothing is offered on a plate. You’ll have to hold on tight to get out of the pack!” These are the words that the song uses to describe the two contradictory feelings experienced by the candidates: the competitive spirit of the national selection, but also the friendship that is woven between them throughout the adventure.

The catchy rhythm of “Si l’on chantait ensemble” is full of optimism. The hopeful chorus calls for believing in one’s dreams and fighting to achieve them, without forgetting that the best allies in this adventure are your friends. It’s a story directly inspired by the common history of the former protagonists of Eurovision France.

The ethnic percussion gives the song a powerful touch that builds further when the voices of each of the seven singers come together as one.

If you listen closely, you can also subtly hear them sing parts of their respective entries from Eurovision France: “Tutti” by Casanova, “Bah Non” by Philippine, “Paris me dit (Yalla ya helo!)” by Ali, “On a mangé le soleil” by Cephaz, “Amour Fou” by Clarence Clive (Pony X) and “Peux-tu me dire” by 21 Juin le Duo.

The group put together a moving music video for “Si l’on chantait ensemble”, which features the best moments of the time they’ve spent together. This is how they hope to remind the public that love and collective spirit can always overcome all the trials that life may throw at us.

What do you think of this unprecedented collaboration? Which other national selection candidates would you like to see work together? Let us know in the comments section down bellow!

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2 years ago

I just hope this national final returns next year, and is revamped format-wise:
-remove second round of televoting (make it one round only and make it longer)
-juries only giving points (their comments are not 100% necessary)
-better televote points conversion (should have been similar to 2011-2018 Melodifestivalen)
-(if situation is getting better) held in a big venue (Bercy or PLDA or one of the Zenith venues)

2 years ago

C’est magnifique une collaboration des artistes de l’Eurovision: C’est Vous Qui Décidez!

2 years ago

Wouldn’t it be nice if we hear this collaborative effort in this year’s JESC? 😀

Last edited 2 years ago by James